CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 22 – CROSSFIRE



image Castle and Beckett have their lead and are ready to face LokSat, but an unexpected twist puts everything in danger.



IMDb 7.4. SSS. 7.5. TvFanatics. 8.6. Users 8.2. Tv.Com 8.2 



image Beckett being smart enough to acknowledge it could be a trap
– Great banter:Beckett: I’m going for the Carrot Top Cruella De Vil. Wait, wait. Does she look a bit like your first ex-wife?
– Classic Martha commenting on an excellent Merlot in a lockdown situation,
– Espo calling out Beckett for not tell them about LokSat
– When Espo told Kate to stay put and she says “He knows I am captain, right?”
– Loved the old time Caskett banter over the F-Stop
– Castle pouring out his heart after injected with truth serum
– Beckett knowing Mason Wood was the bad guy before getting in the car.
– Beckett doing the same, sharing her undying love for Castle with Mason Wood
– Got one more badass Beckett scene taking down Mason Wood.
– The ending where they crawl to hold hands 



– LokSat turned out to be such a disappointment
– Kate didn’t think to call Rita
– Way too much Vikram.
– Castle breaking thru the wall and scaling down the cables conveniently behind the tiles.
– Bad way for RyEspo to find out about Loksat
– Even worse that Vikram only mentioned the pain it caused himself and Beckett and not Castle
– Castle leaving the loft to go to the precinct
– How do RyEspo not keep tabs on Beckett? One minute, Espo goes almost insubordinate then pays no attention to her?
– Still can’t buy Mason Wood as LokSat especially with the buildup given all season
– With their friendship the best they could do was a one line exchange between Lanie and Beckett?
– What a shock, Caleb Brown not torched 



– Mason Wood was LokSat? Really??
– Why did Beckett kick Mason’s gun away and not pick it up?
– And did Mason Wood go down like a 42nd street hooker?
– So what did it all have to do with the heroin trafficking from the first 8 episodes?
– So Castle, with a target on his back, hails a cab? And how did Right Hand Man know he would need a ride right then?
– Korean Taco truck? Driven by Mason Wood? On the request of Rita? In the middle of a gun battle that Castle and Beckett we’re doomed to lose? And would be dead like he wanted.
– So why was it that Kate had to say I love you first both times?
– So was Mason Wood unconscious from Beckett’s takedown that allowed her to embrace Castle?
– That is now twice Caleb was able to get into Casa de Castle unimpeded. You would think security would be JUST a bit better this time?
– Happy ending was only worth 30 seconds? 



– Kind of felt bad for Rob Bowman having to direct this dreck

– When the show opened with a BBQ body id’d as Caleb Brown who else screamed setup?

– The writers missed a golden opportunity by not having Jackson Hunt rescue Beckett and Castle. Made more sense than Mason Wood. Seeing Wood blew out the suspense of LokSat but then again the LokSat resolution was SO anti-climatic in the end.

– If there ever was a time for Kate to have her blinds cleaned it was going after LokSat. I mean, if she called Rita in for the Russian issue to protect Castle, why not now? After all she allegedly was assisting in going after the Big Bad Wolf.

– When LokSat is questioning Castle about who knows his identity, Castle admits that Ryan and Esposito do. But there’s no way he could know that, since he wasn’t there when Vikram told them; he was in the panic room at his P.I. office with Hayley, Martha, and Alexis, and he has no contact with Ryan and Espo until they rescue him from LokSat’s CIA secret site. It did make sense, however, that Castle did not mention Rita since Mason knew about her already.

– This really bothers me. Ep 1&2 Brackin is scared witless when hearing LokSat, then gets killed over it. Mr. Smith needed a new identity and told Kate to run away from it. Rita scares Kate away from her marriage. They find the same signature heroin on the boat and track it to a waste management group. Kate nukes Castle’s system. Castle has six weeks of memory erased. And the busting it wide open was neutralizing a 70 year old man with a plastic gun? That sound you hear is my head shaking in disbelief.i

– The fake break-up and real separation of early season 8 won’t be remembered as one of Castle’s best eras, but everything Beckett feared then about LokSat exploiting her relationship is coming to pass. The strategy is to divide the couple and use their weaknesses to destroy them. Wood tried initially to do that by offering Rick a membership in the GDS. For Castle, it’s his family. For Kate, it’s her duty to her fellow soldiers. For both of them, it’s each other.

– Mason tells her that he found out something about their enemy against his will and knows a guy who’s in deep with corrupt cells of the CIA. He claims he’s just giving Beckett a heads up before he interviews him, but she pressures him into letting her come along. For a criminal mastermind, that story he’s peddling is Swiss cheese — the lacy kind, with lots of holes. Why would Mason call Beckett and not his buddy Castle? If this weird friend is such a conspiracist, why would he want to talk? To an ex-lawyer, no less?

– For me the badass Beckett started in the car ride with Wood when he tries to break her resolve by saying she carries a tremendous weigh but she replies that Castle shares it with her, basically telling Mason she has backup.

– Now Kate has matching bullet wounds on each side of her stomach. Also strategically placed as to not to interfere with her reproductive system that apparently works just fine.

– The dialogue used as a transition to the seven year flashforward is Castle and Beckett’s conversation from the end of “Castle: Flowers for Your Grave (2009)”, when he suggests they should go out. While he had flirted with her when she brought him in for questioning and throughout the episode, the ending scene of that show is the first time she really flirted back.




Kate Beckett: I love you.
Richard Castle: I love you, too.

Richard Castle: I hope I got the right dosage – because forgetting to breathe can be such a drag.

Kate Beckett: You thinking what I’m thinking?
Richard Castle: Mm-hmm. You want a Fudgesicle, too?
[Beckett gives him a look]
Richard Castle: I know. Could be a trap.

Kate Beckett: Just because Caleb switched sides doesn’t mean that LokSat doesn’t have him under surveillance. Any one of these people could be a LokSat agent or even LokSat himself.
Richard Castle: Do you care to put a wager on it?
Kate Beckett: Wager on what?
Richard Castle: On which one’s LokSat. I got twenty bucks says it’s the handsy yogi over there.
Kate Beckett: I’m going for the Carrot Top Cruella De Vil. Wait, wait. Does she look a bit like your first ex-wife?
Richard Castle: She kind of does. Oh, my god. Could my ex-wife be LokSat? ‘Cause in a lot of ways, that would make perfect sense.


Richard Castle: We all heard Caleb’s instructions.
Kate Beckett: LokSat’s accountant is going to expose himself at that dead drop.
Richard Castle: Talk about high on the food chain. We get LokSat’s accountant…
Kate Beckett: It could bring us one step closer to LokSat himself. Vikram, send an encrypted e-mail to Caleb. He’s gonna have to show up at that dead drop.
[to Castle]
Kate Beckett: And you have to get ahold of Hayley. We need all the help we can get.


Kevin Ryan: No matter how long I’ve been on the job, the burned ones always get me.
Javier Esposito: Yo, Lanie, we have a name?
Lanie Parish: No, he’s a John Doe.
Javier Esposito: Do we know who owns the car?
Lanie Parish: It was stolen last night from a used car lot. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much right now other than the victim was male. And you see these burnt remnants around his legs, hands, and face?
Kevin Ryan: Duct tape?
Lanie Parish: Yep. Our victim was bound, gagged, and very much alive when the killer lit the fire.
Kevin Ryan: Hell of a way to go.


Kevin Ryan: Killer chose this location for a reason. Vacant buildings on either side, not a security camera in sight. It rained last night, so clearly these tracks were made afterwards.
Javier Esposito: Might be from the killer walking to his getaway car.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. You know, why don’t we make impressions of all the shoeprints and tire tracks? Maybe we’ll get lucky.


Hayley Shipton: [Castle hands her a pair of binoculars] And what do I need these for?
Richard Castle: Like I said, you’re the lookout.
[smirking, Hayley hands the binoculars back and leaves the room]
Richard Castle: When we do our surveillance of LokSat’s accountant, we’re gonna need you to find a high vantage point, be our eye in the sky.
[Hayley returns with a guitar case in hand]
Richard Castle: There’s not a guitar in there, is there?
Hayley Shipton: Not the kind that plays music.


Kate Beckett: [staking out LokSat’s dead drop] Castle, you see anything?
Richard Castle: No. Just two sewer rats fighting over a piece of pizza.

Richard Castle: What F-stop are you using?
Kate Beckett: Excuse me?
Richard Castle: F-stop. It’s a function on the camera. It tells it how much light to permit…
Kate Beckett: Yeah, no, I know what an F-stop is. This isn’t a shoot for “National Geographic”. It’s on auto.
Richard Castle: [sarcastic snort of laughter] Auto. No, no, no. Never use auto. Here, let me get that for you.
Kate Beckett: [Castle reaches for the camera] Castle, stop messing with my stuff.
Richard Castle: [she slaps his hand away] Ow. I thought you liked it when I messed with your stuff.


Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Espo, I’m kind of busy here.
Javier Esposito: I know, I know, but listen. I traced the serial number on that briefcase from the crime scene. It belongs to Caleb Brown. So I had the lab run his DNA. It’s a match. Caleb’s dead. He’s our victim.
Kate Beckett: [hearing static on the call] Espo? Are you there?
Richard Castle: [as she hangs up] What is it?
Kate Beckett: [looking through her camera lens] That’s not Caleb. Castle, this is a trap.


Richard Castle: [after a dramatic rescue] That was amazing! Mason, you, sir, are quite literally a lifesaver. And talk about a getaway vehicle. A Korean barbecue taco truck? Are you serious? Is anyone hungry right now? Because I could totally whip up some kimchi tostadas.
Kate Beckett: [approaching Mason with her gun drawn] Who are you?
Mason Wood: Whoa. Easy now.
Richard Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. Kate, Kate, Kate. This is Mason Wood. He’s the head of the Greatest Detective Society. I told you about meeting him in L.A.
Kate Beckett: That doesn’t mean that we can trust him.
Mason Wood: Fine, don’t trust me, but would you mind pointing that thing away from me? It makes me just a bit nervous.
Richard Castle: Don’t worry. She’s out of bullets.
Kate Beckett: [lowering her gun, exasperated] Why would you tell him that?
Richard Castle: Because he saved our lives, and he’s a friend!
Kate Beckett: Who just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right Korean barbecue taco truck? I don’t think so.


Kate Beckett: How did that happen? We were careful.
Richard Castle: LokSat must’ve discovered that Caleb betrayed him and then got wind of us.
Kate Beckett: So LokSat killed Caleb, and then all he had to do was hack into Caleb’s account and send a fake e-mail to Vikram agreeing to make that drop.

Richard Castle: LokSat is going to keep coming for us. Or worse, he’s gonna come after our families.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well, my dad’s away on business, so he’s okay for now, but you got to get Hayley to pick up Alexis and Martha and take them to the P.I. office safe room.
Richard Castle: What about Vikram? He’s in danger, too.
Kate Beckett: I’ll track him down. Then we’ll meet up and we’ll make a plan.
[seeing the concern in his face]
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. Come on. Don’t give me that face. Just say “We’ll meet up at the P.I. office”.
Richard Castle: We’ll meet at the P.I. office.


Kevin Ryan: So Caleb was burned alive because LokSat found out that he switched sides and was working with you?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, and now LokSat is going after Vikram, Castle, me; anyone that knows anything about them. So I need you guys to forget everything that you just heard.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, no, afraid we can’t do that, boss.
Kate Beckett: You guys, LokSat took out my entire A.G. team. I’m not gonna let that happen to you.
Javier Esposito: And we’re not gonna let you go to war without your two best soldiers.
Kate Beckett: Right now, there’s no war to be fought. Castle and I are probably gonna have to disappear for a while, at least until we find another lead on LokSat.
Javier Esposito: Beckett, we already have one.
[showing her the crime scene photo]
Javier Esposito: Caleb IDed his killer. LokSat’s right hand man. You know what this means?
Kevin Ryan: Catching Caleb’s killer will put us on a path to LokSat.

Kate Beckett: LokSat and his cleaner have had us running for cover like they’re the hunters. That’s good. They’ll never see us coming.


Richard Castle: That’s not what we agreed to. You were supposed to grab Vikram and then come straight here.
Kate Beckett: I… I know, but that was before the guys were brought in on this and before we got actionable evidence on LokSat. I can’t leave now.
Richard Castle: Well, then I’m coming down there.
Kate Beckett: I… No. No. Absolutely not. You can’t risk coming out in the open.
Richard Castle: And you can’t risk staying in the open.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I am in one of the safest buildings in the city, a police station. A… and better yet, my police station with my cops. Nothing’s gonna happen to me while I’m here.


Kate Beckett: [learning of a lead to LokSat] All right, grab your tac gear. We’re going to that house.
Kevin Ryan: Excuse me, Beckett. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you just tell Castle that you’re staying put here at the precinct?
Kate Beckett: You think I’m gonna send you into harm’s way while I’m sitting safe behind a desk? No. Not gonna happen.
Javier Esposito: You got a target on your back. We don’t. You’re staying here.
Kate Beckett: Uh, he does know that I’m captain, right?
Kevin Ryan: Yes, ma’am. You can fire us both for insubordination if you want. Otherwise, we got this.


Martha Rodgers: A feisty Merlot, an elegant spread, delightful company. If I wasn’t scared out of my mind, this would be a lovely afternoon.

Richard Castle: [making up his mind to go to the precinct, Hayley moves to follow him] What are you doing?
Hayley Shipton: You can’t go out there alone. Someone has to watch your back.
Richard Castle: [nodding to Martha and Alexis] And someone has to watch theirs.
[Hayley sighs]
Richard Castle: I don’t know those guys out front. I know you. Stay with them. Please.


Javier Esposito: CSU is taking the place apart.
Kate Beckett: They’re not gonna find anything. Place was a way station.
Kevin Ryan: You think he planned for us to follow him there?
Kate Beckett: LokSat’s people are CIA, which means they are experts at tactical subterfuge. My guess is Mr. Right Hand Man anticipated our ability to track down his vehicle from the crime scene, and he led us to a place where he knew he could lose us.
Javier Esposito: And your guess would be right. Surveillance cameras on the street behind the house were disabled yesterday morning.
Kevin Ryan: So our guy walked right in the front door, walked right out the back.
Kate Beckett: Which means we have no way of knowing where he went.

Kate Beckett: “Dead end” is not good enough. This guy doesn’t get to be smarter than us. There’s too much at stake here. If we lose this thread, then we’re just sitting ducks. I need a miracle, guys.


Richard Castle: You’re LokSat?
Mason Wood: Yes, although technically that’s the code name for my… extralegal operations.
Richard Castle: So everything that happened in L.A., the G.D.S., that was all a lie?
Mason Wood: Oh, no, no, no, no. The Greatest Detective Society is very real, connected in no way to my work with the CIA. Think of it as a… fun hobby.


Mason Wood: You and Mr. Castle have quite a bond. Unusual in your line of work.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, I’m crazy for him. He’s the love of my life. And he understands the sacrifices that I have to make to this job, so…
Mason Wood: Clearly, whomever you’re up against is quite deadly. You ever consider just walking away?
Kate Beckett: Every day.
Mason Wood: Why didn’t you?
Kate Beckett: I took an oath. People that I cared about were murdered, and they deserve justice.
Mason Wood: Must be hard carrying that weight.
Kate Beckett: I don’t carry it alone.


Mason Wood: All right, truth time. Who knows about me? Beckett, obviously, and Vikram. What about Hayley Shipton?
Richard Castle: [trying to fight the truth serum] Yes.
Mason Wood: Detectives Ryan and Esposito?
Richard Castle: Yes.
Mason Wood: What about your mother?
Richard Castle: [tears welling in his eyes] Yes.
Mason Wood: Ah. Your daughter?
Richard Castle: [a tear rolls down his cheek] Yes
Mason Wood: Yes. Aww. Anyone else?
Richard Castle: No.
Mason Wood: Good. That will be a weight off my shoulders once everyone has been neutralized.
Richard Castle: [Mason turns to leave] Don’t do this, please.
Mason Wood: There is no shame in losing, Mr. Castle. Only in the hubris that made you think that this could end any other way.


Javier Esposito: [Castle improvises an escape route from a room with one door] What are you doing? That’s the street side. You can’t get out.
Richard Castle: We don’t have to get out. We can get in. We can escape down there.
Javier Esposito: If we stop shooting, they’re coming in.
Kevin Ryan: Don’t worry about us. Go get Beckett.


Kate Beckett: Pull the gun out of your pocket. Two fingers. Put it on the ground.
[Mason takes a step forward]
Kate Beckett: Knock it off! I know it’s you. Now, gun on the floor. Nice and slow.
Mason Wood: [putting his gun down] I was, uh, worried, you might be too smart to fall for this.
Kate Beckett: What’s in the other pocket?
Mason Wood: [taking a fob out of his pocket] Oh, this? It’s just insurance.
[he presses a button, and Beckett’s gun flies to the ceiling; Mason picks his own up and holds it on her]
Mason Wood: See, mine is made of plastic, so it’s unaffected by the electromagnet in the ceiling. And I’m afraid I have some more bad news for you. Your husband’s dead.
Kate Beckett: You’re lying.
Mason Wood: No, I’m not. He died about the same time I was picking you up. As a matter of fact, his body is in the furnace behind you there, being reduced to a few pounds of ashes. I think it’s very fitting that your lives together end in fire, don’t you?
Kate Beckett: I’m not going in there without a fight.
Mason Wood: That’s very brave of you. But it won’t be much of a fight.


Kevin Ryan: How long before the CIA connection comes out?
Kate Beckett: Not long. It’s too big a story for the agency to bury.
Kevin Ryan: Get ready for hearings out the wazoo.


Kate Beckett: Hey.
Lanie Parish: I’m gonna yell at you later. But for now, I’m just glad you’re both okay.


Kate Beckett: Feel like I could sleep for a week.
Richard Castle: How about some breakfast first? Best way to start off a hibernation.
Kate Beckett: Uh, you know what? Uh, why don’t we just order in? You don’t have to cook.
Richard Castle: I love cooking for you.
Kate Beckett: And I love when you cook for me. I’m gonna go change.

Richard Castle: [voiceover] Every writer needs inspiration. And I found mine.
Kate Beckett: [voiceover] Always.
Richard Castle: [voiceover] Always.


[repeated line]
Mr. Flynn: Don’t you just love this song?


Vikram Singh: Guys, this is it. If all goes well, we’ll identify LokSat and finally take his ass down.
Kate Beckett: And if anything goes sideways, we immediately shut it down and meet up at the precinct. Got it?
Vikram Singh: Roger that.


Vikram Singh: After we take down LokSat, I am thinking I might tender my resignation.
Kate Beckett: So you want to go back to being a government analyst?
Vikram Singh: I want to go back to being boring. Kind of forgotten what that feels like. I know that probably sounds stupid.
Kate Beckett: No. No, not all. Thank you for doing this with me.
Vikram Singh: Are you kidding? Thank you for… everything.


Kevin Ryan: Who’s LokSat?
Vikram Singh: Caleb left that message for Beckett.
Javier Esposito: You’re still not answering the question, Vikram. Who the hell is LokSat?
Vikram Singh: The big bad wolf. The person behind Senator Bracken, Allison Hyde, the hit squads; every terrible thing that’s happened to me and Beckett for the past nine months.
[Vikram notices Beckett has entered]
Kate Beckett: You shouldn’t have told them.
Javier Esposito: [turning to face her] Yeah. You should’ve.


Mr. Flynn: Ah. Good. Awake and alert, I see.
Richard Castle: Who are you?
Mr. Flynn: Does it matter? I understand that, as a writer, the naming of a thing would seem to be of paramount importance, but trust me, my name is the least consequential thing for you to know right now.
Richard Castle: It’s an embarassing name, isn’t it? Like “A Boy Named Sue”? Maybe your mother called you doofus.
Mr. Flynn: I was named by the state. But for operational purposes, I’m known as Mr. Flynn, and I’ve been entrusted with your interrogation. By the time we’re done, you will have revealed the names of everyone who knows about LokSat.
Richard Castle: So you can kill them? Forget it. I’m not telling you anything. I’m not betraying anyone. I don’t care how many thumbscrews you put to me.
Mr. Flynn: Oh, no. I don’t believe in torture. Science is much more effective, and the company has made great leaps in the field of chemical truth agents. Within the hour, you will tell me everything I want to know. And then you will die. Now, tell me honestly, was knowing my name really that important?


Mr. Flynn: Can I ask you a personal question?
Richard Castle: No.
Mr. Flynn: As I said, I was raised by the state. I never had a family growing up. I never knew love the way that you so clearly do.
Richard Castle: [sarcastic] Well, why don’t you unstrap me? I’ll come give you a big hug.
Mr. Flynn: I’ve read your files. You were an incorrigible playboy before you met Katherine Beckett. What changed?
Richard Castle: I fell in love with her.
Mr. Flynn: Why?
Richard Castle: Because I’d never met anyone like her.
Mr. Flynn: Well, you’ve never met anyone like me.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but you don’t have the legs or the eyes, or the brains or the heart. Beckett makes me laugh. She challenges me. I became a better man.
[realizing what he’s saying]
Richard Castle: Why am I telling you this?
[Flynn taps the IV of truth serum]
Richard Castle: Right.
Mr. Flynn: But these feelings make you vulnerable. Surely you must see that.
Richard Castle: Yeah, well, what’s the alternative? To be like you, a man alone without empathy?
Mr. Flynn: She’s the reason you are on this table. If you never met her, you’d most likely have a very long life ahead of you. Surely you would take a do-over if offered.
Mr. Flynn: No, I wouldn’t.
Mr. Flynn: Hmm. Interesting.

Richard Castle: She’s gonna find you. You and LokSat. And she’s gonna bury you both. And I can’t tell a lie, right?
Mr. Flynn: Yes, but the fact that you believe it does not make it the truth. Kate Beckett is going to be dead by the end of the night, and there is nothing you can do about it.


Richard Castle: What, no alcohol swab this time?
Mr. Flynn: No need. This stuff will kill you in about twelve seconds.
Richard Castle: Or, and just roll with me on this, we could skip it. There’s no reason this has to end in tragedy.
Mr. Flynn: Everything ends in tragedy. Even an epic love story like yours.


Vikram Singh: So, that’s it. We’re finally in the clear.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, so we’re gonna go to a bar and celebrate, yeah?
Kate Beckett: [Ryan and Esposito start to leave] Okay, have fun. So, you handing in your resignation?
Vikram Singh: No. Boring is overrated.
Kevin Ryan: Yo, Vikram, you coming?
Vikram Singh: It’s 7:00 in the morning.
Javier Esposito: It’s New York City. 



A rant is to come