BOSCH: Season 1 Episode 4. FUGAZI


The bones investigation uncovers the family’s dark past. As Bosch’s court case reaches a climactic verdict, he gets caught up in a dangerous field trip with Waits, who may be setting him up. A stunning turn of events leads to a frantic citywide manhunt, and Bosch is back on the hot seat.



– I am really enjoying the slow methodical process this show is taking

– I have not heard the usage of FUGAZI in a very long time

– Loved the target practice at the golf range

– Calling Edgar “Tiger”

– Bosch unwavering in his belief that Waits is lying

– The Starfish is still a mystery especially how Waits knows about it

– Bosch needing to appeal to Pierce’s better judgement.

– Brilliant to tell him to spread the “street smarts”

– Edgar busting Bosch over the romance with Brasher

– Bosch has a daughter, the life of Bosch gets more complicated

– Edgar wanting to stop at the outlet mall

– And Bosch busting his balls over it

– Edgar letting Mrs Waters Grt under his skin, then saying he does the same thing, trying to catch a glimpse of the kids j

– Bosch lost the suit but actually won after the award was announced

– Honey”Money” Chandles and Bosch verbally sparring in parking garage.

– Bosch and Irving taking a walk with Irving appealing to take a politically correct stance but keep his cop ethic.  Bosch being his normal skeptical self

– Brashness of Brasher, it hints of using Bosch for career gain

– The absolute swarmyness of O’Shea the DA

– Waits trying to play mind games with Bosch even dredging up his past childhood.

– Bosch so conflicted when ordered to loosen the shackles

– And we just knew Waits would escape

– And Bosch would take chase

– And if nothing else, Irving is thorough and prepared, interesting how he protects his interests by having a thumb drive and knowing his to use it to his advantage

– This will go in all three categories.  Loved the cameraman sold out

– Irving playing Bosch, showing how O’Shea could blame Bosch

– Bosch at the hospital, accepting the pleed of Moore and showing his resolve to get justice

– The ending with Waits arriving  home and him relishing that he now had Bosch’s handcuffs



– Wasted segment between Billips and Bosch at resturant.  There are other ways they could have shown Billips concern

– Belk is a useless lawyer

– Irving playing both sides to the middle, trying to put himself in a win win spot

– The cameraman selling out O’Shea



– Why not go after the father while you were here but drive to Palm Springs to interview the mother.

– Why is Billips so concerned over Bosch.  It is obviously not romantic and politically speaking, would not help her career.

– Mrs. Waters, just don’t understand her backstory. Even  Bosch and  Edgar have honest feelings for their families

– Why would the DA take such a huge gamble?

– O’Shea not vetting the cameraman better to ensure loyalty

– Bosch’s daughter calling him Harry and the mother not correcting her