ABSENTIA season 2 episode 2 served as another great reminder to me that nothing we know to be fact can be counted on. In my summaries, unconventionally, I use the categories GOOD, BAD and WTF. This episode, my statements can fall into any category and not be a misplacement. And, for me, that is good as the ride has just begun.

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Nick and his team try to track down the person who attacked the Federal Annex; a shadow from the past jeopardizes Emily’s tenuous balance.


It went from interrogation to arrest pretty quick for Valerie and Lester

Tyler Brandon Mills sure got off on the social media attention the gas attack gave him

Is it me or does Julianne have a certain disdain for Crown?

Once again, Tommy goes out on a limb for Emily, stealing the keys to do an illegal search on the RV

Tommy jumped to the conclusion they were junkies when he found the needles

So Emily chews gum?

What was the point of Nick calling Alice?  Did he need sympathy? Whatever, he dropped her real quick when his co-worker called.

Crown thinks a Nick found the socket bit.  Poor Canto, no wonder she saw her role diminish by season end, Nick kept taking her credit.

Anyone else think it was creepy the Jack and Alice exchange in the elevator?

Is Emily disappointed to find her birth Records?  Hard to tell from her reaction.

Valerie sure seems to be a loonie, yet Emily brings her to her Apartment?

So Emily abides by the no drinking before noon? I thought she was more of a “it’s five o’clock somewhere” type of girl

Valerie sees the magnitude of the situation sitting with her daughter but it means little to Emily 

Valerie took “ stressing out “ to a whole new level

Thank God Jack is an EMT/MD.   Too just ten minutes into the second episode for Emily to exploit it.

Her practice on herself made injecting Valerie a breeze

Nice plot wrinkle, the insulin came from the black market.  New plot point to explore.

What was the purpose of Crown stopping his ride just to say no comment.  If I were a skeptic, I’d say it was to validate Erica Lyle’s story, perhaps hoping she’d run with it to take the Heat off him and the bureau.

He seemed to enjoy taking a shot at Gunnarsen over the lack of a profile yet.

Any you just know it’s a bad idea to bring in DeLeon, I wonder how much Julianne will gloat

Gotta love that Emily can log into the Boston PD database.  I wonder if she stole the id and password or if Tommy willingly gave it to her.

Warren’s lasagna came in handy and if I am not mistaken, Emily actually ate a piece.

Great to get Emily’s backstory from Valerie even of Em is not buying it

Does Emily go to Mercy to get insulin or you check her story?

Nice job by Nick to question Julianne as to whether she was happy that DeLeon was not their guy.

First off, Emily knows her way around Mercy hospital.

How fortunate that a white coat was left unattended.  

Besides insulin what else did Emily take?  Needles?  Sodium Pentathol?

How great was Emily’s facial expression when the key card worked on the isolation room medical records?  Then again logging into the computer?

Nick seems enamored with Julianne, bringing her coffee, reading her reports, knows her history.  A bit of foreshadowing. He says she could have had a field office, she says she didn’t want one, he said not that one.

Ok, I got confused.  The head of medical tells Jack he needs him for overtime, then says see you tomorrow?

Did Flynn over react when attacking Valerie? 

In any case, Emily was correct to choose Flynn over Valerie

Warren acted like a trapped wild animal when confronted about Valerie and reacted as such.  I personally wonder what he is hiding.

On her way home she musta called Tommy

So Tommy is also an enabler bringing whiskey over.

And Emily knows what she needs to relieve her stress, and Tommy like most red blooded men obliged even knowing it is wrong

Ok, who else knew Valerie would not last the whole episode once Emily threw her out?  And if Lester was not still incarcerated, would Valerie still be alive?


I wonder how long it took the doctor to realize his white jacket went missing. My guess it quite a while since Emily got a lot accomplished while at the hospital.

My career was as a systems programmer who was on the giving end and receiving end of many a “seminar” about password security. Needless to say Mercy failed the audit!

So much so, even Emily was amazed the username and password were blatantly displayed

After much thought, I now believe Emily acted correctly when dealing with Valerie. Time for games had long passed and it woulda helped both of them if Val had any info.

What triggered the anger in Warren? Is he hiding something from Emily in regards to Valerie

Does Tommy or Emily feel guilty arresting Val and Lester and if they feel remorse over Valerie’s death?

Can Nick be a bigger jerk or more clueless? His scenes scream, “it’s about me! Look at me!”

What is Crown’s purpose in the field office. His leadership style seems to be yelling “GET SOMETHING DONE” then either morphing into Captain Obvious or giving off that “ i’m Deep in thought” look

And what was he thinking, hooking up with a reporter?

Is it me, but was Nick giving off vibes that he wanted to sleep with profiler Julianne Gunnarsen?


Emily: Why didn’t you tell me about her?
Warren: I thought she was long gone.
Emily: You said she was dead.
Warren: For all intents and purposes, she was. 
Emily: How much did you guys know about her?
Warren: Enough to know she should be kept away.

Flynn: So, she’s my grandmother.
Emily: No, your grandmother is Helen Byrne, the woman who made your baby blanket for you.
Flynn: But she’s your mom.
Emily: Yeah. I just met her too.

Emily: I am not letting my problems endanger my kid. Not again.

Alice: It’s kind of wrong, isn’t it?
Jack: What?
Alice: One hundred and twenty-one people died and you and I have a new lease on life. 

Emily: My story was all over the news, I bet it was exciting. Somewhere along the lines our stories blurred and fiction becomes fact.

Julianne: We can’t rule things out until we’re certain.
Crown: Then get certain.

Emily: My birth mother is dead.
Valerie: I may not be the freshest daisy in the garden but hey, you know, I’m still breathing. 


I would say the name of the game in episode 2 is, the plot has been laid out, now Emily and whomever she drags with her, must follow the bread crumbs to get to the end. And we have 8 more episodes to get there. Lots of groundwork was laid down in this installment, a bridge episode to the next set of shows if you will. What we don’t know yet is, where will it lead and who are the protagonists and who are the antagonists. It’s kinda a fun game of good versus evil only the players change sides often and without warning. So gang on tight, it’s just gonna get much more intense as we go! Enjoy the ride!