ABSENTIA season 2 episode 3 reminded my of a great rollercoaster where this episode was the torturous chugging up the hill anticipating the inevitable plunge down. In my summaries, unconventionally, I use the categories GOOD, BAD and WTF. This episode again, my statements can fall into any category and not be a misplacement. And, for me, that is good as the ride has just begun. I just wonder if we have reached the crest yet.

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Emily’s investigation into her past becomes a hunt for a serial killer whose crimes have been overlooked in the citywide chaos. When the serial killer claims a victim close to Emily, she returns to the FBI to hunt him down, partnering with Special Agent Cal Isaac a former Navy SEAL with a personality that runs counter to Emily’s.


Poor Valerie, we hardly knew ya

Its been bothering me now for three episodes, what’s with the metal clip mid ear on Emily

Another episode, another time for Tommy to bend the rules for Emily, this time jumping the line for the tox screen

Wow, just saying make it a F’n priority” slings him into action

Poor Jack, he built himself up for rejection by the hospital administrator

So nice of Crown to show up all showered and refreshed while team spent the night on the case.

Julianne correctly identifies the possible suspect as meticulous and likely to pay cash.

Nice counter punch by Crown saying leaving the socket behind on not really “meticulous”

Knockdown to Gunnersen with the “we are all prone to mistakes” alluding to Crown erroneously going after Miles deLeon

Tyler Brandon Mills is seriously deranged.  Between how thorough he is in booby trapping the basement to his utter disdain of the FEMA flyer.

Fentynl killed Valerie, same as Tommy’s fang-banger and Rivers.  Guess Emily was right to suspect foul play.

In the end, he knew he needed to help Emily find her killer

That whole scene in the drug dealer’s pad was surreal.  The casual way Emily rapped with the guy and then did blow. Off the charts.

And now you can get Fenny online. Who knew?

And where does Emily scratch up $60 for coke living in the dump she dies?

Wow, Flynn lacks quite a punch.  

Inner voices, a forbidding of the future 

Emily do the whole 8-ball?  She was quite wasted arriving home and seeing Alice.  

Did Emily have to get high to gain that dealer’s trust? Maybe not, and that’s troublesome

I’m still not sure if Emily gets high to escape her memories or in the hopes of bringing them back more vividly to help with her investigation. 

Family therapy? Emily says she’ll be there but doesn’t even get the appointment time

Alice was justified for chastising Emily and her ‘activities’ especially if she is caring for Flynn 

Holy spit!  How great was the look Em returned after the lecture?

What were those little yellow pills that caused her to dream about being injected with fentanyl?

Third body, now Feds case.  Emily is pissed

Emily doesn’t want to let it go, arguing with Tommy to continue but for a change Tommy has a moment of clarity and refuses to dicker with an ongoing investigation.  And does it while Emily straddles him.

Emily seems almost incapable of letting herself feel anything for anyone other than Flynn, and even that’s a struggle sometimes. 

By the way, I am never gonna get used to Stana sayin or yelling or begging using the word fcuk.

Flynn has his own issues and they may be more serious than anyone expected.

Family counseling time, Good think Emily remembered to cover her track marks

Oh by the way, I agreed with Emily keeping Flynn’s “accident” quiet no matter how indignant Alice got

I saw JEOPARDY the other night and final answer was “ Nick Durant has to buy one”  the correct question “what is a personality?”

So Nick had no idea Tommy and Emily were hooking up even though in insinuated they were buds?

About time Mr & Mrs Perfect had a spat.  

Wow, was that moment between Jack and Alice in the EMT garage awkward?

Just Nick’s luck, he’s dealing with his family issue there is a break in the case.

With Tommy unable to help her anymore, it made sense that Emily would re-join the FBI

But how does Crown bring her in without vetting her nckuding physical and drug Tests?

I was glad Emily offered a ray of hope to Lester, but again where is all this cash coming from? 

I simply loved Emily blowing smoke up Crown’s ass and her look after leaving his office personified her disdain for him.

Finally we get the team of Emily and Cal

Nicely played standoffs between Colin and Nick but if Nick is such  great agent, how come Julianne had to hint at his to break Colin?

Boy did Tommy feel sucker punched when Emily told him she re-joined the bureau.  

Tommy correctly deduced that she didn’t need him any longer and their “arrangement” would end.  Sadly Emily could not refute that.

Jack got screwed for saving a man’s like.  That man can’t catch a break!  But it does show he is all the way back and ready to resume his MD career.

Well done having Emily having a PTSD episode when entering the FBI bullpen.

Why did Nick feel he deserved a “heads-up” upon Emily’s return?

Whew!  I thought we’d get through a full episode without Crown uttering his patented “good, then go!”

When Tyler’s mom mentioned she put him in therapy, did anyone else think “hmmmmm”

Figures Nick would go all alpha male and raid the basement despite Julianne’s plea to wait for backup.

Tyler 1   Nick 0 


I have to say I have come to like Lester.  The range of emotions he displayed were excellent.  His initial false bravado still thinking he was protecting Valerie, to his grief upon learning of her death to his anger at Emily.

The moment Tommy said that the Feds had taken over the case, I half expected Emily to ask him to leave. She’s been using him for sex and information and even Tommy seemed to know that the investigation outweighed the sex for Emily.

His quote might have been “ you know I can’t share details of an ongoing investigation”  but I heard “you know I am a real dick and will only use you”

Was it just me, but did Nick seem betrayed by Emily “hanging around” Tommy? Also is Nick too dense to realize they were screwing around?

His quote might have been “ you know I can’t share details of an ongoing investigation”  but I heard “you know I am a real dick and will only use you”

Bad writing alert Alice says “we’ll monitor the bed wetting for two weeks”  first, she didn’t know it happened at all and two it was a one time offense.  Geez

About time Mr & Mrs Perfect had a spat.  And doesn’t Nick feel anything for always dumping HIS SON on the step- mother?  Nick is more than happy to hide in his work to avoid this problem.

Maybe I misunderstood but, being a licensed doctor wouldn’t it have been morally wrong to let the man die when he had the skills to save him. 

I am liking Cal already.  His caring and concern for Emily already while they are barely partners bode well for future storylines.

When Tyler’s booby trap was tripped in the basement, I couldn’t believe that Nick and Julianne just stood there! Tyler could have released more gas or had a bomb.


Emily: Can you get them to run a tox screen, please?
Tommy: That may take a while. She’s not exactly a priority.
Emily: Tom, she told me someone was after her. Someone killed her, I can feel it. Can you make it a fucking priority?
Tommy: Okay.

Lester: You find the bastard who did it.
Emily: They’ll pay, I promise.

ALICE: Whatever you do on your own time isn’t my business, but tomorrow and any time you’re around Flynn you better be sober.

Alice: Are you even listening?
Nick: I just got a break in the case. I’ve got to go.
Alice: Of course you do. Well, thanks for punching in. 
Nick: I’m doing my best. You know that right, or were you just playing the role of understanding wife in front of the shrink?

Colin: I didn’t tell you a damn thing. 
Nick: Yet that’s not what your fellow Guardians are going to think when I tell the press that you ID’d them all. 
Colin: You think they’re going to believe a bunch of corrupt Feds?
Nick: Well, you know better than I do that a little confusion and a lot of fear goes a long way. 

Alice: Do you know what it’s like to try so hard and still feel like you’re failing?
Jack: Kinda, yeah.

Drug dealer: That shit’s everywhere. You can buy it online. There ain’t no such thing as pure Fentanyl on the street. 
Emily: You sure about that?


What Absentia season 2 is delivering to date is an immersive, haunting story — but also one where there are still questions that need to be answered. Are these FBI investigations connected? Is the world of Nick going to collide with Emily? It does feel like there’s something larger at play, a devil that is ready to jump out at any given moment — but, if that is the case, the devil’s keeping on that mask for as long as possible.

Tonight’s episode felt like a bridge, one meant to connect episode 2 with the rest of the season. There are likely more answers coming; the hard part is going to be waiting for them