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ABSENTIA season 2 episode 4 is the Tale of Two Females. They epitomize this show, trial, error, suffering,pain, bad choices and redemption. Yet, it might be the darkest episode of any show I have seen recently. That being said, In my summaries, unconventionally, I use the categories GOOD, BAD and WTF. This episode again, my statements can fall into any category and not be a misplacement.

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Emily and Cal’s investigation into the Fentanyl Killer points them toward some dangerous and highly skilled suspects. Elsewhere, Nick’s manhunt for the Federal Annex attacker heats up.


Very Stephen King, that opening, don’t you think?

Nothing ever good comes from a little girl wandering off, especially into the woods

Brandon Tyler Mills is creepy quiet 

Man Crown us really stupid thinking with the wrong part of his anatomy

Erica Lyle has Crown right where she wants him, ready to beg for more 

Poor Jack, ready with the diagnosis but shut down like a lowly EMT PERSON

Hey, CANTO still works at the FBI.  And speaks! And gets to go on the raid of the cabin!

Gunnersen with the new lead,  didn’t see that coming (sarcastic)

I like Cal, ALOT.  Protective of his partner, shot down Crown when his insinuation indicated Emily was not up to the job.

Crown’s nose grew when he said Emily is my friend.

Crown wants cal to keep him apprised of Emily’s behavior.  After agreeing, Cal gives him a look that says “what a douche” . Nope he don’t trust him

Jack getting shut down by EMT team lead, then being told they are to get the patient to a real doctor, OUCH!

I am just gonna say it,  it was awesome watching Emily and Cal brainstorming the case, the give and take and the show of respect Cal affords Emily when her challenging point make sense.  Great interaction.

It continues at the crime scene of Congressman Ramos, their theory building is a beautiful thing.   I hope these two are the focus of the rest of the season

When leaving the house, one reporter shouted the question I asked last week “Agent Byrne, how did you get clearance?”

Cal steps up big time for Emily as she has an episode 

  Emily didn’t expect to be part of the story, hell she IS the story

Wow, how about Tommy, huh?  Emily meets him at the bar and he bluntly asks “so what do you need?

Then he falls back into being lead around by his dick

Random observation.  Emily is getting it more than Nick nowadays

From how they are acting, you almost think Emily has a shot at a normal loving relationship

Poor Jack knew what the right thing to do was on the gun shot victim but politics and bureaucracy cost a life

Because of it he has to phone a friend, and low and behold it is Alice

Glad he didn’t take a drink, and now we have an emotional connection between Alice and Jack

Finally Nick and Julianne have a solid lead.

We actually see Emily eating!

And has nice new wheels, agency issued?

And another body! Even two!

Nice detecting by Emily, spotting the cameras in the trees and snapped off needle in the neck.  She and Cal work well together and are rewarded with a break in the case

I loved how tender the scene between the dog and Emily was.  Excellent plot advancement

Sorry, to me Nick just comes off like a creeper at the supermarket parking lot.  I know, I know, he got the job done planting the tracker

Nice hands by Canto, could play wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.  Great catch of the drink as Liza was getting chloroformed

Good thing Nick was not wearing full body armor otherwise he’d been shot too!

But to his credit it was a nice takedown and rescue of the little girl

So Nick is the returning hero, and to prove it Crown blows smoke up his ass. Does Crown even believe what he is saying?

Just wondering, did the protective suits save those FBI agents who took the bullets for Nick? Or will there be a new recruitment drive soon?

But none of it could have happened if not for the work of profiler extraordinaire Julianne Gunnerson

Now that Tyler Brandon Mills is neutralized, Gunnerson gets to help Emily and Cal.  My question is, did Crown assign her or did she insert herself into that investigation  herself?  

I see a mind war games coming between Emily and Julianne

And Cal provides the look and attitude we all felt as he said “thanks for coming”

Tommy earned a sleepover!  Maybe Emily is progressing towards normalcy

 Only two things would piss off Emily so much as to kick Tommy’s ass.  Leaving the seat up and finding her drugs

When the garbage can lid snapped up, how awesome was the look on Emily’s face.  A true “ Oh Shit” moment

For the record, Emily did give Tommy a chance to avoid the ass kicking

Damn, it’s one thing that she is tougher than him but add into the mix her PTSD and need to protect herself at all costs really gave him no chance

He’s lucky she snapped out of her trance in time not to kill him.


So where was Flynn all episode?

Does Sodium Pentathol show up on tox screens? Good thing Emily did not have to go through a formal reinstatement

It seemed obvious that the father was packing up the car to leave, so there was no reason for Tyler to kill him. He only had to wait a few more minutes and the man and his child would have been gone. 

I suppose I should be grateful that Tyler didn’t kill the girl too, although I’m uncertain whether that was because he had some soft spot for children or simply wanted a bargaining chip if he needed one later on. I am betting on needing a hostage/bargaining chip

I like Cal. He had no problem with Emily coming back and has treated her like a partner from the moment she arrived. He’s not blind to what she’s been through but he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt when she says she’s okay.

It must really suck for Jack to feel like he has his hands tied when he knows he’s capable of saving a life but isn’t allowed to do so. 

Her damn near beating Tommy to death was a shock. I really thought she might have killed him in the end. 


Nick: You saved my life today.
Julianne: Did I?
Nick: Tyler had us pinned down and he wasn’t going to stop. I got him on the reload, he was too slow.
Julianne: He wasn’t military trained, packing more heat than he knew what to do with. 
Nick: Which I knew because of the profile.

Jack: Today was tough and well, when things get tough I usually head to the bar.
Alice: But you didn’t get a drink. That’s progress, not perfection.

Cal: Look, guys I served with in Iraq were broken by less, and she’s still here.

Emily: Nobody normal would want me.
Tommy: I want you!
Emily: Then you gotta be crazy!


Absentia season 2 episode 4 was one of the most violent, visually-jarring episodes we’ve seen thanks to the fight scene at the end. This episode brought us some of the best evidence we’ve had of Emily’s continued emotional triggers and torment since the start of the series , and also the challenges for anyone to get closer to her.  On the flip side, the two cases are intriguing and developing nicely, wanting to get to the next episode immediately. It’s the makings of great TV!