One could make a case that this episode was the best so far in the season. Me? I see it where each episode is a building block from the previous. meticulously gathering steam to what I expect to be a sensational finale. That said, onto the Review!




Emily and Cal travel to Moldova to track down the Fentanyl Killer-a task that proves to be more dangerous than anticipated. Meanwhile, Nick is given an order that challenges his moral code.


Damn Crown is in full CYA mode to start the show and even got one of his minions to buy the bullshit.

Great fictional story of how Brandon Tyler Mills escaped and subsequently shot and killed by Nick

Nick is upset over being put in that position and challenged Crown

But gets an ultimatum back. So now NIck has to play ball or else face the wrath of screwing up the mission.

God I miss the dress up Stana and damn she looks great

Man she plays spy very well and it too no time to fall back into it 

Poignant moment when Cal sees her back scars when zipping her up.  

Julianne is sending them into the lions den without any safety net, just like Crown

Poor Alice can’t hold a pregnancy, dashing her hopes of a child with Nick that would solidify their marriage 

She is so good as Sasha Vonek.  So, very,very good!

How comfortable is she back at the fbi doing undercover work?

Mission: Rex Wolf

Damn those cognac glasses are huge

Her sexual radiance gets lots of info from mesmerized males.

Mine field?  Will they be in Emily’s future? Yes a rhetorical question.

Love Cal chanting with other security men, bullshitting like a pro. 

NightWatch, remember those words, they will be important.

The good parts were very good, just as promised.  It reminds me of something.  Tell you later.

Quite the stable of ladies of the evening, one prettier than the next

Once the dancer got slapped you know Emily couldn’t let it go

Thankfully Cal reeled her in

Mr  Cosgrove is an uncool soccer dad. Fits nick perfectly, although they likely did not do that intentionally

Emily leaves the shank for the girl  Just couldn’t leave it alone.  She knows what the escort has to emdure

Nick home for lunch, did I miss the case being closed?

Flynn is excited over Nick’s “heroism” and gushed about it.

Snapping at Flynn was wrong by Nick.  It’s not Flynn’s fault that Nick compromised himself

Nick Captain America?  Alice bitch slaps him and we cheered!

Ut-oh. Cal is made. Holt recognizes him from their service days

Holt hits on Emily.  But he looks to be a useful ally

Emily looks so excited over Holt’s tracker scar and the information that could be obtained from acquiring a chip.

It’s not your cover he is interested in.  Cal tells it like it is causing a professional spat.  

Wow that merc is quite bold buying her a drink after shutting off her phone.  I’ll go out on a limb here and say his intentions are not pure.

God she is so great here in the bar with the dirt bag, playing him to the hilt.

Wow. He propositions her and she goes along with it, what is her game plan

Wow Cal shows concern if not disapproval and she slaps his hand away letting him know she will do it her way

I was scared for a moment when large man got real physical on Emily like she would get raped while brandishing a knife.

But damn a lethal forearm, an elbow landing squarely, smashing his face into mirror.  Physical skills did not diminish .

Damn she kicks ass far worse than I expected.

Once she saw the knife on the ground you knew she would dig out the chip from his arm

Finally get to see her on a motorcycle. Is she leaving Cal behind?

Cal is nobody to be trifled with. And man they are a great team

She speaks Moldavian, that is HOT

Love that she focuses on finding Rex Wolfe and leaves Cal to fight for himself

After the fight he had this look on his face , sort of like incredulity, when she tells them they were going after Rex

Whoops.  The jig is up. The thugs caught up with them and now they are locked up.  Will Emily take a beating in reciprocation?

Crown and reporter again.   And Erica is playing him again. Her wily charms and Crown thinking with the wrong head

 Erica knows he is full of shit and is pushing him hard making Crown offer up Nick’s lie to appease her.

Crown thought Erica had real feelings for him.  He is dense!

Water and Emily. This can’t be good

I did not expect her to just dive in but once she did I knew Cal was right behind her

Great storytelling having Emily’s PTSD hit when in the water flailing around

Damn Cal was awesome there and thought for a moment they would kiss

Cal is determined to get them through this, having her back every second

Wow when Nick tells Crown Emily missed her check in,  Crown seems to be uninterested and looks like he is tossing Cal and Emily under the bus in case the mission fails.

Then he pulls rank again on Nick forcing him to lie on TV to Erica.  

Alice can’t do what anymore. I think the encounter with Oluwale will get interesting 

She drops the big D in her conversation with the doctor.

Man is he blowing smoke up her ass, will it make sense later?

And did he drop a Godfatherjuil line on her?  This is the life we chosen. What does that mean?  

Second Godfather reference.  The floor shore in Moldova wasreminiscent of the scene where Fredo inadvertently says he knew Johnny Ola.

Julianne showing concern for Nick. He is going into protective mode on Emily and Gunnersen is trying to talk him off the ledge.

And she is repeating the bullshit of Crown. Interesting

Alice smokes?  Who knew

Olewale told her to get a hobby.  Is that hobby Jack ? 

I can’t get enough of the banter the interplay between Emily and Cal.  I know, I know, I say that a lot!

A running truck with the door open don’t go there it’s a trap.  Oh well too late!


Going to Moldova should be a CIA op, not FBI. They have no jurisdiction overseas. Does Crown want Emily and Cal to fail miserably and be rid of them?

I was surprised that Cal wasn’t like two feet behind Emily when she went off to find the goon.

Emily and Cal work exceptionally well together, even during the moments when they are quietly sniping at one another. They’ve got cover stories, no back up, and only each other to rely on and that appears to work for them. 

Nothing was more satisfying than watching Emily Byrne beat the hell out of the guy, because you know she’s far from the first woman he’s done that too and it’s doubtful that any of the others were able to kick his ass the way Emily could. 

Nick should have taken the opportunity to talk to his son about the seriousness of taking a life and how it’s not as cool as the video games make it out to be. Nick has every right to be upset about what’s happening at work but lashing out at Flynn was immature and short-sighted.


Emily: So much for keeping a low profile.
Cal: Yeah, well he has no idea I’m Bureau.
Emily: He knows your real name.
Cal: Half the guys in here are working under an alias. 
Emily: And what if he looks into my cover?
Cal: I don’t think it’s your cover that he’s interested in. 
Emily: I don’t care what you think. Focus on the job. 

Alice: Maybe talking to a professional would help.
Nick: I’m not one of your clients.
Alice: Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to play counselor if you’d get some help instead of repressing everything with this Captain America facade. You’re not the only one with problems.
Nick: You can’t begin to understand. 

Julianne: This has been an exceptionally difficult time for you.
Nick: Being the poster boy for the convoy lie.
Julianne: You are just doing your job.
Nick: I don’t remember this part in the oath we took. 
Julianne: Our job is to keep America safe and allow our citizens to sleep well at night. I’d say the greater good is being served. Whether you believe it or not, you’re serving your country honorably.


This episode succeeded in giving us a different side of Emily, but then also a great, intense cliffhanger to leave you guessing …  at least until you watch the next episode almost immediately afterward if you’re viewing this on Amazon.