I tried to hang out and see where this show would  land.  It needs a US TV home and so far, Sony TV still have not cut a deal.  Not sure why not, it stars our favorite ass-kicking detective in a new role, one similar but different enough to have us hanging on the edge of our seats.  


Our good friend Matt Carter (carterMatt.com) has written thoroughly on this subject but I still felt compelled to offer my two cents so here goes!



ODDS 5-1


This makes so much sense it’s scary.  Amazon took a shot with Michael Connelley’s Bosch and is reaping the benefits.  The leeway allowed by the pay service allows Harry and the cast to be true to the novels,will all its warts, language, sex, etc. included.  The viewer is swept into the methodical build of the story over the 10 show arc, not needing to worry for instant gratification or the draw for the viewer to return the next week.  By offering the season all at once gives us the chance to binge, re-watch, scrutinize, dissect, enjoy.


From the little teases of this show we have gotten, Absentia would benefit from this outlet that allows it to be itself, allowed to grow episode to episode, building the want to see it all.





ODDS 8-1


This seems like the best home.  Absentia features a strong female lead, the absolute star of the show who is supported totally by a very well defined male counter.  TNT already has a show like this in Good Behavior.  With a second season of the Michele Dockery hit on tap for September, TNT could piggyback Absentia after for a real solid two hour block.  Can’t think of a better way to spend a night with those two beauties.


Also, TNT seems to be agreeable to a ten episode arc now as shown by Good Behavior.



ODDS 15-1


The God-Father of original streaming programming to battle everything traditional like networks, cable, movie channels.  Sure they hosted their fair share of shows like House of Cards, but somehow the feel of Absentia does not fit in with them.  Just a feeling I get, nothing to prove it one way or the other.  Maybe it’s because we still are waiting for season two of Jessica Jones?



ODDS 25-1


Oddly, this might be the best place for this show.  Hulu is expanding it footprint especially in original programming and an eclectic drama with a known star might be just what the doctor ordered.  



anyway, that’s is my opinion, yours is most welcome!


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