ANOTHER STK-atic SUNDAY: Bleak House


Not sure when this thought popped into not my head but it had to be while listening to MANIC MONDAY by the BANGLES.  I just fiddled with the days of the week in conjunction with my favorite actress.  And that is how

STK-atic SUNDAY was born!  


So for the first Sunday entry, let’s go back 14 year’s to the lovely Stana’s second real role (could argue it was her first real role depending how one feels about SHUT-EYE) . The role is Mariella, a nanny.  From the synopsis:

“Bleak House – Lily goes undercover as an Irish nanny in order to determine the whereabouts of another Irish nanny who has gone missing and is possibly dead. Joe tries to set Darnell up as a collector/enforcer for a high-powered bookie they want to bring down. (Stana Katic as missing nanny) (Jan 09, 2004)

And here is a clip from the show featuring Ms. Katic

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. Peg says:

    That’s a good one John. Shad s if Nanny McDead.

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