Sometimes it is like feast or famine around these parts, the scarcity or events force me to think, as Montgomery would say “outside the box”. With that in mind, here are three that with very blurred vision make it into the NBCD registry.

National Woman’s Heart Day

Heart disease in women can lead to heart attack, stroke, and death. You can add lead poisoning to that list. Seriously, National Woman’s Heart Day was created to expand the prevention of heart disease in women, by working to reduce risk factors as in reality this is a serious yet sadly neglected topic.

Card Reading Day

On Card Reading Day, celebrants read and enjoy greeting cards they have been sent over the years, which they have kept for sentimental reasons.

Let’s not forget the little love note Gates inadvertently got from Castle…

Or the family Christmas card…

International Mother Language Day

According to the United Nations, International Mother Language Day is a day “to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.” It advocates for mother tongue-based multilingual education and focuses on preserving uand protecting all languages. So a trip to Little Odessa seems to be order!

And then there is Castle…

How about a Beckett montage ?

National Sticky Bun Day