After quite a few yesterday, we have a couple more, really fun one too! So without further ado, here I present NBCD!


Castle loved Hitchcock, well the script writers did for sure! Three episodes feature an homage to a Hitchcock film – the first was in season 2’s ‘The Double Down’ where 2 men ‘trade’ murders, which Castle actively points out as being lifted from Strangers on a Train.

The 2nd was Wild Rover – Ryan must return to an old lover as an undercover law enforcement agent to reinfiltrate the Irish mob, similar to Suspicion, in which Ingrid Bergman’s character goes undercover on behalf of the feds into the arms of an ex-lover who is suspected of being a Nazi collaborator.

The third episode of the three shows is THE LIVES OF OTHERS. This episode is an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rear Window but contains subtle references to other Hitchcock films including Rebecca (the victim’s name is DeWinter), Suspicion (the victim is a woman who married a charming man and became terrified of her husband’s true intentions), Rope (2 conspirators plot and execute a murder plot, then plant the evidence right under the nose of the authorities to throw them off their trail), and Shadow of a Doubt (The crime scene in each case is the family’s home garage).

And we paid homage right here on SSS under the guise of FIVE 4 FRIDAY.


Who could forget the “BET”? And Beckett going from appalled to participating?