It’s Letter Writing Day

Make Your Own Head Day

Make Your Own Head Day is for crafting. The day’s goal is to make a likeness of your own head using any medium you want. Pencils, charcoal, paint, clay, and paper mache—the options are endless. The day is popular in art classes, but anyone can participate, just as long as they are sure to make their own head and not someone else’s! Here are a few examples…

Or surgically?

Red Planet Day

It might not be nuptials in space but….

Were there alleged aliens from the Red Planet?

And can we safely assume the Lt. Chloe travelled to this place too?

National French Toast Day

Work with me on this ok?  

Plus it is the breakfast of bribery for Alexis!

And I loved this scene from season 8. I gotta try those skewers….

just 365 days ago….