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Continuing on with this stream on conscientiousness.  I had forgotten how much fun watching these are.  Alas, how I wish those whom own the rights (ABC cough cough) would come to their senses and reboot this great show.
So here goes, my favorite innuendoes and teases from my favorite lead detective as delivered on my favorite TV show.




BECKETT: Bondage cuffs, custom made? Looks like our killer liked public play.

CASTLE:  How can you tell the difference between custom and regular?

BECKETT:  The leather is too high quality to be mass-produced, and it’s hand-stitched.

CASTLE:  No, I mean, how can you tell the difference?

BECKETT smiles mysteriously, but doesn’t say anything.

Oh Castle. No way you will peel all the layers of the Beckett onion.  And how great was it as she relentlessly teased him in the second shop, truly knocking him off his game!






(On the phone) Hi, my name is Kate, and my boyfriend has been a very bad boy. Yes, that’s right. His name’s Ricky.

CASTLEWhat are you doing?

(On the phone) Actually, a friend of mine recommended a Mistress Venom.

CASTLE:  Wait.

(On the phone) Is she available tonight? 4:00 pm?

You know what?

(On the phone) Sure, that’s perfect. Thank you.

CASTLE,:  that’s very funny. Now call her back.

BECKETT:  Uhh-unh, Castle. This is the perfect way to get Venom without tipping our hand. What’s the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play? (laughs and leaves the room).


Again another great interaction by Caskett!




Beckett: Please, let’s just stick it in and get it over with.



MmmE, a toughie. Beckett was referring to a CD Castle was holding, but you really can’t say that kind of thing around a guy with whom you have unresolved sexual tension and not expect a reaction. Or really around anyone with a dirty mind, which is most people.


NUMBER 5.5. 



Geez I almost missed this one!   This takes double dog dare to a whole new level!  Challenge accepted Mr. Castle!



He turns to BECKETT. She’s touching up her makeup and taking her hair out of the bun it had been in.

CASTLE: bWhat … what are you doing?

BECKETT:  Well, I’m not going to get much out of Brian looking like a cop.

CASTLE:  Undercover. I like it. You might want to pop one more button just in case. (he looks down at the buttons on her shirt)

She regards him and then reaches down, taking his suggestion and popping another button to expose more of her chest. She shoots him a smug, sultry look as she walks down the stairs to the entrance of the bar. CASTLE watches where she was for a second with a slack-jawed look before taking a deep breath and turning to follow her.



Such a well acted scene, a well played game of “can you top this?”





CASTLE: I never pegged you for a magic fan. You know any good tricks?

BECKETT (considering):  I do this one thing. With ice cubes.


Man did Castle ever get floored by that comment.  Never expected that line for sure.  That alone could keep him awake most nights.  Lucky for him the writers remembered that little exchange and reprised it in season 5 episode 17.  In case you forgot: 

BECKETT:  You know, you’re right. (she takes his glass from him and stands, grabbing her wine in the process) It would be a shame if something happened to us because there’s one thing on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish. (she gives him a saucy smirk) And it involves a little trick that I do. (she twirls the ice in his glass) With ice.

CASTLE:  See, that sounds worth living for.

In the doorway to his bedroom she turns and smirks before sauntering inside.

BECKETT:  Hey Castle, ice is melting.





Oh episode 16 of season 2.was so chock full of innuendos, teases and downright naughtiness.  Kate plays Castle like a fiddle throughout this one it might be my favorite of thus season!



Castle: Come on. Haven’t you ever wanted to do something with your handcuffs other than arrest criminals?
Beckett: No. But there is one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing …
Castle: [fumbles]
Beckett: Putting killers behind bars.



Season one Episide 7 gives us a side of Beckett we had not yet been exposed to, name frustration.  Hey what better way to work it out than firing off a few hundred rounds to relieve the stress?  

Castle (after missing the target at a shooting range): Oh, shot too soon.
Beckett: Well, we could always just cuddle, Castle.



First of all, they were at a shooting range, the place they always go to work out their sexual energy under the guise of cracking the case. Then, she went ahead and eluded to them having sex while also managing to work in a dig at Castle about this imaginary sex they haven’t had yet. You won that round, Beckett.




The runner-up comes from “UNDER THE GUN” Season 3 Episode 3 when Castle seeks womanly/parental advice from Beckett as Alexis is positioning herself toward a new Vespa scooter.  Not only did Kate fail to ease Rick’s fears, but rachetted up the uncomfortableness between the two!


CASTLE:  So this Harley of yours, do you have any pictures?

BECKETT:  Uh, yeah, I do, but I’m not going to be showing any of them to you.

CASTLE:  Why not?

This stops her. She turns to him.

BECKETT:  Well, because I don’t think you can handle the sight of me straddling it in tight, black leather.





And with that one line, the  genesis of our favorite show sprung to life.  Not only did she say ‘NO’ she did it with style and substance causing Castle to chase her for four years!



Well there you have it, my top ten.  Please let me know your opinions or additions I may have missed!


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