BOSCH: Season1 Episode 10 : US and THEM

imageBosch has to face the aftermath of his confrontation with Waits, while his daughter’s unexpected visit offers some precious time together. In the wake of the bones investigation, Bosch’s job is in jeopardy, and he’s suddenly on the outside once again.



– No more Waits

– Can’t blame Bosch for not wanting to talk with psych

– Psych gets him to open up by walking outside which gave us this great quote “everyone has two dogs fighting inside of them. One does the right thing; one doesn’t.”

– Bosch knows Waits wanted him to live with the suicide by cop killing

– Nice touch by Bosch to attend burial of Arthur

– Christine Waters, Arthur’s mother, continuing to support the kids that Nicholas Trent started.

– Washington informs Irv about indictments over the Waits case

– Dr Gayot wishing the dog never found the bones.

– Maddie comes to see Harry in LA

– Stokes really is guilty

– Maddie sees her dad’s house and has seen the movie that the money came from

– Bosch talks well of Elanore to Maddie and gets Elanore to delay her

flight till the evening so Bosch could have time with Maddie

– Edgar finds Stokes and rounds up the troops

– Maddie gets to work with the archeologists at the Tar Pits

– Maddie expressed displeasure that Bosch dumped her but then she got a matching braided bracelet to Harry’s as a show of caring for him

– Edgewood uses a beanbag to incompacitate Stokes

– Bosch defends himself physically against Pounds

– Bosch turns in his cop stuff and plans to see Maddie

– Delacroix kills Stokes as any drunken grieving father would



– Last Bosch of the season

– Delacroix getting up in Bosch’s face

– O’Shea is a creep

– Elanore tells Harry that Maddie is missing

– Bosch dumps Maddie on Dr. Golliher

– Stokes could not be prosecuted for Arthur’s murder

– Pound is a jack hole

– Billits suspends Bosch without a hearing

– Brasher cut a deal then wants to reconcile



– O’Shea wants Irving as Police Chief but is blackmailing him?

–  and Irving him?  Nice trust between the two,NOT!

– Dang Harry is strong being able to toss Pounds thru the glass window

– Brasher wants to get back with Bosch? Why would he?