BOSCH: Season 1 Episode 9. THE MAGIC CASTLE


The true story of the bones murder is finally revealed, placing Bosch in hot water and stretching the LAPD to the breaking point. Bosch’s own painful past leads him headlong into a showdown with Raynard Waits.



– The slow burn to final confrontation between Wzits and Bosch has been great

– Bosch telling the media to speak with his nemesis newsman Tyler

– J.Edgar updating the troops and tarting hard not to throw Bosch under the bus over Stokes

– Due to Brasher’s screw up, the officers have to go through arrest training protocol again.

– Bosch has good taste in beer!

– Bosch knows about Waits’s pseudonym and his time at McClaren

– Harry conquered the world of Skype.  I really like the development of the father daughter relationship here.

– To counter Bosch, Waits kidnapped a mother a pond baby

– Uncomfy moment between Edgar, his ex, his girlfriend

– We finally see Wait’s tunnel system as he drags the mother thru it

– Nice party Billits

– Alas , short lived as everyone in notified about the kidnapping.

– Elanore profiles Waits for Bosch especially in regard to his mom.

– Showdown Waits and Bosch

– Bosch calls to thank Elanore, telling her she was right

– Irving congratulating Bosch



– The rank and file ripd against Bosch

– Brasher still at Hollywood precinct and making herself visible to Bosch

– Brasher still considering filing charges against Bosch as suggested by the higher ups

– Waits envy’s Bosch?

– Pounds sure has a hard-on for Bosch

– So why the low-wow between Tenser and Irving

– Irving telling Bosch Waits gun was empty



– Billits dressing down Bosch over inter-office romance yet she is doing the same

– Bosch charges after Wakts with no backup, again!

– Pounds taking credit via the Fugitive Task Force and not Bosch

– Waits gun empty thus suicide by cop, ughhhh