BOSCH: Season 1 Eoisode 7. LOST BOYS


Bosch struggles to manage both professional and personal fallout, as an echo of his past helps him discover pivotal clues in the Waits case. As the stakes escalate, a restless Waits hatches a deadly plan.



– In light of Samuel identifying Johnny Stokes, skateboarder, the episode name Lost Boys  seems appropriate as it mirrors Peter Pan

– Bosch protecting Stokes after being arrested.  Good character development having Harry trust Pierce either Stokes

– Stokescsaying he did not shoot Brasher and Bosch agrees

– Waits is do creepy, lovingly staring at Moore’s gun and badge

– Then showing is his grab and bag system

– Bosch trying to stay ambiguous about Brasher’s shooting, claiming his eyes were clouded my the mace

– Waits rushing to his foster mother’s side when she falls.  Makes the concluding scene more devious

– Irving pleased with his manipulation of O’Shea and Tenzer

– Harry goes to Billitts for advice, she puts it all back on him

– Irving agreed with cutting Stokes loose

– Waits getting increasingly frustrated with Mrs. Saxton

– Bosch promises to bring His daughter to LA, love that he wants to pursue a relationship with he

– Personalized gift for Christman from her

– Waits using Moore’s badge to seduce another vic

– Bosch makes no bones about tellin FID the truth, screw the consequences

– Waits kills mom when his burden of her gets too big.

– The Ah-Ha moment when Bosch realizes Waits was trying to tell him they were kept in the same retention centers



– It was bound to happen, this episode seemed to drag as the set up the Waits last hurrah

– Brasher sticking with her lie to save her bacon

– Moore talking the pity pills saying he is to slow for the job anymore

– Brasher tossing Harry out

– As always, Irving is out for himself,  now Bosch is the head of he Waits investigation by not on the FID squad.



– Very commendable that Bosch puts police ethics above romance and cannot back Brasher.  In the first episode it is alluded to the fact he planted the gun.

– Not a good move by Bosch to give Waits his cell number as this time it interfered with his call to Maddy.  Also is Bosch just using the phone Maddie gave him at home.

– Waits must be slipping as his drunk target escaped

– Once Harry found the book of skulls, you knew Elinore would get involved

– Why take something hard copy records?