BOSCH: Season 1 Episode 2 LOST LIGHT

imageA routine traffic stop lands a suspect who poses a lethal new threat, while Bosch and J. Edgar (Jamie Hector) pursue a promising lead in the bones case. Bosch locks horns with Deputy Chief Irving (Lance Reddick) over his ongoing court battle, just as his relationship with Brasher picks up. And murder suspect Raynard Waits (Jason Gedrick) makes a startling confession about Bosch’s cold case.


– Titus really makes Harry Bosch both lovable and despised

– The episode really enforced the “gritty” nature the show wants to portray and does so amazingly well

– So much so, it can take mundane, repetitive stories and make them riveting

– I like that the show is talking it’s time establishing the roots of the show

making sure all the pieces are in place for the rest of the season

– Loved how Harry, stuck on a cold case, gets roped into a murder kidnapping by Raynard Waits

– Which makes this so much better than a Law and Order wannabe

– Liked also that it was a uniform cop, who is looking to make his bones outside of his father’s scope, that manufactured evidence to make the traffic stop

– Brasher has to be the best looking rookie 30-something boot ever

– Harry just knowing their relationship will cause him grief with the brass

– their scene outside the police department, where Bosch realizes his inability to keep secrets is going to screw him over one more

– Waits being one sharp con, noticing the cell phone privilege given to another inmate and negotiating for it

– The initial interaction between Bosch and Waits and Bosch knowing he was full of crap.

– But it did provide a new twist making us think the two cases are tied together

– Waits as a maniacal killer is interesting as is why he wants to deal with Bosch

– Full explanation of how Harry can afford such a great place in the hills


– Although I like the systematic setup, I felt it may have deprived the show time for expanding on other plot points

– They should have done the slow burn on the Bosch-Brasher relationship

– They rushed the trial scene too much that should have had a greater impact especially how they portrayed “Money” the lawyer

– I wish they would give us a reason why Honey “Money” Chandler has it out for Bosch

– Officer Irving’s partner ratting him out


– Need to understand what the backstory is between the captain and Bosch.  The luitenant seems to be in Harry’s corner and the deputy chief seems to give him the benefit of the doubt

– Why is Brasher so interested in Harry? What are her motives? Does she have motives? Does she think he can put her on the east track?

– Harry’s partner, sharp dresser, divorced and a real estate agent in his free time?