BOSCH: Season 1 Episode 8. HIGH LOW

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– Waits setting up a sort of memorial service for his mom.  He sheds a tear when making coffee

– Bosch getting into Waits head by saying he should bury his mother with the rest of his victims

– Love the “anything to Greg ahead” attitude of Irving

– Will anything relevant come from the McLaren files?

– The brashness of Brasher

– Boy does LT. Pounds hate Bosch, advising Brasher to file harassment charges against Bosch

– New clues in the Arthus Delacroix case in regard to the skateboard

– Now we know how WIts knew about the starfish

– Beasher realizes she is screwing herself too if she rats out Bosch

– Waits reminds us he has Moore’s badge and gun, but why the high heels?

– Great Pier 7 verbal brawl between Bosch and Brasher at the station

– The good doctor is able to lend another clue for Bosch

– The carport. Great clue

– Bosch will go to great lengths to investigate including driving to Nevada and sleeping in the car.  Lead to Stokes again

– What a messed up scene where Waitsvgets into Bosch’s head staging a murder reminiscent of his mother’s. Now we know why the heels.

– Bosch gets add’l reports to review. Margorie Lowe now.



– Harry and Elinore arguing who is an absentee parent

– So no secret codes needed to give out confidential information at the ME office?



– Why make and pour two cups of coffee?  Was it to taunt Harry who he was sure would be investigating soon?

– so Irving will sell his soul by getting Rev. Ott on board so O’Shea gets elected and, oh yes, makes Irving Police Chief

– So Ott is not below threatening Irving with a Ferguson type riot if promises are not kept.  Wow!

– Waits is so clever as to get the assistance Medical Examiner to give up such details even if he impersonated someone from the DA’s office.  Bosch has every right to be pissed at Jesper

– Edgewood joins Billett and Pounds telling Brasher to file harassment charges against Harry.