Our lovely detective sure is inquisitive when encountering a finely put together man.  It also does not hurt that she embellishes her enjoyment when Castle is with her.  So, here are my favorites when Kate took a good look so to speak.


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SEASON 3 EPISODE 7 – Almost Famous



Our vic was a male stripper impersonating a police officer.  During the autopsy, Lanie found many interesting items, and shared them with Caskett:


CASTLE:  He’s not that handsome. You want my opinion? Three hundred bucks an hour, little steep.

LANIE:  As a person in this room that’s seen everything under the sheet? Bargain.


Naturally Beckett lifted the sheet covering him to provide a second opinion!




The evidence leads our dynamic duo to a male strip club where the ‘entertainers’ we’re happy to demonstrate their skill to the fair detective


SEASON 3 EPISODE 20 The Dead Pool



Yes Detective Beckett that is indeed a speedo and yes I am circumcised!


I believe NYPD’s finest was momentarily distracted.  I felt bad for Castle in this one as not only does he have to witness the Beck Check but then have to deal with Alex Conrad trying to steal his muse!





Our Brittish inspector is not especially modest I don’t think.  In fact, he seems happy to let his towel down then unabashedly dresses in front of Beckett when being arrested.  My guess is that his his intentions towards our heroine are not exactly pure and raised his hands and lowered his towel so to speak.



SEASON 5 EPISODE 12 Death Gone Crazy



So we’re at the world famous (no Time!) Chita Club for College Guys Gone Wild!  Caskett is interviewing Seth Parrino about the murder of Beau Randolph.  Once rehearsals begin, Kate gets a bit distracted.  Best part is Castle calls her out on it!


CASTLE:We’re not here about your dancers, Mr. Parrino. (he catches BECKETT looking at a dancer) Are we?


BECKETT:  Right. No. We are here about Beau Randolph.

Caught dead to right!




SEASON 7 EPISODE 7. Once Upon A Time In The West



Undercover honeymoon, does it get better than that?  I submit to you it does not!  Maybe a top ten episode in my list.  So on the other side of the door to the Jack and Jill bath is a cowpoke, albeit gay.  Still Beckett does  the peek and compare with Castle right next to her!  Great scenes between Caskett and Tobias for sure



So that does it, if I missed any please let me know either by comments, Facebook, tumblr or email