CASTLE: Beckett’s Top 10 Undercover Moments


While having a bit of free time, I came up with this idea, looking at the times our Kate Beckett went undercover.  Ranking from number 10 to numero uno, here are my choices for the best undercover moments to date,  your comments are appreciated


Can’t believe I missed one!  Check out #2 again

#10. S08E07 The Last Seduction

In order to hunt down the brutal murderer of a grifting seducer, Castle and Beckett must investigate New York’s elite. To do so, Beckett and Hayley go under cover to a up scale spa to identify a tattoo on one on the trophy wives who is the prime suspect

#9  S04E20 The Limey

imageBeckett goes undercover to the British Consulate in a gorgeous, long, black strapless gown to get incriminating evidence against a British ambassador.

#8. S01E07. Home Is Where The Heart Stops

imageCastle and Beckett go undercover at a charity auction. Castle sends her a gorgeous red strapless dress to wear. They dance to get private time to talk and prepare an action plan.

#7. S03E07 Almost Famous.

imageBeckett drags Castle to a male strip club to find a certain male dancers with Beckett wearing a really nice small black dress. Beckett finds her suspect but does not anticipate the rest of the entourage to surround her in the dance routine making her quite uncomfortable

#6. S03E10   Last Call

imageBefore going into “The Old Haunt”, she undoes her hair, fluffs it out, puts on some lipstick, and when Castle says to pop a button, she goes so far as to even undo another button on her blouse. She further tortures Castle by seductively playing with a cherry in her mouth while flirting with the bartender.

#5. S04E07   Cops and Robbers

imageKate wears an FDNY Medic outfit in order to go in and get a hostage with a seizure out and to reassure Castle that he will be ok. It shows how much Kate has come to care for him. A prelude to Caskett?

#4. S03E14   Lucky Stiff

imageBeckett and Castle need to go undercover, so she suggest the use his Ferrari.  They go back to Castle’s place so he could get changed and grab the keys. Kate wears a nice short black number to get the attention of and get close to drug dealer MARVIN “OZ” OSMINKOWSKI

#3. S02E01   Deep In Death


Castle is undercover at a Chinese poker den. He ends up needing help, so Becket Grabs her bag and fashions a short revealing dress out of a sweater.  After shaking her hair out, she teases the guard then goes in and rescues Castle from the mobster

#2.- Tie. S07E07 Once Upon A Time In The Westimage

Vic shows up dead in New York after a trip to a Dude Ranch. Caskett just married. Undercover honeymoon? “We’ll still go to the private island, right” Rangler Jane does not hold a candle to our Kate Beckett!

#2.- Tie S03E13  Knockdown


A new lead into Joanna Beckett’s murder gets a terminally ill ex cop assassinated and a woman strangled.  Beckett and Castle then have to rescue Espo and  Ryan from the clutches of Hal Lockwood.  Lockwood has his place secure as he tortures Ryan and Espo. Beckett is out of ideas so Castle comes up with the above plan. Wowzers!


The “distraction” leads to an amazing spin kick and well the rest is history.

#2.-Tie S03E22   To Live and Die In LA

In an attempt to lure the gunman who killed her trainer Mike Royce, Beckett gets dressed up in a tight one piece bathing suit with midriff cutouts. Initially pissed at Castle for blowing her cover, she then wants to kiss him for screen capturing Russell Ganz cell phone.

#1. S06E17 Belly of the Beast

Beckett is recruited as a Russian assassin to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes awry. To survive, Beckett must engage in a battle against some of the most dangerous men in the New York underworld – including a powerful enemy from her past.