With the decision of TNT to preempt Castle in favor of baseball, I took a look back at a couple of my favorite episodes.  The link between the two is how totally devastated one of our stars are at the conclusion.  Do what better way to decide on which hurts the mist than to offer a poll on the subject.


Most heart breaking momeny



Here is the video of the ending scene for A Deadly Game where Castle runs off with his ex-wife


Maybe even a couple photo’s to re-enforce the memory




Our second contender is from Countdown where the heartbreak is reversed.  


And a couple additional photos to jog the old memory




So head back up to the top and vote early and often!  





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  1. Peg says:

    The first one was my choice and it really hurt. But we needed more time with their bantering. My absolute favorite/sad ending was season 2,episode 23 when Castle sees Beckett with Demming. But I have a reason. That brings on one of my favorite Castle songs, Crash and Burn by Lifehouse. I still listen to it and think of that ending.

    • says:

      Hi Peg,
      Thanks as always for taking the time to write! One idea I had was to do something similar to the best agent tournament where everyone could vote for the best heart breaking moment. Your thoughts?

  2. Phyllis Nethken says:

    I voted for countdown because at that stage in their relationship Castle had very strong feelings for Beckett. In season 2 finale Beckett was willing to try and date Castle and see where they would go. Kate had strong feelings for Rick but his reputation was still pulling her down. As a Castle fan both broke my heart.

    • says:

      Countdown is quite gut wrenching for me since they went through two life threatening challenges and Kate almost told Rick she loved him. Plus there is a secondary kick in the (blank) at the ambulance when Kate tells Castle that “it means when have a chance”. Then goes into his arms playing with his shirt buttons

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