CASTLE: DEAD RED. Season 8 episode 11

imageThe son of a Russian diplomat is murdered; during the investigation Castle entertains a jovial Russian security guard who turns out to be more involved in the case than expected


– ok three for three since the break and great episodes five of the last six

– Kevlar baby bib, awesome!

– Beckett asked for some time so I give it to her every day, sometimes twice err this is nice

– Favorite reality show

– Nice to see Beckett doing captain stuff

– Beckett speaking Russian, always sexy and sultry

– Diplobrats!

– Castle making fun of Russian security only to find him behind him

– And Nikki Heat!  Also known as Captain Beckett

– Castle making himself scarce and out of the case then Beckett caught by surprise realizing she is stuck with Vasili.

– Katherine the Great!

– Vasili wanting to meet for coffee, Castle calls for permission, Beckett says “keep him happy and I’ll keep you happy” in a great voice

– Russian justice… First mention

– Russian models are devastatingly beautiful, full head nod to Svetlana

– Rita saying Kate blew up her marriage to go down the rabbit hole then..

– Rita not knowing Beckett and Castle were sneaking around

– Vasili getting down and dirty when finding out about old Russian spy, but not before handcuffing Castle to steering wheel

– Playing beat the click with Castle having to solve what happened before one minute expired

– Vasili able to get Castle and Beckett to work the case together

– Kate stopping the sniper assassin

– Kate needing her curtains cleaned

– Beckett truly concerned that she may have put Castle in harms way

– Gregori’s mom still alive

– Rita and Visili working together like old aquintinces

– Beckett telling Castle Rita was his step mom

– Castle being pissed saying being protected was getting old and Beckett agreeing.

– Of course it also gave Kate the clue to solve the crime

– Love the interaction between Castle and Rita

– Sometimes the anger flails up

– Rick telling Rita that Beckett is worth it

– Russian justice part deux

– Beckett telling Castle to follow her in Russian to close the show



– Espo with howdy? Thankfully Beckett called him out on it

– Russian stereotypes

– Espo correcting The Hutch

– My little man on table…Rich bitch…

– Martha and Alexis have not seen through the the Caskett ruse?

– Why so little Lanie?



– Rita telling Castle that Jackson never talks about him but says he is very proud of him, how would she know?

– So Rita keeps tabs on Caskett but did not know of their secret

– I guess Kate knew of a secret room for a rendezvous?



– I liked that Martha and Alexis notice a more “relaxed” Castle and call him on it.  Nice innuendo by Rick only to cover up when Alexis kinda noticed which makes me think she knows or suspects they are back together.

– I really loved all the moose and squirrel, Boris and Natasha, Starsky and Hutch. And of course, Castle making fun only to get caught

– Loved the character Vasili and the fine line between fun loving and kick ass cleaner

– I am a sucker for off the cuff references to prior storylines.  I am glad for the second episode running, the public fighting and affairs were not mentioned, except Vasili’s comment about how hot Russian models are, and I thought Svetlana immediately.

– Kate talking tough, using the bastard word!

– Kate brings Espo into her office to tell him sensitive info instead of Ryan orvCadtle.

– The scene with Rita and Beckett in the strip club. Saying when she ran operations out  of these clubs they were actually open for business.  Rita’s astonishment of Kate blowing up her marriage to chase Loksat to not knowing they were secretly back together to jealously saying how good the copulation might be.

– Wow, was very surprised to see a return of a sniper and Beckett being right in the middle of it.

– I liked that they show Castle maturing, instead of inserting himself in the investigation, he calls for permission and then helps Castle for some returned favors like any good husband

– Excellent short interplay between Castle and Beckett about this whole thing getting real old.  It showed Castle upset, something that he rarely

has been portrayed this season.  I also liked that Kate confided in Rick that Rita was helping her with Loksat

– Loved the interplay with Castle and Rita.  Rita urging Rick to accept Beckett and what she is doing, with Rick saying Kate is worth it

– For one semester, Kate really garnered a grasp of Russian and kept it some 18 years later.  Especially the suggestive language at the end.

– No annoying Vikram!

– Once again we get to see a bit Kate Beckett’s wild side that is alluded to in the early seasons as she lures Castle into the secured area of the embassy.  The secret relationship has given us a couple of these moments.

– So they have enjoyed each other’s company in six different countries.  I guess Kate in not the all work and no play type after all!