Castle -Five twists that could have been fun

1/.  The FBI agent who should have run point on Alexis kidnapping should have been Will Sorenson.  The conflict for Kate could been fun to explore. Not to mention the issues between Will and Rick.

1A/.  Will also could have been point on Castle’s disappearance.  Imagine the fun, Sorenson making a last ditch effort to get back his true love while dragging his feet trying to find Castle.

2/.  Gina should have crashed the dinner between Merideth and Kate    It could have really set off some interesting note comparing.  Something tells me that Gina would not be as kind to Rick as the deep fried Twinkie

3/.  Dr. Motorcycle Boy, Josh Davidson is setting up a clinic in Thailand when he finds Castle suffering from dengue fevor.  Once again an old Beckett  beau faces a moral dilemma.

4/.  Beckett’s dad should have been the legal advisor for Alexis in episode 7 season 6. Being he was a lawyer it would work, plus it would give Jim an insight into the partnership of Kate and Castle.

5/.  Beau Randolph actually recognized Kate from her wild youthful days as she was featured in an early Girls Gone Wild video.   Kate tries to hide that from everyone!


Castle and Beckett dip into her kinky box and  Rick is overwhelmed and suffers a heart attack and needs to be saved by Josh.