CASTLE: Flashback Friday – BECKETT: Didn’t Want The Paperwork


Ok so is it Flashback Friday or Friday Flashback? I just finished watching season 4 episode 7 where Castle said Beckett saved him 8 times so naturally I wondered what the number really is. And to honour Below is my list, newest to oldest. As always your comments appreciated. Please  revisit Castle: Save and a Beauty (updated)  to find out the current score   Again, click on titles to expand/contract each section.

Season 8 Episode 12 The Blame Game

image Ok so I am taking creative license on this one. You will see it again when I get around to the Caskett saves each other blog entry. This was a terrific episode where the suspect holds a shotgun on our heroes. But Castle’s resourcefulness and Beckett’s skill disarm him before the Calvary arrive. Two great lines end the scene making it truly a Castle momen
ESPOSITO: You guys okay?
BECKETT: Yeah. Thanks for rescuing us.
HAYLEY: Yes, because clearly you were helpless without us.
ALEXIS: I can’t leave you alone for five minutes.
CASTLE: (shrugs) Does this mean no hug?

Season 8 Episode 1 XY

image Beckett gets a strange phone call on her first day as captain then goes missing.  Castle is beside himself searching for him which, or course, gets him in trouble.  Escaping the assassins, he is cornered in a warehouse when somehow Kate finds him and saves him, briefly telling him she loved him before leaving quickly.

Season 7 Episode 23. Hollander Woods

image in the season ending episode, a murder triggers a memory for Castle that has festered for 30+ years. While nobody believes him at first, eventually Beckett comes around and assists Castle. He breaks into a barn of the killer and soon is over powered until Beckett passes him her gun under the door.

Season 7 Episode 7 Once Upon A Time In The West

So with no vacation time left, Kate has to delay the honeymoon.  Well murder had other ideas.  A woman arriving back in New York died mysteriously after a trip to a dude ranch.  Honeymoon anyone?  Well Castle being Castle winds up in a duel with the crack shot proprietor until Beckett saves the day!

Season 6 Episode 2 Dreamworld

image In the second half of the two part opener, Castle has mere hours to live after ingesting a deadly toxin.  Kate is trying to crack the case with her new FBI mates.  She gets a hunch and breaks protocol to hunt down a reporter responsible for the murder and the sickness of Castle and get the antidote

Season 5 Episode 20 The Fast and the Furriest

Somehow Castle gets Beckett to join him on the wild goose chase after Bigfoot.  A bear trap in the woods capture the duo and Beckett literally climbs all over Castle to get help.  If she is delayed who knows what might happen the Rick?

Season 5 Episode 5 Probable Cause

Jerry Tyson set up Castle with murders and Castle is arrested.  Kinda sucks that this happened right after the big Hampton’s vacation.  Kate knows if Rick is sent to the Tombs he is a dead man and figures out where he escaped to and stands by him keeping him safe. Season 1 Beckett would have hauled him back to jail. Well until he has to save her!

Season 5 Episode 2 Cloudy with a chance of Murder

Ok so they are a couple all of two minutes and Rick finds danger. He almost has a heart attack from the Entertainment Reporter the when he accidentally butt called Beckett who hears a lot of glass breaking and shouting and comes running gun drawn. Ya think she might have had thoughts of shooting Castle Herself? Nah, don’t want to do the paperwork!

Season 4 Episode 21 Headhunters

image Still hurt by Beckett’s betrayal and totally bored, Castle sees on the news the story about the Headhunters and an interesting character named Det. Slaughter.  With his reputation preceding him, Slaughter puts Castle in harms way quickly.  Finally Castle figures out his dilemma and swallows his pride to ask Beckett to bail him out!

Season 4 Episode 7 Cops and Robbers

image This is the episode that brought up the fact that Castle is even keeping score! Castle and Martha are in the wrong place at the wrong time and get held hostage in a bank heist. Beckett acts as hostage negotiator since robber “Trapper John” refuses to talk to anyone but the “lady cop with the bedroom voice”. After “Sal” has a fake seizure, Beckett goes undercover as a paramedic inside the bank to retrieve him, indirectly telling Castle in the process that she promises to get him out of there. She stops Trapper John from putting a bullet in Castle by threatening over the phone to personally kill him if he shoots, and eventually she storms inside the bank after the C4 explosion to get him out of there, beaming with a smile so bright it could light up NYC.

Season 3 Episode 16 Setup

CASTLE - "Countdown" (Part 2) -- With time running out, Castle and Beckett must put aside their differences with Agent Fallon (guest star Adrian Pasdar) to avert a city-wide catastrophe, on "Castle," MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/KAREN NEAL) STANA KATIC After being kicked off the investigation, the pair decides upon going rogue, arriving at a warehouse that Amir frequented. Castle and Beckett discover the nuclear bomb inside the warehouse, but before she gets the chance to call it in, the pair are shot at by two gunmen. Beckett protects Castle in the ensuing gunfight, firing back at their attackers and leading Castle into the safety of a storage container (which they later almost froze to death in, but hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Season 3 Episode 6 3XK

image Technically Beckett didn’t save Castle from Triple Killer Jerry Tyson, but can we at least give the girl credit for making the attempt? Upon arriving on the scene, Beckett makes a mad dash from her car, runs up the stairs and kicks in the door to the motel room Castle and Ryan were being held captive in. You can briefly catch a glimpse of a tear running down her right cheek as she unties him and says, “I’m so glad that you’re okay.” It’s more of a coming-to-the-rescue moment, but very powerful all the same.  Plus Beckett shows some affection for Castle.

Season 3 Episode 1 A Deadly Affair


During the raid to capture married couple Kitty and Earl, ring leaders of a counterfeiting ring, Castle is left inside with Beckett’s spare Glock as she and the boys head outside to pursue the killers. Castle eventually has to escape outside to keep from getting shot at and comes across Beckett who tells him to get down and has her gun pointed in his direction. She’s aiming at Earl, who followed him outside and is standing behind him. Castle then raises his gun in Beckett’s direction, at Kitty behind her. The two look at each other knowingly, and then both shoot at the suspects, saving each other

Season 2 Episode 13 Sucker Punch


When Beckett realizes that Dick Coonan is actually Rathborne, the man hired to kill Johanna Beckett, she and Castle move to confront him on it before he signs papers for his release. Coonan steals another officer’s gun and holds it on Castle, pointed right at his liver. As Coonan leads the pair through the precinct, Montgomery notices that something is amiss and stops them with his gun raised. Beckett pleads with her Captain to let them go as Coonan can tell her who hired him to kill her mother. Montgomery lowers his weapon, but Castle headbutts Coonan to escape his grasp. Coonan lifts his gun to shoot Castle, and Beckett is forced to put Coonan down instead.

Season 2 Episode 1 Deep in Death


Castle goes into a Chinatown poker lounge wearing a wire and a camera to attempt to snap a picture of a Russian mobster who may be the killer in their murder investigation. When Castle mentions a few too many details on the case and leaves the table, one of the Russians, Ilya, holds a gun to his back and leads him into the kitchen to ask him what all he knows. Realizing he’s in deep trouble, Beckett strips off some layers of clothing, messes up her hair, and goes inside the building armed with only a Russian accent and her good looks. With some smooth talking and swift moves, she disarms Ilya, holding his own gun to him and tells Castle to go get some backup.Castle goes into a Chinatown poker lounge wearing a wire and a camera to attempt to snap a picture of a Russian mobster who may be the killer in their murder investigation. When Castle mentions a few too many details on the case and leaves the table, one of the Russians, Ilya, holds a gun to his back and leads him into the kitchen to ask him what all he knows. Realizing he’s in deep trouble

Season 1 Episode 7 Home is Where the Heart Stops


While Castle is left outside in the car, murder suspect Karl Nadir manages to elude Beckett, Ryan and Esposito by escaping through a locked gate that is impossible to climb over. While the detectives take an alternate route around the building to catch up to him, Nadir attempts to carjack Castle. Castle opens the car door, slamming it into Nadir and knocking him to the ground. They wrestle briefly and Nadir’s gun is knocked away. He clocks Castle in the eye and reaches across the ground for his gun, but Beckett arrives and steps on his wrist, telling him “Go ahead. I need the practice!” before Ryan and Esposito take him into custody.

Season 1 Episode 1 Flowers for Your Grave


The murder investigation that started it all! Harrison Tisdale commits copycat murders of some of Castle’s previous books in order to cover up the murder of his sister, and thus begins the partnership of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. Castle is later held at gunpoint by Tisdale and Beckett comes to his aid. Although Castle manages to escape Tisdale with a swift move of his own and admits that the safety was on the gun the whole time, we can give Beckett credit for trying to talk Tisdale down, keeping him distracted so that Castle could even make his move, and of course, making a conscious effort to save Castle’s life.