CASTLE: FLASHBACK FRIDAY ; The Man known as Josh

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So for Friday Flashback, I will review the presence of Joshua Davidson MD, aka Motorcycle Boy, in season 3.  Josh is Kate’s so called love interest in this season after dumping Demming at the end of season 2.  Many bloggers believe Kate has been dating Josh throughout the summer.  My take is that is was likely very late summer since she was getting over the double whammy of breaking up with Tom but failing to connect with Castle.  Plus by her own admission, she put together her mother’s murder board in her apartment over the summer which would have taken time and precision. In any case, the tall dark stranger is now part of our discussion

Ep 4. Josh shows up at the precinct

CASTLE - "Punked" - Castle and Beckett look into the murder of a young mathematician gunned down with a 200-year-old bullet, sparking some wild theories by Castle about a time-travelling killer. When their investigation uncovers a tricked-out DeLorean and a suspect in Victorian clothing, is it possible Castle's crazy idea has some validity? This winding tale twists through the towers of Wall Street and into the world of a secret steampunk society that embraces the romance and simplicity of the past, while coupling it with the hope and promise of the future, on "Castle," MONDAY, OCTOBER 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. Victor Webster (as Beckett's new boyfriend), Ken Baumann (as Alexis' first boyfriend) and Eden Riegel (as the sister of the murder victim) guest star in the episode. (ABC/MITCH HADDAD) STANA KATIC, VICTOR WEBSTER, NATHAN FILLION, JON HUERTAS, SEAMUS DEVER

A fun episode that was right up Castle’s alley.  Also very apropos that it was a duel that staged the murder.  In the end, an incapacitated Espo punks Castle but the real punking  happens next as the boys hear a voice behind the “Kate?’ I got your text” They turn and see someone they do not know.  Beckett is surprised and a bit put off as proven by her reply: “I thought I said I’d pick YOU up”. Clearly Kate was not ready to share this piece of personal news but Josh seemed to push the issue. Perhaps because Kate talked about  Rick a lot when discussing work so Josh had to mark his turf?  However, leaving together left no doubt they were a couple now.

Ep 5. Beckett says they are sleeping together


Castle and Beckett are at County General investigating the death of  Doctor and their conversation touches the topic of medical personnel deaths/murders.  Castle quickly turns it into a soap opera, suggesting that doctors were being intimate as they speak.  Beckett has to correct him with the fact that four out of five MD’s prefer to sleep with someone outside the medical field.  This leads to the inevitable question about how many like detectives and without thinking Kate replies at least one.  She outed herself unwittingly and was not happy about it.  That was way too much personal info for her to tell Castle. The face above tells it all!

Ep 10. Beckett says her and Josh were tucked into bed


What would Castle be without a wild theory?  This time is it late at night when he gets his brainstorm.  Of course he calls Beckett.  And she shows up! As they descend the stairs, Castle regaling her with prose fit for the prohibition era, Beckett gets short with him saying the place was swelt for clues already and “we were just tucked into bed with my laptop”  The WE takes Castle by surprise and Beckett admits she was with Josh.

Ep 11. Beckett horrified at Natale’s impersonation of her/Nikki


Beckett is stunned at how badly things have turned out for her allowing Natalie to shadow her for the character Nikki Heat. Horrified may be a better word.  This quote sums it up “Yeah. Sure. Until she steals my boyfriend and kills me in my sleep.”  It is said to nobody since Castle escaped.  Although she never said Josh was her boyfriend, I am counting it.?

Ep 12 Castle asks where Josh is (kinda)


No mention until the very end of the show when Castle sees Kate gather her things together in preparation to leave. He asks, in shorthand, “motorcycle boy”. Beckett shows displeasure at the nickname Castle tagged him with but says he is on shift.  Kate shows her compassionate side, knowing Castle just broke up with Gina, and hangs out with him. So again, a vague reference not Josh said specifically.


In the first half of season 3, there are only three specific mentions of Josh, one sighting and two vague references.  Hmmmmmmm


Next week on Throwback and Flashback, part two of this idea.