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Stumbled across this episode the other day and wished I could have had a drink there.  Back in my youth we did go to several “writers” pubs especially during my creative college years.  So sit back and reminisce the watering hole that Rick saved from T.J. McChucklenuts!




The Old Haunt us referenced several times throughout the show.  At the end of episode 10 of season three, they go off to the establishment to celebrate with a fine old bottle of scotch and the new owners.


We next hear of it in the same season when Esposito mentions that they have found a new quicker route to their newest cop bar.  In fact the travel time has been reduced to a mere eight minutes!


By season 4, The Old Haunt became the ‘ go to’ place for the crew.  This is made known in the ‘Cops and Robbers (EP 7) episode.


The ‘Haunt‘ even made it’s name famous in D.C. when Beckett used the knowledge of the old escape routes through the sewers to solve the case where Castle was exposed to deadly toxins.  We then see that Castle generously announces the drinks are in the house in episode 4 after Beckett gets her job back in the NYPD.


The show runners of season 8 missed the boat by not having the boys and Vikram (like he should have even been invited) say they were heading to the Haunt.




Ashes of Leo the Legend: The city’s “best bartender since the days when ‘gay’ meant ‘happy'”. Also an amateur historian of the bar. When he died in 1997, his ashes were placed in an old silver shaker behind the bar.


Pictures of great writers: a wall of famous patrons, including Hemingway, and (two over from him) Richard Castle.


The Basement: A hidden basement, complete with Depression-era decor. It’s accessed by pulling out and turning the electrical outlet. It was undisturbed for many years, but after the Flood of ’98, Billy Pitt pulled up the linoleum and found it. Not merely cool, but awesome.


The Basement (part 2): As if this isn’t enough, the bookcase slides aside to reveal a secret-within-a-secret: a hidden passageway to the old sewer network, a secret storeroom, and the East River. The latter was built to accommodate notorious Mayor Jimmy Walker (“Beau James”), who was “famous for being a corrupt politician, renown womanizer and openly defiant of Prohibition”. A shotgun boobytrap (now removed) is designed to deal with the unwary, and was the cause of the buckshot in Donny, when his body was found.


The Basement (part 3): For decades, the hideaway kept its secret: a collection of 1875 St. Miriam Rock of Scotland. One bottle was used to kill Donny Hayes. Another was bought at auction for $26,000 by an internet millionaire, who mixed it with root beer. After the events of “Last Call”, the scotch was claimed by the Mayor’s office. One bottle is given to Castle, and one is seen in “Law and Murder” in the possession of the DA.





Beckett suggests they go “undercover” getting the reaction she was going for when she suggests getting a drink.


And the go investigate inside the Haunt.  Castle double dog dares Beckett with the old “pop one more button” line and Kate sees his challenge and raises a second button!



And of course, this allows for some serious breaking of chops at the expense of the ruggedly handsome writer.



What a tease!  Castle can hardly keep his composure and he isn’t even her boyfriend!



So Castle has a brainstorm, so much so he calls Beckett “after hours”.  As he bloviated, she inevertently reveals that she and Josh have progressed into being each other’s overnight guests much to her chagrin.



Good to be rich, eh Castle?  A ‘small’ donation to the NYPD widows and orphans fund might be enough to acquire a single bottle of the ancient hooch




And of course, the big hearted nine year old on a sugar rush will only crack it open if his compadres from the 12th join him.  Interesting that Beckett joins the revelry instead of heading back to her boyfriend.  And Piano Man is the perfect closing song!