CASTLE: How It Should End


I took a couple days to digest the departure of Stana Katic from Castle before writing this entry. I pondered how this iteration of the show should end. Below I submit my perfect ending and some alternate finale’s that the “powers that be” may consider .  I truly pray the show runners do not screw over the Caskett shippers who were deprived of a happy season 6 ending of the seaside wedding. Would they actually do that twice? I sure hope not!

We know there will be a final confrontation with LokSat and from the one picture released, Kate and Rick are in trouble (there was another pic I saw on Instagram (See below) that looked like Esposito carrying Beckett in his arms). Beckett needs to triumph here, even if wounded. Good needs to beat evil, it is the natural law. Plus it would defeat all that Beckett has fought for. Her impassioned argument at the end of season 7 Episode 23 would be a waste.


BECKETT: “In every case you have referenced I have not only successfully brought the killer to justice I have done so with the utmost respect for the law and for the department I represent…You asked, how do I expect to lead? By continuing to fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don’t cross the line. I put myself on it. And if you have any other questions then you can ask the families of the victims that I have served. “


Kate either resigns from the NYPD, gets a administrative leave or suspended for going rogue. Too bad she didn’t have her 20 years in for retirement, although they could have her on permanent disability. In any event, she has time on her hands. Her and Castle now can take their cross country bike trip mentioned in the last episode. On the trip, Kate becomes pregnant , on her way to fulfilling the prophesy of season 6 episode 5, so no need for her back on the show. Happy ending!
Remember what Doyle said:

DOYLE: (to CASTLE) “A real charmer, that one. I can’t believe you marry her.”
BECKETT gives him a wry look.
CASTLE: “How did you know I marry her? “
DOYLE: “One of your book jackets. You know, “Richard Castle lives in New York with his wife, Senator Beckett, and their three children.”
CASTLE: (impressed) “Senator?”
BECKETT: “Three kids?”


Castle writers do an outstanding job of what I call refer backs. Bringing back a point, saying or scenario from an earlier episode. It works for me in the above dialogue but it also worries me because they then could go back to season 3 episode 24 where Montgomery makes his passionate statement about taking his stand.



Then Beckett repeats that story at her eulogy pointedly looking at Castle while doing so.


If the above is true, Kate goes down in a hail of bullets and laid to rest, her fight done. Deprived of completing her life mission, letting down her mother. Very sad ending and very undeserved. Roy had dirt on his record and still had to pay the price for it, knowing once McAllister was dealt with, he was next and made his peace with trading his life to spare Beckett’s since he is partially responsible for what Kate has dealt with and for her mother’s stabbing, If she dies, that also was for naught. This says it all, a quote from Hal Lockwood.

LOCKWOOD: “Look at it this way. If you and Raglan and McCallister hadn’t sinned so spectacularly then God wouldn’t have sent a punishment like me.”

Kate did not have that sort of baggage.  Oh she had enemies from those she brought to justice but never did she break the law like Roy did.  She deserves the best and utmost respect.


Another scenario could be Kate severely wounded and while fighting for her life, she could fantasize about the cross country trip with Castle and even flash back to their finest moments over the 8 years. I would not mind if she had hope of recovery. She should not have to die to leave the show.

It the above happens, and she is comatose and not dead, Castle season 9 could have him bring her justice defeating LokSat then pick back up with her in a season 10 once the “powers that be” come to their senses.


The most disappointing ending would be a Soprano ending, where all goes blank at the height of the battle.
The only up side is it leaves open the future.

If Jack Bauer did not get killed off in 24 and the X-Files ended happily, then Caskett, meaning Kate, needs to end happily. Hell even Bones got a 13 week run to put out a happy ending. I also truly believe it is a show that can be/will be revived in a year or two, picking up after they have a child or two and contemplating elected office.


But I am a hopeless romantic!


 Castle, oh how I wished he didn’t lie to us!


CASTLE:   “Well, I know one thing that’ll never change. (he looks around the table) What we all have. A toast. To us.”





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