CASTLE: Monday Musings – How the season could end (and LokSat


I have 4 hours until Castle is available (kinda commercial free) so I thought about how I would wrap in the last six episodes of this season.  The optimistic fans say there will be a season 9, and the show runners have slightly changed their tune to offer the hope of a cliffhanger ending to this season.


Tonight Castle and Beckett chase a possible genie, source coming from the Turkey region.  Although this does not seem to intersect with LokSat, the fact that LokSat was involved with heroin and that comes from that region.  Possible connection?


Next episode has Hayley accused of cybercrimes.  My rampant imagination says that Vikram, he with the ungodly computer skills probably set her up.  It would not be the first time he deflected suspicion to another.  First, Kate links the heroin from the ship to Vulkan Simmons therefore LokSat, and has Vik track it down.  When she asks on progress of that trail, he has nothing,

Next, he offers up Caleb Brown as the kingpin.  I ask where had that lead gone?  Yup right in the toilet.  I mean it is not hard to guess that Vik had alerted those he worked for that the cops were on the way.  It is why the warehouse was empty.  It is also the reason he so desperately wants to keep Castle at bay, he know how clever Rick is and how special the power of Caskett is.  Why else would he be so adamant that she not meet Castle for their anniversary and texting her in the middle of their night?  He was afraid of her going back to him.  He needs to keep them separate, like divide and conquer.


So now Hayley is either bad or being set up.  Castle seems to have found a trust with her.  Even Beckett worked cohesively with her.  Jackson Hunt hired  her to protect his son.  Pretty strong evidence that she is likely innocent and being framed.


Vikram needs to step up his game now that Beckett and Castle are back together.  He must know Rick is on the case.  So with the stakes raised, Vik has to take out Castle’s best weapon.  Without the skill that rivaled his (Vic’s own admission) Castle would be disarmed or greatly hampered.


That brings me to Caleb.   Vik offered him up real quick when Beckett felt real sorry for herself in episode 8 after the drug runner was shot and killed.  Episode 10, Brown seemed to be almost cooperative with Beckett to the point Espo and Ryan thought he was a decent guy.  Kate even thinks his Achilles heal is he seeks justice.  He will continue to be suspicious in the next few episodes.


There are three wild cards left to discuss.  Jackson, Rita and Mr Michael Smith.   Smith was the one who gave Kate the lead on how to track heroin and how to identify signatures in the product.  He also was anti – Brackin so he has to be counted on the good side.  Plus he disappeared after faking his death.  Same with Hunt who saved his son and granddaughter and also trusted Castle enough to have him help him in season 6.  Rita allegedly is helping Kate.  How much? How well?


So who is really behind LokSat and Vikram’s boss?  Have we been introduced to him yet?  The obvious choice would seem to be Secretary of Defense Reed.  He is well versed in the poppy growing regions through his military deployment..  He cold-heartedly ordered the strike in Afganistan even with an American operative still inside.  He could even have been ultimately behind the dirty bomb attempt back in season 3 since that crew served in Afganistan (under Reed?) and the money trail originated there.


It could be someone we meet in episode 21, the one with the ominous name.  But for sure, Vik is knee deep on the bad side.  Hmmm ramdom thought, did Chief Valente die in episode 1 with McCord et al?  Would he have that kind of juice?  Doubtful.  Smith would have been an interesting choice but too much history would need to be re-written, like why take that ass kicking from Maddox?  And why help Castle protect Beckett?


Jackson and Rita would be a disappointment also.  Vikram is a follower not a leader so not him.  Sad to say, it must be someone we have yet to meet.


Wait, just had a thought.  Could the head of the GDS be LokSat?  Mason Wood did give Castle that criptic message at the end of episode 14 when he said “You just keep getting more and more interesting, Mr. Castle. I’m going to have to keep an eye on you.”. What exactly does that mean?  Would be a huge twist for sure.


As for that cliffhanger ending, how about this?  They break LokSat so they could live happily ever after. Kate and Rick finally throw the reception for their wedding out at the Hampton’s.  During the merriment, Kate ducks inside to the master bath.  The last image is her holding out an EPT to see what color it is. End of Season!