CASTLE : Monday Musings



Just my misguided random thoughts, a six pack full, based on season one.  Lots of fun in this season as the creators fought to catch a foothold while gathering an audience.  


Episode 1  (then again episode 7)



Ok who was the genius who thought “honey-milk” would look tough with a leather jacket?  The man with the map of Ireland on his face need only wear a jacket and a tie, not bad-ass black leather!


Episode 9 



It’s the episode where we find out Beckett likes bear claws and skim latte’s.  In an earlier episode, Espo brought her coffee, but now Castle takes over.  Plus it is the only time we see Kate with that particular pastry.  Later in the show’s run,  Lanie asks if it is too much for Castle to bring her one, a bear claw that is.


Episode 9




So we get the first glimpse of a social/romantic life of our dear detective.  First Sorenson gives it the old college try and rekindle an old spark, one fanned by a kiss in the Candela’s kitchen.  He asks that she think about it, she does not tell him no definitively.  Later when Castle suggests going out for a drink, Beckett says she has a date.  Quite misterious, was it Sorenson? We never find out!


Episode 10



SO FUNNY this scene.  Not sure who was more uncomfortable, Beckett or Montgomery.  Here it is from dust jackets just because I have to get it right:

MONTGOMERY:  So where was she?

BECKETT:  She was… in the hospital.

MONTGOMERY:  Getting more surgery?


MONTGOMERY:  What’s she got left to operate on?

BECKETT glances downward, looks very uncomfortable, and coughs.


BECKETT:  Oh, yes.

MONTGOMERY:  Seriously? What could they possibly do down there?

BECKETT:  Well, apparently, quite a lot.


Simply love this scene!





This one is fun for me as they discuss the nicknames they have for the bad guys.  The discussion begins when Castle calls him a perp drawing the disdain of Ryan which leads to the various names they rattle off like: Pipehead, pisshead, dork, creep, Crook, knucklehead, chucklehead, 

Chud, turd,Sleestak,Mope,Destro, skell.Skeksi, slicko, slick

until Beckett put an end of it all! “We call them suspects!”



Episode 5

And now we have the only time when nature called Beckett!


So there you have it, a nice package if fun from season 1!