THROWBACK THURSDAY – CASTLE: Prelude to Caskett Part deux


We’re back in season three, documenting the tender, touching moments between our hero and heroine. These are from the second half of the season,


Episode 13.


Coffee shop… Someone I trust

Ragland calls Kate instead of shooting himself.  Beckett shows up at Castle’s doorstep asking him to come along on what is, so far, her most personal encounter about her Mother’s death.  Interesting it is Rick, not Josh, she seeks out for support.

CASTLE - "Knockdown" - Old wounds are reopened when the retired lead detective on Beckett's mother's homicide case contacts her with new information, but then is gunned down right in front of Beckett before he can tell her what he knows. The investigation into his death leads back to a decades-old conspiracy that may hold the answer to who was behind Beckett's mother murder and why. With the stakes and emotions running high, Castle and Beckett take their partnership to the next level, on "Castle," MONDAY, JANUARY 24 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET). Max Martini guest stars. (ABC/ADAM TAYLOR) NATHAN FILLION, STANA KATIC

Shows Castle her mom’s murder board.

Castle comes over after they were both booted off the case.  Beckett invites him in (first time at her place).  We also now know Josh is off in Africa. After he talks himself back into investigating with her, she shows him the home version of her mom’s murder board (of course not the state of the art electronic work up Castle has?).  She shared this with Castle but not with Josh.  Second insight into her personal life.

image Beckett and Castle kiss

So there are two possible Jolene’s who were associated with Hal Lockwood.  Espo and Ryan got the short end of the stick and Castle and Beckett have to rescue them.  Leave it to Rick to come up with the above decoy.  Well the first kiss was a decoy, the second was true emotion, especially from Kate!

image Beckett re-wrapping Castles hand in back of ambulance

Who knew Rick was a lover AND a fighter!  After Lockwood smacked Castle’s fist with his face repeatedly, Rickey needed medical attention for his bruised hand.  Since the paramedics were inept, Kate made it all better

Episode 15.


Castle finds out his friend had his dad killed.

Castle truly wanted to believe his friend, even risking his relationship with Kate.  Beckett sees his misery when facing the truth and offers to buy him a drink.  Significant since it was Valentine’s Day.  And Josh was in town! She playfully nudges him as they walk down the street, trying to cheer him up

Episode 16.


In isolation tent

Beckett describes what she wants to Castle and it is their exact relationship.  This is in response to Castle asking how Josh was and allowing Kate to vent about how it was not so great.  Great facials by Castle when they get the all clear just as Rick was going to share his true feelings to Beckett

Episode 17.


Beckett almost professes her love before passing out

They fought the good fight.  Castle totally distraught for dragging Kate to the warehouse.  Kate tells him he was right but they were just too late. She wishes it could be one of his stories that he could re-write the ending.  Just before passing out, she touches his cheek and stops just short of professing her love for him


Big hug after bomb diffused

Well of course like any good show with a countdown clock, they manage to locate the bomb with very little time remaining.  Fallon cannot provide help so leave it to Rick to just yank all the wires!


Espo tells Beckett and castle how lucky they are.

Montgomery busts their chops saying the mayor wanted to give them a medal but didn’t have the heart to tell him what actually happened.  As the merriment continues, Espo gets real and says they don’t know how lucky they are.  They share a knowing look with Castle verbalizing what they where thinking.

image Beckett stares longingly at Castle who is leaving

After Fallon calls them for a thank you/goodbye chat, the two seem very willing to be together to celebrate their hectic day until Castle spots his arch-nemesis over Kate’s shoulder and politely excuses himself.  Kate is dumbfounded at his abrupt leaving until she sees Josh who gathers her into a big hug.  Except her heart for that moment is with Castle as she looks at him departing the precinct.  Eventually she accepts the doctor’s embrace.


‘Nuff said

Episode 19.


Forbidden Planet  

End of case Beckett invites Castle to Forbidden Planet and refused to take no for an answer.  Truly a Castle moment as he pretends to have never heard of the movie (even though he wanted Alexis to go with him) and then asking for candy and popcorn.  I loved how animated Kate got describing the details of the movie showing her true fandom.

Episode 21.


One Writer Detective

When a protege’ of Castle’s comes to town to learn real police work, Castle volunteers he and Kate.  Kate takes a liking to the young writer, first chatting by phone the going out with him.  Castle interferes with their third get together and embarrasses him in front of the poker gang.  Beckett gets wind of it and calls out Castle who admitted his jealousy of her spending time with Alex.  Coyly, Beckett tells Castle she is a one writer detective from now on slaying Castle’s green eyed monster.

Episode 22.


Hotel Scene

Beckett has thoughts of pursuing something romantic in the hotel in LA. She fondly reminisces about Royce and what he meant to her.  Castle finally tells her his thoughts of her.  They gaze at each other affectionately then at bedtime, it looks like they may embrace but she says goodnight instead.  Behind her closed door she has second thoughts and goes back out only to see Castle’s bedroom door close

Episode 23.


Masked Relationship Talk

Beckett and Castle share a knowing moment disguised as a conversation about Alexis.  Beckett asks if Alexis made a decision about Ashley and bucking the odds to which Castle says she was going to take the risk to which Kate says “good choice”. Like her seemingly choosing Castle?

Episode 24


Someone To Stand With You

At eulogy, Beckett lovingly reveres Castle as her partner and not just someone tailing her around for three years.  She says “And if you’re very lucky, you find someone to stand with you.” while turning to look directly at Castle.  It leads to his profession of love after she is shot.



Tommorrow we we will see how Josh stacks up to all the Castle attention!