XX. Castle season 8 episode 1


A call from a mysterious stranger ignites an explosive chain of events; the story is told from Castle’s perspective as he searches for Beckett.

The Good:

-Nice tender touch as Castle presents Beckett with the cupcake enclosed engraved diamond bracelet.  Also nice that it provided the first plot twist

– how easily it was for Beckett to lie about going to 1PP

– Nice connecting Hayley counterfeit ID scam to the gunmen attacking Beckett

-Knife,gun,Kevlar nicely done (Rochenbeau revisited)

-great appearance by Bracken, really spun a tale of serious doubt for Castle about Kate.  Even imprisoned, kept his political demeanor

-Castle tortured by spiders, nice touch playing off his phobias

-Also once again showing what happens when a Castle loved one is in danger

-Beckett to the rescue!

– The notion that there are multiple teams after Beckett not  just the first 5

– It was the right call having female assassin go down in a blaze if glory instead of being a rat.

– The fleet of black Suburban’s rolling up to the hideaway as the show ends.

The Bad:

-Alexis Castle P.I.? Really?

-While we’re suspending our disbelief, the medic rolled so easily when challenged by Alexis, again really?

-Hayley leaving Castle alone at the prison

-LT got disarmed way too easy.

-Missed Beckett

-Hardly  any Lanie and no Martha


– first scene of the new season starts with a lie

-Vicram as a low level CIA analyst has the ability issue this alert?

-Espo calling Gates on Kate’s first day as Captain?

-Sliding,firing Espo!

-Hayley giving flirting tips to Alexis knowing the grave danger Beckett was in.

-Taking the FBI a long time to take over/join the investigation.  Lesser cases in the past got their involvement quicker

Trivia/Stuff that only I may care about:

– the 9mm bullets are consistent with a Glock 19 that Beckett carries

– Beckett loses her bracelet, will she get it back?

– Always appreciate references to past episodes.  Rick’s phobias and hellbent side were well appreciated.

-Great seeing badass Beckett again.

-the hidden door opens via an Edgar Allen Poe book

-Clara Stryker aka Sophia Turner name used by Alexis, nicely played

– IMDB has Hayley’s last name listed as Vargas for this episode.


Kate Beckett: [behind his back, Castle holds something that is smoking] Babe, did you set your hair on fire again?
Richard Castle: That was one time. And no. No, no. I’m just, uh, so good-looking, I’m literally smoking hot.


Richard Castle: [Beckett is preparing for her first day as Captain of the precinct] Your first day. How you feeling?
Kate Beckett: Um… exhilarated and frightened and everything in between. I wish that you were coming with.
Richard Castle: Oh, sweetie, we talked about this. What am I gonna do? Sit outside your office and fetch you coffee?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, you’re great at fetching. I’ve trained you well.

Kate Beckett: [Castle puts her “Always” bracelet on her wrist] Wow. I love this. I’m gonna cherish this.


Richard Castle: [picking up phone] What’s so funny?
Senator William Bracken: You. You come in here all on fire about your wife. You don’t even know who she *is*… sixteen years Kate Beckett’s been obsessed with solving her mother’s murder. You really think she can turn off that kind of obsession?
Richard Castle: Are you saying this is *her* fault?
Senator William Bracken: I’m saying she’s never gonna be happy just being Mrs. Castle. She needs to tilt at windmills. It’s in her DNA, like a moth to the flame. And we all know what happens to the moth in the end.
[hangs up phone]


Assassin: Keep walking. Head for the blue van.
Richard Castle: Oh, just the person I was looking for.
Assassin: You know, most people react differently to a gun in their side.
Richard Castle: Yeah, well, this sort of thing happens to me a lot.


Assassin: You can quit faking. The dose I gave you wore off by now.
Richard Castle: Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying.
Assassin: You might want to try something a little more original than the trick Derrick Storm pulled in “Storm Fall”.
Richard Castle: You read my books?
Assassin: Lot of downtime in my line of work. Your earlier stuff was better. You got soft once you met the skirt.
Richard Castle: Everyone’s a critic.


Richard Castle: Don’t be so sure. Your team started out with five. Three of you are dead, and you’re sitting right here. That leaves one: your boss. And Beckett against one guy? I like those odds.
Assassin: What makes you think there’s only one team in play?



A call from a mysterious stranger ignites an explosive chain of events; the story is told from Castle’s perspective as he searches for Beckett.With season 7 having a clean end, unlike the previous seasons where there was carryover storylines, getting a action packed first episode was essential.  More impressive is they did it with Stana missing the first week of filming.  After some disappointing season 7 episodes, this one may have been the most intense since season 6 “Belly of the Beast” or “Veritas”.  Once again a Bowman directed episode was worth it.  Seeing the story from Kate’s POV next will be interesting