CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 13. And Justice For All


This week on ABC’s Castle, as a murder cast suspicion on an ESL class, it was Rick who learned a most unexpected lesson — about his missing time.



– Add this to the win column.  They are on a roll

– Excellent murder scene, a snake pit

– I can relate to the blinking cursor especially when having to write term papers.

– About time Castle showed some frustration.

– Loved the acknowledgment of writer and muse

– Great line that she was really Holmes and he Watson since he is the writer

– Good to see smarter minds prevailed to take over the PI business.

– And Castle saying he was into cool cases not money

– Beckett acting mad externally when Castle shows up at the morgue but smiling that he is there.

– Purlmutter must be the last to know about the “break-up”

– Then to tell Kate there is a scalpel and rib spreader on the tray

– Castle-like to be able to decipher the linguistic pattern

– Castle stopping Beckett from kissing in the morgue

– Beckett getting Castle involved, and producing the great line from the first picture in this post.

– Dropping an Equilizer reference

– Hayley translating Cockney, especially the shrug

– Never get enough Caskett

– Very believable Rick posing as a French Canadian

– Castle being  a chef and getting take out pastry

– The Korean noodles bringing on flashbacks, did not see at coming.

– Castle helping out Achmed leading them to Anita then Sutter.

– Rick wanting to tell Kate about the flashback but as usual Espo-Ryan have impeccable timing.

– Castle slipping away made me think he would do something stupid

– Kate making an excuse for a drink of water just to get the bartender to talk since his demeanor indicated he had information

– Marco Sutter lawyering up and it being honored

– Expo-Ryan getting shot at by Sutter

– Who else KNEW as soon as Ryan said he couldn’t wait for the day to be over that something bad would happen at the bus depot?

– Crockett and Tubbs, classic!

– Beckett standing up to Napier.  Real leadership and why those two would go through hell for her.

– Beckett coming home, always love that

– Kate getting Castle to reconsider going to Korea

– Espo smacking down Vikram

– Great catch by Beckett to see the Janitor had a ear piece

– Castle’s end round of the FBI tailing Jennings

– Beckett bitch slapping Napier and getting him to work with her

– Caskett mind meld leads Rick to the suspect. Just did not go far enough.  Should have ended with “I know who the killer is”

– Nice gesture to have the class over for a celebration of justice

– Now that is a good job for Alexis!

– Sad that Kate was not able to participate in the celebration

– Great tie in to next weeks  show



– I agree with Castle, disappointed there wasn’t more done with the snakes.

– Sometimes more is less, wish they ended the Beckett-Castle opening scene after the Watson.  Did not need Kate mentioning the dreaded PI business

– As funny as I though the Purlmutter segment was, it was still creepy on several levels.

– A brief mention of Vikram for those 20 seconds wanted me to put a bullet in his forehead.

– Thought they were fighting in public, Purlmutter knew they were separated, but they were going to kiss in the workplace?

– Crap more Vikram and this time boastful. Please go a away

– Castle being shot just to get the line about my enemy’s enemy

– Napier didn’t acknowledge their separation calling Castle her husband

– This belongs here too.  – Caskett mind meld leads Rick to the suspect. Just did not go far enough. Should have ended with “I know who the killer is”

– Has becoming Captain diminished Beckett’s detective skills, because in yesteryear she would have put the pieces together with Castle

– Poor use of Martha, I mean she sold the hell out of the PC dribble they wrote but I could have lived without it



– Permutter has a twin?  Never saw that coming.

– Beckett getting affectionate at the morgue? In a somewhat public place?

– I would not know, do immigrants really distrust cops so much?

– Ok, so Marco Sutter is very dangerous but then have no back-up?

– Every FBI team leader is a schmuck I guess.

– Guess Napier did not get the memo that Caskett were no more and if the FBI knows they are married, how come Rita didn’t?

– To me the idea of the judge in cahoots with a Texas detention center was out there but hey with our political environment today, probably more plausible than I war to admit to.

– Ending too rushed, although, it made sense who did it



– So are we ever going to get the much needed heart to heart between best friends Lanie and Kate

– Bugaboo 1A.  And I have ranted for weeks on this.  Vikram makes no sense.  Why are they making Beckett look so dumb?  Ok so everyone in that detail was murdered except Vikram. They failed to take out Beckett yet she hires the one who lead her into the ambush into the NYPD?  Loksat is not looking for him?  Really?  I have said it in previous weeks, he should be suspect numero uno. Is that why he is still alive? He is with them?   How does he go from self professed low level analyst to Beckett’s most trusted ally?  And get so good at street level operations like handling a gun?

– Only way I buy this is if she is operating under premise of “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”.  Maybe Kate and Rita are onto to him and are waiting for a slip up.  I can hope, can’t I? He must pay dearly for the misery he has caused.

– I really liked the opening scene, albeit Castle acted a bit too much like a spoiled brat.  I liked that he was frustrated and blocked.  Also, loved that he acknowledged how important Kate had become to his career/writing.  Then Kate settling him down.

– I also liked that they mentioned the 800 pound gorilla in their relationship (no not Vikram) and Castle verbalizing he could not really assist officially, resigned to that fact.

– I can be called a flopper on this one,  Initially I wanted to rant that the writers ruined the scene where we got writer and muse again by having Kate suggest he go to his PI office. Now I think  Kate was just trying to be a good wife and help her husband get out of his funk.  And being that he took up her suggestion showed me he truly respected Kate’s opinion and concern for him.  Plus there he saw the murder victim in the snake pit that drove the storyline forward and him to the morgue.

– Okay, so I seem to remember Martha getting her own  place in season 7?   Now where does Alexis live.  You see why I ask.  She moved back home after the PI debacle.  Did she move in with Martha after kate and Rick were married?  Move back on campus?  Camp out at the office?  Because if she was living home still, then 4 (5) people would know the secret.  Caskett, Rita, Alexis and Martha.

– So was Beckett saying she was angry with Castle at the morgue done to keep up the public ruse?

– I also liked using a drum set to relieve frustration, and that he just banged away and was not very good and Beckett not buying that he was just reading

– I loved that Jean-Luc is a chef.  Then telling the boys about international food day saying he was getting pastry from that exclusive French resturant.  The boys scoff and Rick agreed Jean-Luc could not get take out but Castle could.  Great to see them remind us that Castle is kinda a big deal still and still has some juice around NYC

– Okay, so no further public scorn for each other.  No more Svetlana or Dr. Livingstone?  Only a brief mention of Loksat?  Okay rethought this one, see above. But barely.

– Love the end where Rick tells Kate he really was Koreatown and the natural lead into next week,  I really liked the natural setting of them being in bed like a real married couple.  Seems so right

– That said, looks like another separate episode.  Hopefully it works as well as season 5 kidnapping of Alexis.  Hell I’d settle for something as good as “Snakes on the Plane”