CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 15: FIDELIS AD MORTEM


Dealing with the death of a recruit officer at the New York Police Department (NYPD) Academy, this case will have Beckett and her team going back to the police force’s training grounds to investigate the officer’s death. As for Castle he is thinking very hard about his future as he must reckon with a decision with profound consequences for him and Beckett.


SCORES: IMDB 8.7. SSS 9.0. TVFanatic 7.8. USERS 9.0


This was the best installment since season 6 episode 22 Veritas.  It almost made up for no Beckett the previous week. Almost!  Not perfect by any means, but certainly a home run in my book!



– Excellent opening scene with Caskett being interrupted by Martha

– Kate sneaking out then calling Rick saying saying she isn’t hiding from Loksat just to be outed by Martha

– Such a Martha like dedication in the book for Castle

– How big of a superstar was Beckett at the Academy and how much in awe were the cadets?

– And her modesty predicting her records would be broken

– Love the tension between her and her training officer

– Espo saying he lived off campus because of his haram

– How great was Beckett instructing the class

– And using the time to analyze and inspect each cadet, seeing some had stamps from the karaoke bar

– Then the interrogation, swapping in several recruits.

– Nice scene seeing the recruits run the gauntlet

– Nice Bad-ass Beckett getting physical with Decker

– Telling Decker to be quiet, you might learn something

– No on- screen Vikram

– Espo and Ryan had nice roles in the investigation

– Castle so distraught over having to fess up to Beckett he barely can show any interest in the murder board or the investigation.

– Hayley was very good in helping Rick see the light

– Castle finally summoned up the testicular fortitude to tell Beckett about the missing time.

– So truthful when he said, “saving you from yourself”

– Beckett says she needs time process the information as she should

– Excellent imagery showing Kate fingering her wedding band, seemingly debating whether to take it off for good

– Beckett telling Castle to keep quiet while pouring the scotch. She was very serious too.

– Beckett still can drink Rick under the table

– Sitting in the bed at dawn, gave the impression that it might be the last time she sleeps with him

– Loved the camera work for the day after showing the confusion and doubt Beckett was experiencing after Castle’s news

– Vintage Beckett going after Lucky Jack Flanagan

– Nice twist having Lucky Jack being Decker’s father.

– I liked that Decker was aspiring to be Beckett

– Decker trying to nail Flanagan but showing her rookieness.  Realistic

– How great was the deception by Beckett to finally get the drop on Malone by putting her coat on the target.

– Kate knocking on the door is quite symbolic.  When sneaking in she is sure of the relationship, knocking indicated that the may not be together.

– Castle manning up to say he was no longer allowing himself the be on the sidelines in regard to Loksat and Beckett enthusiastically in agreement.

–  Kate takes her own advice that she gave Decker and reconnects with Castle to solve Loksat

– Best line since “Always” when Kate told Rick “This is our fight now”

– Get Caskett moment to end the show



– No explaination of where Beckett was the previous week

– The silly secret romance

– Castle should have come clean with Beckett, not debate lying to her

– Beckett calling out Decker on office romance against the rules

– Irish intervention instead of a heart to heart

– Hayley suggesting that she and Rick go after Loksat without Beckett

– Three mentions of Vikram. He must die!



– Did Kate sneak in or just came from getting ready?

– Kate telling the recruits they need to be in control of their emotions, it’s not like she is an expert on it

–  At Finnigan’s office, where did Decker get the gun?  I mean she got wired by the guys, they didn’t notice?

– Beckett showing up at the Loft, not to talk but get drunk with Rick.  Then leaving without goodbye.

– I thought she compromised her integrity when grilling Chambers

– Beckett takes longer that Castle to forgive which is good!

– Ok so she found way in the night they got drunk but knock for entrance at the end when they agree to team up? See above for another thought



– This outstanding episode showed how much we really missed Beckett, not only last week, but the true Kate, detective par excellence and truly a loving woman

– It’s the second time Kate had to sneak out before Martha saw her.  S5E1 she had to go thru the front door, this time she went thru the magical bedroom door to the exit.

– I guess Kate really likes that ugly gray shirt

– Second time they used the surname of Decker, S2E14 Kate’s firefighter and calendar date wad Brad Decker

– Beckett’s interrogation of Decker, with Decker talking about Bardot putting himself on the line for her made Kate consider her and Castle since that really hit home for her

– I really liked Kate’s interactions with Decker and would love to see her in the 12th where Beckett could keep her eye on her like Montgomery did, albeit different reasons.  It was what I hoped would happen with Hastings.

– So whiskey is a suitable substitution for sharing feelings?

– The Last scene was reminiscent of 4E24 when Kate knocked on the door after her revelation that she needed Castle totally, how appropose that she knocked again to renew their total commitment to each other

– We now have chance at a great resolution to Loksat with plenty of Caskett investigations.  Maybe a Loft murder board

– Any a happily ever after for Caskett



Beckett: “You knew about LokSat? Everything? Including their connection to Bracken? And you chose to forget this? Why? ”
Castle: “For reasons you know all too well. I was trying to protect you.”
Beckett: “From who?”
Castle: “From yourself.”

Castle on why he erased his memory


Beckett: “That will wake the dead.”
Castle: “It’d certainly make your job a lot easier. One interview, ‘He’s the guy who killed me,’ case closed.”
About the coffee Castle made


“For Richard – Without your constant stumbles in life the advice in this book would not have been possible.”
The dedication in Martha’s book, Unsolicited Advice


Esposito: “Bad flashbacks, bro?”
Ryan: “Pushing for the answer for everything around this place. Police work is more than just strength and endurance. It’s about intellectual rigor.”
– As they enter the police academy


“This is not going to be the last time that you lose one of your coworkers. That is a reality of this job. The temptation is going to be to remain stoic in the face of diversity, to lock up your emotions so as not to appear weak. That is a mistake. Avoid that temptation at all costs. Trust me. I have been at the edge of that map and monsters lie there.”

Beckett to the victim’s fellow recruits
“The thing about interviewing is a suspect is you have to find what works for you, your own personal style. Now some people like good cop bad cop, others like bad cop worse cop, but choosing just one method is a mistake. Every suspect is different, and sometimes you don’t know how you’re going to go at them until they start talking because you only get one shot in interrogation, and if you screw it up, a killer might walk free.”
Beckett to the Recruits


Beckett: “You knew about LokSat? Everything? Including their connection to Bracken? And you chose to forget this? Why? ”
Castle: “For reasons you know all too well. I was trying to protect you.”
Beckett: “From who?”
Castle: “From yourself.”


“That’s how I know I’m going to take you down. It’s the cocky ones that are the easiest. You’re so busy being clever, you don’t see the matchstick falling out of your pocket. Well, I’m going to find that matchstick, and then I’m going to burn you with it.”

Beckett to Jack Flanagan


Decker: “Danny must’ve made a deal in order to save me.”
Beckett: “Save you from what?”
Decker: “The man that knocked up my mother.”
Beckett: “You’re Flanagan’s daughter.”
Decker: “A one night stand does not make him a parent. It makes him a donor.”


Hayley: “You are a hot mess. I take it your talk with Beckett last night went well.”
Castle: “Less of a discussion, more of an Irish intervention.”


Beckett: “There was a point in my career where I wanted to quit. I lost faith that I became a cop for the right reason.”

Decker: “How’d you get your faith back?”
Beckett: “A man named Roy Montgomery helped me. He was my captain. He didn’t give up on me, and I am not giving up on you.”

“You can’t do this if you go it alone.”
Beckett: “How you holding up?”
Decker: “Well, we caught Danny’s killer, but Lucky Jack Flanagan’s still free.”
Beckett: “Yeah, well, his time will come. Stay with the NYPD and you can help with that. But you can’t do this if you go it alone. Do you want to be a cop or not?”
Decker: “Yes.”


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