CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 16 – HEARTBREAKER

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After an armored car driver is killed and some of the money it was carrying stolen, details of the heist start to ring a bell for Esposito regarding a previous theft of gold coins nine years earlier. Also, Beckett officially moves back in with Castle but is starting to feel that Castle’s home network AI, Lucy does not have as much love for her.
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– Another hit, since the hiatus every show have been at least very good
– Always love a Javi centric episode
– Very heartwarming opening to welcome Kate back home, even roses and balloons
– Wonder who programmed Ludicrous on their iPod! And how long has it been in the mix?
– Kate got excited for a murder as did Castle as he is now back with the “In Crowd”
– Must have read my blog, within the first two minutes, Beckett has actual captain’s work to do and it made sense
– Lucy and Beckett encounter was funny and set up a nice payoff later
– Lanie telling Castle not to screw it up again with Beckett, because it is always his fault
– Castle saying no thanks to going to the women’s prison. Knowing who the inmate was Javi begged off also
– Wow, how funny but appropriate for Castle to close Espo’s mouth when Sonia walked into the precinct
– And Ryan returning the favor by putting his hand over Castle’s mouth before he put his foot in it?
– Sonia saying she couldn’t go to Spanish Harlem with St.Patrick
– Javi playing five finger fillet on bartender
– Javi showing real love, something not seen between he and Lanie
– Initially I thought Sonia wanting out with three months left in her sentence was a WTF moment until the twist where the father was Great White and dying being the only one who knew where her share was
– Espo comes across so well as a man here, not the horn dog he has portrayed to date
– I liked that he did not sell out Sonia to his family, taking the hit for the breakup
– I also liked that he asked to escort her back to jail and liked that Beckett agreed despite her misgivings.
– But you knew something was gonna go wrong
– The scene in the car where it took it took all that Javi glad to resist.
– Even being a cop, he had compassion and took her home for a good meal.
– Nice,albeit short,scene with Kate, Alexis and Martha. Also nice that when she got the call from Espo she did not run ou.
– Espo finding out Great White was her father and taking off only to be ambushed.
– Got a Caskett moment after finding where Espo was taken from
– Espo’s line when he replied to how was he feeling after being hit with the pipe
– Sweet moves to disarm Sonia’s co-conspirator
– We knew Javi’s love for Sonia was real, by allowing him to arrest her a second time showed how much she cared for him.
– Javi negotiating a deal for Sonia to minimize her new sentence
– For a change, Ryan did not rat out Espo instead told him he was with him, so Castle-like
– Ryan calling in sick to hang with the recently suspended Espo
– Kate showing her Captains chops by suspending Espo a week. It was also excellent that she acknowledged her doing similar.
– That said, Beckett’s captaincy is a meld between Montgomery and Gates styles.
– Beckett’s reply to Castle’s comment about bring home with his two favorite girls, saying her breasts
– Kate re-programming the AI device to have a male voice and be named Linus to get back at Castle and Lucy. Well done!
– How happy was Kate when they returned home from work?
– Kate’s facial expressions behind Castle’s back as he is surprised are priceless
– Always love when Beckett gets the last laugh
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– Ok so, we have not seen Lucy since when? And the day after Kate moves back in she shows up and first thing done is play “Move B*tch” when Kate goes to kiss Rick? So how did you feel, Rick about the breakup?
– How tedious wad that crap between Castle and Lucy “no you are…”
– So what did they tell everybody as to why they are back together?
– How did Javi not know Sonia would play him, escaping thru the bathroom window.
– Going Rogue never works out, usually gets you a pipe to the back of the head
– Poor use of Martha, it would have been a golden opportunity to regale us with a Martha-ism
– What the heck was that comment, home with my two favorite girls? I mean what was he thinking?
– Vikram reference, boo
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– Why did Kate refer to it as “your room”?
– Martha was ok with just a toast? No third degree? I mean isn’t that what she went to the precinct to confront Kate back in ep4?
– Only one suspect in for interrogation?
– So that ankle bracelet could be removed by a scissor?
– Ryan sitting down to eat while Sonia was on the loose, getting Javi mad
– Okay, why did Ryan demand the precinct tell him where Javi went, why didn’t he check his computer like every other time?
– Beckett not chasing down Javi? They are usually so close and she must have been worried
– Where was Castle when the women shared the wine for the homecoming
– Then Kate putting Lucy in the fridge
– So Ryan covering up for Espo’s error in judgment gets no punishment?
– I got to say, what the blank? You have fought all season long to get your marriage back then to say THAT at the end? So stupid!
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– Kate had a valid point as to why the welcome home when she had been sneaking in so often.
– Javi asking Kate to allow him to escort Sonia back was a homage to the Beckett-Montgomery dynamic where Roy knew he shouldn’t let her but allows it anyway. Same her with Espo-Beckett.
– The second time they used an air duct as the means of escape this season(episode 3). This time the zip line was a unique getaway.
– It would have been great if Lanie questioned Espo about being engaged and not sharing it with her. Of course it could have been that that fact was not shared with her.
– Nice scene where Ryan was very cozy with Javi’s family and for that matter, nice to see a glimpse of Javi outside of work.

– Why do every thug point their gun sideways?

  • – So was it just me or did Kate and Rick seem out of sync investigating?
    – So second time in the last few episodes we get a main character to say “damn straight”. The last time was Beckett confirming Svetlana was a smoking hot model.
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Castle: To you. My love, my heart, my bride.

Beckett: Lucy, could you get me a coffee? A splash of low fat milk and two splenda’s?
Lucy: No can do, we are out of Splenda but there is a Starbucks two blocks from here, do you need directions?
Beckett: no, I know where it is
Lucy: Then go now

Ryan: I just called in sick. Let’s go get really drunk.
Esposito: Damn straight.

I know that you had a tough go when you were little but sooner or later you’ve got to stop blaming your childhood. At some point, when you choose wrong over right that’s on you.
– Esposito

Your boy toy hits like a little bitch.
– Esposito

Turns out that Chicken, Chicken, Chicken is bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt.
– Ryan

Contrary to what you three have led me to believe, those women’s prisons are nothing like the late night skin-a-max movies.
– Castle

Castle: “To you, my love, my heart, my bride. Welcome back to our home.”
Beckett: “Oh, that is so sweet, Castle. But how is this really a welcome back if I’ve been sneaking into your room almost every night?”

Beckett: “Lucy, do you think you could make me a cup of coffee? Splash of low-fat milk, two Splendas?”
Lucy: “No can do. All out of Splenda, but there is a Starbucks two blocks from here. Would you like directions?”
Beckett: “No, thanks. I know where it is.”
Lucy: “Great. Have fun. Goodbye. Leave the house.”

Lanie: “Castle, so happy you and Beckett are back together. Now, do us all a favor and don’t mess things up with her again.”
Castle: “Why do you assume is was my fault?”
Lanie: “Everything is your fault.”

“I’m telling you, we need a dog.”
– Castle to Beckett, after Esposito confirms a mix of Jell-O and perfume can “foil a sophisticated security system”

“So did you ask for the ring back or did you let her keep that so she could trade it for cigarettes in the prison yard? Don’t answer that.”
– Castle to Esposito about Sonia

Esposito: “When I say jump, you say – ”
“That you’re out of your damn mind if you think I’m jumping in these heels.”

Esposito: “Let’s just hurry up and get this over with.”
Sonia: “Didn’t I used to say that to you whenever you got frisky at night?”

Castle: “There’s a listening device built into Sonia’s ankle monitor. … All we have to do is enter the security number into the app. We can hear everything they’re saying.”
Ryan: “But they wouldn’t know that we were listening. That would be an invasion of privacy.”
Castle: “You got a problem with that?”
Ryan: “No.”

Esposito: “I’d like to volunteer to take Sonia back to the prison.”
Beckett: “No. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
Esposito: “Yeah, I know, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Ryan&Castle “Let’s not tell Beckett”

Beckett: “This might sound odd, but ever since I got back, it’s like Lucy’s been jealous.”
Alexis: “She’s an it, a CPU wrapped in a plastic pyramid. She doesn’t have emotions. And she certainly can’t be jealous.”
Beckett: “You were saying?”
– As Beckett puts Lucy in the refrigerator and then the lights go out in the apartment

Ronaldo: “He was your fiancé and he threw you away. He left you to rot in prison. I was the one who was there for you. So why are you willing to shoot me to save him?”
Sonia: “Because I love him.”
– When Sonia refuses to let Ronaldo kill Esposito

Esposito: “Nine years ago, I found out you were a thief. You know what I did then?”
Sonia: “Yeah, you arrested me.”
Esposito: “No. I went home and I packed a bag. Then I grabbed my passport, cleared out my savings account. I was ready to abandon everything I believe in. because I couldn’t picture a life without you.”
Sonia: “Why didn’t you?”
Esposito: “I’m a cop, Sonia. It’s all I ever wanted to be. If I threw that away, then I wouldn’t even deserve you.” If I was strong enough to walk up those steps and arrest the love of my life, then you are strong enough to face what’s next.”
– Esposito to Sonia when she doesn’t want to go back to prison

“Is it too late to say it’s about your boobs?”
Castle: “Home at last. All the makings of a perfect evening. Thai food, a bottle of Pinot, and my two favorite ladies.”
Beckett: “Wait, two? Is that a joke about my boobs?”
Castle: “I’m referring of course to you and Lucy.”
Beckett: “Oh. Right. Lucy.”
Castle: “Oh, come on, don’t be mad. I’m kidding. Is it too late to say it’s about your boobs?”
– Before Castle finds out Beckett switched Lucy to the Linus


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