CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 17 – Death Wish

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Rick and Kate go hunting for a stolen antique lamp that resembles Aladdin’s lamp, which will actually lead them to the murderer that they have been looking for. Rick and Kate will go on looking for the lamp after a man deeply involved in smuggling Turkish artifacts has been found murdered. Rick goes on full Aladdin mode and his imaginations runs wild into the world of genies and flying carpets. While Kate just nods her head to her husband’s childish behaviour, the clip shows Esposito and Ryan trying to impress her by saying that they are the first to discover the murder of the lamp
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IMDb 8.8. SSS 9.0. TvFanatics. 9.0. USERS. 8 ***/

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– Normalcy between Castle and Beckett, Kate does not need to sneak in and out
– Kate in a negligee, always  welcome
– Martha wishes for Oprah
– Beckett incorporates Castle in the murder scene
– Castle startled by the headless Vic
– Then lectures Lanie,Ryan and Espo on 1001 Arabian nights
– Sees what he thinks is a genie at the same time Oprah calls
– Good to see Beckett be the captain. Also great to hear she loves the job
– Kate saying it is like being a kindergarten teacher
– Then Espo and Ryan acting like 5 year olds about who goes first
– And who had the better show and tell
– Beckett still favors Javi!
– Beckett spewing theories
– Castle getting so excited when it turns out to be a tomb raid
– Saying it again, Kate’s reaction to his ridiculous theory, MasterCard worthy (priceless!)
– Questioning the Dr about her book and she said he could lay out 19.95 for the rest of the story
– Espo and Ryan’s wishes, interrupted by classic Beckett ,who wished they did some work and gives them a lead to chase
– “Genie” finds her way into Castle’s office, wants to collaborate, gives up the name Al Addin
– The interaction between Rick and Kate while Espo/Ryan interrogate Al Addin
– Alexis never saw Genevieve Sutton leave.
– Beckett leaves the precinct at a decent time!
– Castle being hoodwinked twice by Genevieve
– Boys locate shipment from Turkey and Kate asks then to call Castle so he could be there
– Then asks that he gets dibs on the lamp
– And again great facials, shaking her head in disbelief of what she just asked
– Castle checking for a flying rug
– A nice nod to Season 1 Episode 4 with the merchant in the rug.
– Castle falling thru the window
– And sneaking over to the lamp, held at gunpoint, then rescued again by “genie”
– Ryan busting his bells over not getting good details to track, but having time to secure and rub the lamp
– Alexis dusting the desk for prints so the boys could bring in Genevieve.
– Castle’s genie bubble busted, Alexis suggests ice cream, third throwback to older episodes. Luv it!
– Ms. Sutton leads them to the antiquities, but one crate short
– Classic Castle knowing Dr. Marion Baker was the killer
– Precinct scene with the Mr.X  the Jordanian prince where Beckett looked strong as the Captain.
– Old style moment as she introduced Castle to him
– The team rush to the hospital for Ryan and Jennie, with Lanie included!
– Beckett hedging her bets asking Castle to use one of his wishes for Jennie
– And him saying he used both remaining for Jennie
– Asked why, Castle was smart for a change and not a smart-ass saying Kate was everything he wished for.
– And Beckett teasing  him with the light saber, transporter and time machine
– And Rick with the best answer since their wedding vows!
– Nicholas Javier Ryan! Nuff said!
– Great ending scene with Castle having to wipe a tear away and Kate resting her head on his shoulder.
– Not even a mention of Vikram
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– Two out of the last three episodes have Martha interrupting
– What was Castle doing with the cantaloupe that it ended on floor?
– Martha has same nighty? Calling Dr. Burke, therapy needed!
– Beckett having to ask to be taken to bed
– Enough with all the bad puns, only Sully would laugh at them
– Locking Beckett out of the Interrogation room
– Now two weeks in a row no mention or progress in the LokSat case
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– Martha, please ring the bell?
– And Castle, change the locks!
– No Beckett at murder scene, she USED to like the freaky ones
– Okay, by some miracle your smoking hot wife (her words 8×9) comes back to you and you tell her you can’t narrow down your genie wish list?
– Kind if figured something odd would happen with the delivery since Grace was born during the collapsed building episode.
– Any reason why Rick needs to PI office anymore except to honor the lease?
– Alexis on spring break?
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– There were lots of fun throwbacks, including some from Castle Season 1 Episode 4, “Hell Hath No Fury” like the body in a rug and the boys making fun of Castle for not getting a license plate number.
– We actually saw Kate eating peanuts!
– Second episode in a row that the murder board was not used.
– How great would it have been to have seen Beckett’s face when Castle called in the lead for Al Addin!
– Looks like Caskett upgraded to Jameson’s from red wine, of course who could blame Kate in this episode?
– Wish they would define Alexis character, is she out of school? Working the PI business full Time?
– Looks like Beckett does know where that Starbucks is.  Wonder if she misses Rick bringing her coffee?
– Maybe it is me but I thought Lanie and Javi shared a moment there.
– How sweet was that ending scene between the friends?
– Once again that scene proved Espo is momma Beckett’s boy and Ryan is daddy Castle’ guy.
– Absolutely loved the ending moment where Beckett and Castle shared a very romantic moment together, the first really true pure show of their true love this season.
– Was Beckett said thinking of having a baby, she seemed quite contemplative.
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BECKETT (to Castle): No, I love being a Captain. It’s just, sometimes, it feels like I’m more of a kindergarten teacher.
[Espo & Ryan enter, arguing.] ESPO: I just broke this case wide open.
RYAN: Actually I did, so, I’ll go first.
ESPO: No, I think I’m going first. Mine’s bigger than yours.
RYAN: You wish, pal.
BECKETT: Guys, play nice. Indoor voices. Espo goes first.
ESPO: See, she knows.”

Castle: “Mother, I really wish you would call before you came over.”
Martha: “Well, I don’t want to risk interrupting you two lovebirds in the middle of you-know-what, and it looks like I have interrupted you in the middle of you-know-what and with a melon. My, my. Not judging, but room temperature.”

“Oprah. I need Oprah.”
Martha: “I want for my son to grant me a very simple wish. Now, it seems that my publisher says that for my self-help book to make the bestseller list, I need a celebrity endorsement. And not just any celebrity endorsement, the endorsement of endorsements.”
Castle: “Mother, I would be happy to write something for your book.”
Martha: “Oprah. I need Oprah.”

“There’s a crime scene right here. My mother just killed the mood.”
Beckett: “Ryan and Espo have caught a homicide. Do you want to join them?”
Castle: “Why? There’s a crime scene right here. My mother just killed the mood.”

Castle: “Wasn’t drugs. … Because Lars was beheaded by a scimitar. The storyteller inside me craves an explanation far more – ”
Beckett: “Far-fetched?”
Castle: “Yeah.”
Beckett: “Pirates’ booty? Cold fusion? Alien cadavers?”
Castle: “No, those are all ridiculous theories.”

Castle: “‘The Seal of Solomon was believed to be imbued with mystical powers, including the ability to seal genies into lamps. In the Tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Aladdin finds a lamp containing a genie in a cave. Many people believe this cave was actually King Solomon’s tomb, which is most likely located near the border of Syria and Turkey.’ You guys, you know what this means?”
Beckett: “Oh please no.”
Castle: “Come on, the money, the Porsche. Lars wished for them and his wishes were granted.”
Beckett: “And here we go.”
Castle: “By a genie. Lars found Aladdin’s lamp.”

“You know what I’d wish? That my detectives would actually get some work done for a living. While the two of you were on fantasy island, I found a lead.”
Ryan: “I could really use a genie right now. I would wish that my kid was already born and sleeping through the night.”
Esposito: “Bro, fatherhood has made you so damn boring. If I had a wish, I’d use it to become the top MMA fighter in the world and take home a different hot chick every single night.”
Ryan: “Okay now that I think about it. I would wish that I could be a Broadway star, play Jean Valjean in front of sold-out crowds, win a bunch of Tonys.”
Esposito: “You’d wish to wear tights and sing show tunes for a living?”
Ryan: “You’d wish to wear speedos and grapple sweaty men for a living?”
Esposito: “And hook up with a different hot chick every single night. Don’t forget that part.”
Beckett: “You know what I’d wish? That my detectives would actually get some work done for a living. While the two of you were on fantasy island, I found a lead.”

“I just have one. … That my man would stop talking about being some skeezy blonde’s master and would start talking about taking his wife to bed.”

Castle: “I think she wants me to be her new master. … I got to come up with a wish list. My god, I have so many. How am I going to whittle it down to three?”
Beckett: “That’s funny, I just have one. … That my man would stop talking about being some skeezy blonde’s master and would start talking about taking his wife to bed.”

“Alexis, tell these guys I am not crazy for believing in a genie. And before you answer, remember I spent six months making an extra lunch for your imaginary friend.”
– Castle, with Ryan and Esposito

Genevieve: “Look, I didn’t kill anyone. And I was trying to keep the relics from falling into the wrong hands. And I would’ve too, if I hadn’t had to save your reality-challenged husband.”
Castle: “I prefer fantasy-augmented.”

Beckett: “Obviously I don’t believe in genies or wishes, but just in case, I was wondering if you could use one of your wishes for Jenny and the baby.”
Castle: “I already did. Both of them.”

Ryan: “The doctors, they stabilized Jenny and she delivered a healthy baby boy.”
Lanie: “What’s his name?”
Ryan: “His name is Nicholas Javier Ryan.”

Beckett: “So if you see that genie again, you mind telling her I said thank you?”
Castle: “Oh, I think I’m all done with genies.”
Beckett: “What? Why the change of heart?”
Castle: “Because of you, of course.”
Beckett: “Oh, really? So after eight years, some of my common sense has finally rubbed off on you?
Castle: “No, nothing like that. I have no need for genies because I already have everything I could ever wish for.”
Beckett: “Right back at you, handsome.”

Beckett: “So you wouldn’t even wish for a working lightsaber?”
Castle: “Nope.”
Beckett: “Okay, a transporter, like the ones in Star Trek? You would never have to fly again.”
Castle: “I like flying.”
Beckett: “Time machine?”
Castle: “Only to go back and fall in love with you all over again.”

“I love being a captain. It’s just sometimes it feels like I’m more of a kindergarten teacher. … Guys, place nice. Indoor voices.”
– Beckett to Castle, then Ryan and Esposito as they argue over who goes first with what they’ve found

Castle: I have no need for genies because I already have everything I could ever wish for.
Beckett: Right back at you, handsome.

Beckett: So after eight years some of my common sense has finally rubbed off on you.

Beckett: Can you make sure he gets dibs on the first rub, please?

Castle: Got a crime scene right here. My mother just killed the mood.

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