CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 18 – BACKSTABBERS



After Hayley does a favor for an old friend, she finds herself implicated in a killing and cyber-terror attack. Now, Beckett and Castle must rush to solve the case and clear Hayley



 IMDb. 7.5. SSS. 6.8  User 6.6. TvFanatic 7.6.



– The restored Harley Softail. Castle hit a home run with this. Could make my top 20 Caskett moments.



– The opening scene was good
– Martha’s signature change that Rick only noticed.
– Reference to Jedi and Obi-wan
– Hayley had to goof up the evidence
– Alexis getting knocked down by Hayley
– Hayley getting her arse kicked for going soft.
– At least Castle did not make the save for Hayley in the safe house



– Most of the episode
– Beckett saying Castle betrayed her in her dreams
– Hayley playing Rick and getting to go to the murder scene.
– Espo and Ryan treatment of Castle. It was not the first time Rickie was a blowhard so why the over the top crap?
– Beckett wooden most of the episode. After the last two weeks, very disappointing and bad writing
– Really bad police work
– Why does Beckett trust Hayley exactly?
– A swirly? Are we in high school?
– No murder board again.
– Ok who else thought it was really creepy to question and research the corset in front of his daughter?
– Nobody saw that coming, Hayley asking for a new computer and escaping?
– You’re family now especially since they kicked Beckett to the curb.



This from my daughter.  Nice job. Crappy episode. Pet peeve Castle quote “world’s greateat detective next to…batman? Isn’t batman a dark crusader and vigilante? Detective…possibly the worst writing…there must be better known detectives than batman.

–  And is that a shot at Beckett saying she is second best to him since his preferred superhero is the Caped Crusader?
– Castle over the top trying to impress Hayley with his sleuthing skills
– Beckett supposedly telling Ryan and Espo about the dream. Really? She used to be so guarded about her private life.
– Beckett chained to her captain desk full time now?
– What would a PI like Hayley have to learn from Castle?
– Alexis can talk Hayley into giving herself up? No way right?
– Hayley practically spelling it out for Rick that she was at the murder scene
– Beckett interrogated Hayley in the box, with some tough words then…
– Hayley not locked up? Encouraged to flee?.
– Feds no where to be found even with it being declared an act of terrorism?
– Wasn’t Beckett always the rule follower? The cop with integrity? What happened? Oh yea, bad writing and continuity.
– How did Beckett and Castle avoid being arrested as accomplices?
– Did Her Majesty Secret Service send the Pink Panther Jacques Clousseau? Dated reference? How about Frank Drebin?
– Hayley handling the computer that was evidence?
– Then allowed to hack into it? As a fugitive? Really? At the PI office not the previnct?
– Did Vikram have the day off?
– Then for such a genius, Alexis took some stupid pills to allow Hayley to escape.
– Man MI-6 gave up the info with basically a pretty please
– And Hayley re-worked the program to reverse the power outage? Like in 5 minutes? Really? Really?
– And that sweet talking Beckett smoothed things over with the FBI real easily.
– So the big four became the big five now?
– Beckett drinking with Espo and Ryan and Castle with BFF Hayley and Alexis? 
– Castle now owns a Hog?



So after all the trash talking Ryan and Espo did, they certainly did not exhibit anything to disprove Castle’s claim that he solved most of the cases (with Beckett).
– In Season 5 Episode 5, Kate arrested and locked up Castle who was framed but this episode she allows Castle to hide Hayley?
– Not only that, encouraged her to hide whereas, Castle had to finagle his own escape.
– Then got 1000 hours of community service as punishment. Hayley nada!
– Once Kate said she ‘d need a miracle you knew she was not guilty as they hoped we would believe
– Man they really tried to insert Hayley into all the Beckett investigating moments didn’t they?
– Ok just so I have this straight, Hayley was a cop, a MI-6 operative, a bounty hunter, A PI and a world class computer coder and programmer?
– Oh and the best agent they ever had this side of Sherlock Holmes.
– So Wesley was just tortured not killed as everyone thought, why? Did he re-write the worm to allow the Iranians to get their nuke program back running again?
– Hayley said her walls came down? That was Beckett’s struggle and was sacred to us who rooted for Beckett all season 4 as she coped with this with the help of Dr. Burke.
– I miss the old days when the gang ALL went to the Old Haunt. Does Castle still own that?
– So is the not too distant past, Beckett had to tell Castle to “butch up” and he shrieked like a girl, but now is ready to bike cross country on a Harley?

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“Why do I feel like a murder just saved my life?”
– Castle, when Beckett’s phone rings, interrupting their conversation about his dream betrayal


Hayley: “You know, Rick, I have never seen you in action at an NYPD crime scene.”
Castle: “Then perhaps you’d like to tag along, watch the crime scene Jedi master at work.”
Hayley: “Please tell me you do not refer to yourself as that. Do you really?”
Castle: “Perhaps you should come watch another time.”
Hayley: “No, no, no. Lead on, Castle-Wan Kenobi. You are my only hope.”


“I don’t tell you how to write your books, so don’t tell me how to ID a body.”
– Lanie to Castle


If this is how you get when people come over unannounced, I am happy to give you back your spare key.”
– Alexis when Hayley flips her over when she enters her apartment

Ned: “It didn’t work though. We didn’t have sex or nothing.”
Beckett: “Wow. Shocking.”
– After he tried to impress Karla by shutting down power at 10 Downing Street

Hayley: “Really, you want to talk in here?”
Beckett: “Yes. This is where we question all of our murder suspects.”
– in an interrogation room

Ryan: “Hayley? You’re not supposed to be here.”
Hayley: “And yet here I am.”
Esposito: “Castle, you didn’t stop her?”
Castle: “Like I could stop her even if I wanted to.”


“After a lifetime of not letting anyone in, not even each other, I found people who tore down my walls. I found a family. And they’re wonderful.”

Hayley: “Do you know why we were such effective spies? Because we lived for the rush of the mission.”
Wesley: “We were willing to die for that high.”
Hayley: “And we were wrong. After a lifetime of not letting anyone in, not even each other, I found people who tore down my walls. I found a family. And they’re wonderful.”

“I was your friend once, arguably the only one you’ve ever had in your entire life. Please let me be your friend once again.”
– Hayley to Wesley


Agent Mallory: “I come bearing another gift: an offer to return to service. MI-6’s door is wide open to you, Agent Shipton. What do you say?”
Hayley: “I say piss off, mate.”


Castle: “Hey, you alright?”
Hayley: “Sure, I’m fine.”
Castle: “You don’t have to mourn your friends alone, you know.”
Alexis: “You don’t have to do anything alone ever again.”


“I should’ve known better than to try and surprise the world’s greatest detective after Batman.”
– Castle to Beckett