XY. Castle season 8 episode 2


Beckett receives a tip and ends up launched into a fight for her life with mercenaries on her trail. Castle tries to figure out why his wife is on the run.

The Good:

-Kate being pissed at Vikram for screwing up her first day as Captai

– Kate being impaired by her gunshot wound

– How quickly Kate could change from smiling to serious when leaving the loft.

– Kate stitched herself up with a Vodka anesthetic.

– Kate got under Bracken’s tough demeanor

– Rick agitated that she is not in touch and this has hit a nerve with him

– Rick begins to understand that Beckett is going down the rabbit hole again.

– Rita tells it like it is to Beckett about what will happen if she keeps going

– Kate going from agonizing over leaving Castle to being a hardened ass kicking hunter ( aka Geena Davis in a Long Kiss Goodnight)

The Bad:

– Alexis the bad guy slayer!

– Beckett says no more secrets which does not last

– For someone who dragged Beckett into all this, Vikrum sure hesitates to do stuff to help with the case

-Vikrum at the Hyde murder scene, really?

The WTF:

-Rita to the Rescue!  Beckett’s step mother in law

-Alexis the computer guru/hacker

– Kate shows no sign of injury at Rita’s house

– at the airplane hanger, Vikram,who claimed to be just a computer guy, sure snapped that piece to ready mode effortlessly

– Interesting that Vikrum was who decodes the phone and incriminate Alison Hyde.

– Beckett is willing to leave Rick to McCord et al, even though she was with them 3 episodes.

– Kate can make that kind of life altering decision that fast/

TRIVIA/Stuff only I care about:

– No sniper bullet wound on Kate when she takes off her shirt

– Also no mom wedding ring on a chain.

– But is wearing dad’s watch!

– Beckett always has cross precinct and state jurisdiction


Richard Castle: You know, before Bracken was killed, he told me you’d never be happy just being my wife. Please do not tell me that son of a bitch knew you better than I do


Kate Beckett: So, what are you? CIA?
Rita: Oh, god no. I’m a different three-letter agency. Much more exclusive.
Kate Beckett: You actually expect me to believe that?
Rita: I did save your life, dear.
Vikram Singh: True, that.
Kate Beckett: How did you end up back there? What’s your connection to all of this?
Rita: I’m afraid that’s also classified.
Kate Beckett: People died. Friends of mine.
Rita: I know. And more may die unless you tell me everything that has happened up until this point. Listen to me. Whatever you think this is, it’s bigger. And if you want to stay alive, you’re gonna need my help.
Kate Beckett: It started this morning. I was getting ready for work, and then he called.

Rita: I’ve been married to Castle’s father for almost ten years.
Kate Beckett: Jackson never mentioned being married.
Rita: Well, of course not. It’s classified. In this line of work, you make a lot of enemies. Attachments are liabilities, leverage to be used against us.
Vikram Singh: [sarcastic] Sounds romantic.
Rita: It can be. Absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder, but it sure does wonders for the libido. I haven’t seen Jackson in… nine months? I am raring to go.
Vikram Singh: [still sarcastic] That’s sweet.


Senator William Bracken: Detective Beckett, you are the last person I expected to see.
Kate Beckett: Why is that? You thought I’d be dead by now?
Senator William Bracken: I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about.


Vikram Singh: You are gonna get me shot.
Kate Beckett: Look on the bright side: chicks dig scars.
Vikram Singh: I hate you


Allison Hyde: Are you currently in contact with Captain Beckett?
Richard Castle: No.
Allison Hyde: But she did rescue you last night.
Richard Castle: Yes. And then she left me, so it’s kind of a sore subject.


Richard Castle: Beckett, this is Hayley. She’s the one who helped me find you.
Kate Beckett: Thank you for taking care of him
Hayley Vargas: Yeah, it’s a lot of work. I don’t know how you do it.


This was a very Kate-centric episode which is always welcome.  This is one of the most exciting episodes for the first 40 minutes the somewhat rushed over the last three.  The magnitude of all this is far more than we have ever seen Beckett and Castle endure previously.  After a couple of seasons of soft lovable Beckett, we get the ass-kicking Kate.

I know a lot of folks are pissed over the ending of this episode.  I know it really tugged at my heartstrings when Kate left at the end.  But I am willing to believe that Kate really thought she was protecting Castle since so many came after her and that she was shot once again.  Sure Castle has come along way in becoming better at handling himself but this was way out of his league.

I greatly liked this episode and hope that they do great episodes with this separation.

Despite the show being  named Castle, this show is Beckett’s story; it has been since the very first episode. It’s logical that having borne the burden of her mother’s murder for 17 years, that she would want to see all those responsible getting the justice they deserve. It always seems that when she finds some moniker of happiness, those behind her mom’s murder would screw with her like in this case. It’s also logical, though jarring, that she separate herself from Castle to try and keep him safe. He has shown he can take care of himself, but this situation is different. He is no cop and as Alexis aptly stated, not trained as one. They came at Beckett with 10 people this time and killed 5 along the way. Then 10 more! They are very dangerous.

Whether Beckett can be happy just being Castle’s wife remains to be seen. We can only hope, in the end, I would bet on a happy series ending.  But she didn’t do Castle any favors by not confirming this to him before she left.  I have grown into a big Stana Katic fan. Ms. Katic is simply an amazing actress. The last two scenes of this episode should prove that to any doubters still out there.