CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 20 – Much Ado About Murder



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Castle and Beckett team up to find the killer of a celebrity who was in town starring in Hamlet. The star has a past and is in deep trouble while Kevin gets carried away with his daughter’s kindergarten play.


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IMDb 7.9. SSS. 7.7. TvFanatics. 8.8. Users 8.6. Tv.Com 7.6


Unique murder weapon for sure
– Seeing Castle so excited for a new toy

– Looks like those Latte’s now come in travel mugs
– Getting to the crime scene and Ryan geeking out over Erin Sherloch- director
– And a slime bag in a NYPD jacket filming and uploading the murder
– Naomi Fox,Richard Castle and Kevin Ryan doing the interview in Skakespere
– Finding Martha in Zane Cannon’s bed, not that way ?
– Beckett intimidating Jake into leaving the laptop

– Did I see the white Murder Board?
– Javi recording the Skype call to the teacher of Sara Grace’s play
– El Oso was a fun character
– BuddyTv had this headline “Castle Gets Kidnapped, the Pope is Catholic”
– El Oso knew Zane was a brutal actor
– Castle enlisted to write his screenplay
– And Castle saying El Oso should play himself
– Castle saying El Oso was more like Richard III and almost wetting his panties when the bad man took exception.
– Good think Kate remembered the YOLO card, oh Kate how you were so wrong about its value
– Loved that Beckett tried to claim date night on the abduction
– Zane playing the brothers against each other.
– Leading Hector right to El Oso
– Nice that it was Erin Sherlock – director, well he murdered Shakespere!
– But it was a Hollywood promise; not worth a damn.
– Sara Grace at the precinct
– And Javi mouthing the word to the song with her
– The perfect date night planned by Beckett
– And for Castle to run away in fear to start the screenplay.

– No Vikram!


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Back to Martha as life coach, wow pull that out of the hind regions
– Only a reference to ME Parrish
– Stalkerozzi ???
– If 1PP was on her ass so much, why wasn’t she more pissed at Castle and the bad press?

– Ryan threatening the parent into checking for unpaid parking tickets?

– Anyone else think El Chapo when they said El Oso
– El Oso means “The Bear”. Not the butcher
– Castle seems unconcerned when kidnapped.
– Zane was so bad even Martha could not help
– Castle saying “you are so good at everything”. Was he suggesting Kate was lying about date night?
– Kate saying she was not as good as Castle thinking up crazy stuff
– Why wasn’t Kate more concerned with Castle’s abduction?
– Man that swat team got there really fast.
– Everyone killed in a hail of bullets except El Oso?
– Ryan working out a dance move on the street while Javi ate a hot dog
– El Oso escaped, what an hour after arrest and from the Feds?
– Hector sleeping with El Oso’s wife? What did that have to do with anything?

– No movement on LokSat


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– Beckett used to deliver lines like ” haven’t seen you this excited…” In a devilish,sexy, alluring way, this one was more deadpan and flat.
– Castle leading the investigation with police help? Not the other way around? Didn’t Ryan and Espo make that clear a couple episodes ago?
– Date night in Revolutionary costumes? The whole setup, I guess with reported budget issues, they could not play out that scenario, even though it would have been better than this episode.
– If Rick was leading the investigation, why did he leave Beckett et al behind to go to dinner?
– Weird how little emotion came from Beckett when Martha said Richard did not show up for dinner
– The lair must have been off the island so that YOLO could track Castle.
– Why was Castle even driving in Manhattan?
– So the only reason El Oso is alive is Castle inadvertently tripped him?
– And everyone except the bad guy was killed and not one even grazed Castle?


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– The opening scene with Caskett was almost boring, no teasing, no expression of love or affection almost like a very old married couple.
– Second time this season the murder was in a theatre, and both times Martha was involved
– Second time a vocal genre used, first Espo with A-Capella and now Ryan with Old English
– I was disappointed that the did not give Beckett more credit about date night and having her admit Castke was far better. Geez, season 5×19 The Lives Of Others was fantastic and she fooled Castle totally.
– Okay let me get this straight, if Castle is such a good son why didn’t he pick up his mother for dinner? Why did she have to find her own way?
– Castle was abducted by the head of a drug cartel because the man wanted Rick to write his story. That’s only something that would happen to Rickey!
– Good to see Rick upscale his car again. After the Mercedes fire, he was driving a Buick! At least now he has an Audi.
– The whole group rush to the hospital for the delivery of Nicholas but Caskett are not around for Sara Grace? Kate would have ate that up! As would Lanie. In the past it would have happened.
– I wonder if Kate is able to get that food via delivery from Hung’s China Sea. Or did Demming get it in the breakup?
– So Castle is more afraid of El Oso than Beckett? Willing to forego the rest of date night to start the screenplay draft? Maybe he WAS more excited over the YOLO card that what happened before?
– Does this also mean drug lord El Oso is more threatening to Castle than drug lord LokSat? And how come Beckett does not consider this either?
– To be fair, it is pretty hard for women in film to break into directing. But if you were Zane and in that kind of trouble wouldn’t you gave to renege on your word?
– Castle was abducted by the head of a drug cartel because the man wanted Rick to write his story. That’s only something that would happen to Rickey!
– The Swat scene reminds me of a Denis Leary joke where he says, “John Lennon was shot six times and not one could hit Yoko Ono standing next to him”. Not one stray even grazed Castle or whistled by his ear. Maybe the Swat team had direct orders from Beckett to keep him safe?
– When Castle said “But it was a Hollywood promise; not worth a damn.” Did anyone else think back to all the quotes spoken between Kate and Rick, like the one from last week “So long as I’m with you, I’ll go anywhere.” Well except if I am offered season 9!


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Castle: “A YOLO card.”
Beckett: “Like ‘Dude, I just drove my mom’s car into the river, #YOLO’?”
Castle: “No. No, this work of art will forever release YOLO from internet jail. … It is a way of life.”
Beckett: “No, it’s a way to be obnoxious.”


Castle: “So tell me, how are you going to top my American Revolution evening I arranged with the carriage ride to see Hamilton on Broadway, the dinner served by waiters dressed as Founding Fathers?”
Beckett: “Yes, that was fun. Except for when Ben Franklin started hitting on me.”
Castle: “That’s nothing. George Washington slipped me his digits.”


Castle: “At least tell me what to wear. On a wardrobe scale of 1 to 10, 10 being James Bond, 1 being Big Lebowski, give me a number.”
Beckett (after her phone rings): “For now? 5. Crime scene casual.”


A quill pen. Odd choice for a murder weapon, unless of course, the murderer was the ghost of William Shakespeare, killing Zane for butchering his words.”
– Castle at the crime scene


Castle: “Ophelia?”
Naomi: “Aye, my lord?”
Castle: “These fair gentlemen are constables and wish to speak with you in matters regarding the murder most foul and unnatural of Zane Cannon.”
Naomi: “‘Tis too much to bear to think on it.”
Ryan: “Now, now, fair Ophelia, we have queries and thou shall answer or we shall force perforce to make a star chamber of – “
Esposito: “Stop. We are so not doing this.”


Naomi: “My lord, he speaks with a curious tongue. Car?”
Castle: “It’s what he’s going to put you in the back of when he arrests you for murder.”


Beckett: “1PP has been on my ass about keeping media under control and now my husband is the face of the investigation.”
Castle: “It’s not all bad news, Beckett.”
Beckett: “How?”
Castle: “That’s a great photo of me.”


“The Black Door, yes. Very fancy. Known for being discreet — is what I’ve heard from other people who were once single. Not married.”
– Castle, stumbling over how he knows about the hotel


Beckett: “It’s my turn to plan date night, but I forgot and Castle’s going to lord it over me if I don’t outdo what he did last week, so I need a few ideas.”
Ryan: “For Castle? The guy who took you on an urban spelunking adventure through the city subway tunnels last Halloween and then he hired actors to reenact scenes from the movie C.H.U.D.? Yeah, I can’t come up with stuff like that.”


Ryan: “You want an ending to your story? Why don’t you show us what you got? Maybe we can do you a favor.”
Jake: “Yeah, I don’t work for favors. I want an interview with the killer.”
Ryan: “Yeah, I want a baby unicorn with a rainbow tail. For my daughter. We’re both going to be disappointed, pal.”
– Dealing with the stalkerazzi who was following Zane


Castle: “I think I’ll take my mother out to dinner, maybe cheer her up after all this.”
Beckett: “You’re such a good son.”
Castle: “You’re such a good everything.”


“If I wanted him dead, I would have cut him open when he was standing where you are now. I wouldn’t kill him with a pen. That’s cute. Do I look like a man who kills cute?”
– El Oso explaining to Castle why he’s not the one who killed Zane


Beckett: “So, other than pissing off a homicidal drug lord, how did you enjoy our surprise date night?”
Castle: “Are you saying you planned my abduction by a fugitive cartel leader?”
Beckett: “Yeah, complete with the daring rescue and everything. It’s fun, huh?”
Castle: “I don’t think date night counts when it’s candlelit dinner with the Butcher of Guadalajara.”


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