CASTLE: Season 8 Episode 21 – HELL TO PAY


Castle thinks the Antichrist may be involved in the death of an axe-wielding, psychiatric inmate who drops dead in the P.I. office.



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Castle shows he is still a good dad running to Alexis
– Ryan knows his Catholicism
– The bible with drawings looked cool
– As did the body of Shaw
– And in a fun Castle moment we get a “Oh, but I do”
– Loved that Beckett just tossed her coat into her office
– Murder board makes a showing
– Espo and Ryan had their hands full containing Castle this week
– At least the safe was dry walled over
– 28 minutes and a milkshake ?
– The cross on Castle’s wrist for protection
– Beckett telling Castle he was a new level of nutter
– When Castle gets a wild theory off the list of ingredients, Beckett head nods RyEspo to go after him
– How great was Beckett spooking Castle with the zombie act
– The interrogation of the perp where it was a gardening hoe and fertilizer, but better was the “in your face” attitude toward Castle by Javi
– Nice to see Kate in on an interrogation
– Plot was more complex than usual and less convoluted
– Great to see Kate’s great mind detect why Castle thought he was marked by death.
– And a great ending prank!
– Kate’s look at the end when Castle said Naked Twister again.



– Teasing (or worse) that Alexis and Hayley are now a couple
– Naked Twister? As Ralphie said (Christmas Story) “You’ll poke your eye out Rick!”
– Beckett does not know about Preekmore Mental Institution
– The doctor in charge fails to notify authorities about the escape
– Not buying Castle deciding not to open the safe, after all he touches everything
– Vikram mention
– Hayley and Alexis date night?
– Castle saying Naked Twister three times us supposed to make it happen?



– So if Hayley was such a badass international agent what will Castle do that she can’t to ward off an axe killer?
– In the minds of the writers, does naked = romance?
– Every investigation is now lead by Castle
– So now every investigation done by RyEspo starts with a casual conversations?
– The room behind the safe is bigger than most NYC apartments
– After working so hard to find the Angel dagger why did he just put it back
– Alexis kicking Hayley’s ass if she can’t sleep? In what alternate universe?



– What happened to that extensive wardrobe Beckett used to have? Didn’t she wear the same white shirt with black tubing last episode? And the shirt to open the show she has worn what, them times this season already?
– So naked/sex is now romance instead or true romance (those special things a hubby does to curry favor) lead to making love? At one point the show emphasized the latter now only the former
– okay, what landlord, especially a Manhattan owner nit know about an extra 100 square feet when renting. As of today that price is $1,497 per sq.ft. A lot of coin to leave on the table.
– I love the comedic scenes by Beckett. They are MasterCard-like priceless. This Zombie one compares with Nebula 9!
– Victor thanks Rick and tells him he can give him anything he asks for. Is that how Stana’s contract was not renewed?
– Anyone feel a heart pang when Beckett said to Castle “you are not going anywhere” knowing she us.
– Great twist at the end when the case is wrapped and the mystery of Castle marked for death solved and she tells Rick she had something else in mind. Most times she drags him to bed but this time they pulled a prank. Oh how I wished we had more scenes like that this season.



Castle: “There’s nothing more romantic than a blackout.”
Beckett: “Yeah, and nothing more deadly. You know as well as I do that as soon as the lights go out, bad things happen.”


Castle: “Guys, isn’t it obvious? Latin prayers, a claw, sulfur, as known as brimstone.”
Esposito: “Come on, Castle.”
Beckett: “You don’t think that…”
Castle: “Oh, but I do. We all have our demons. But Gabriel was killed by his.”


Beckett: “Today’s going to be hell.”
Castle: “That’s appropriate since that’s the likely place our killer is from.”


Castle: “Seek the truth and thou shalt be enlightened.”
Beckett: “Is that scripture?”
Castle: “From the Book of Castle.”


Castle: “I’m just excited to get off the whole orderly thing and on to the trail of the true killer, which is most likely a road paved to hell because we all know that’s where demons come from.”
Ryan: “I will be sure to cross-reference Shaw’s visitors against the list of fallen angels.”


Castle: “I know why Shaw came here wielding an ax last night.”
Hayley: “To commit unholy murder on two unbelievably exceptional women?”


Castle: “If I opened it, I was bound to be disappointed with whatever it was inside. If I never opened it, literally anything I imagined could be in there.”
Hayley: “So you chose fantasy over reality.”
Castle: “Well, duh.”
Alexis: “But we’re going to open it now, right?”
Castle: “Well, duh. When an axe-wielding psychopath is killed by a demon trying to get inside, clearly whatever’s in there is worth seeing.”
– About the safe in Castle’s office


Hayley: “It’s a Jefferson Titanium 500 vault.”
Castle: “Meaning?”
Hayley: “I need 28 minutes and a chocolate milkshake.”
Castle: “You’re kidding.”
Hayley: “Chocolate milkshake.”


“Man, I hate walls of crazy.”
– Ryan


Castle: “What if Victor Crowne is the Antichrist and Shaw isn’t crazy?”
Hayley: “No, Rick. He was very crazy. Remember, he tried to kill a child.”


Castle: “Come on, half the city is blacked out but this place is lit up like a Christmas tree?”
Esposito: “The lights probably run on generators.”
Castle: “Sure, a thermoelectric generator, fueled by the flames of hell.”


Castle “What? You guys have guns.”
– Castle to Ryan and Esposito, defending his decision to wear a cross on his wrist when they go to see the man he believes is the Antichrist


Beckett: “It was a frayed cable.”
Castle: “Yes. Yes, I agree, if by frayed cable you mean Satan.”

Beckett: “Look, Castle, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re starting to sound crazy. And not your usual crazy. I mean next level nutter.”


Castle: “Did you find a recipe?”
Alexis: “For what, Antichrist cookies?”


Castle: “Nice place. It’s very eclectic.”
Oscar: “Yeah, it’s creepy as all hell.”


Castle: “Not funny, Beckett. I am being targeted by dark forces. I’m serious. I can feel it.
Beckett: “Fine. Can you feel it in the morning? ‘Cause it’s late. Let’s go to bed.”


Castle: “I saw his eyes. He was a demon.”
Beckett: “Or someone with night vision goggles.”
Castle: “Beckett, how much proof do you need before you finally accept the fact that your husband has been marked for death?”
Beckett: “Okay, if you were marked for death, then the demon would’ve killed you. Instead, you were knocked out by a very human attacker who managed to run off with your whatever-dagger.”
Castle: “Angel dagger! Angel dagger! It’s something only a demon would want.”


Ryan: “Hey, Castle. How you doing, buddy?”
Castle: “Well, boys, I looked into the eyes of the devil, so there’s that.”
Esposito: “Did they check him for a concussion?”


Victor: “You saved my life. That means I owe you. So whatever you want, just ask. It’s yours. Okay?
Castle: “Okay. Did I just literally make a deal with the devil?”





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