Now that we are approximately 2/3 into this season, here is a revised list of how we liked each episode

SHOW.                       . IMDB. MyRating. Tvfanatic. Fanbase.
XY (1).                             8.6.        8.8.          9.0.            8.6
XX (2).                             7.2.        8.5.          8.0.            6.8
PhDead(3).                     7.8.        7.5.          7.4.            7.0
What Lie Beneath(4).    7.5.        7.4.           8.6.           7.2
The Nose(5).                  8.5.         8.6.          8.6.           8.0
Cool Boys.(6).               8.2.         7.0.          6.6.            6.4
The Last Seduction(7). 8.3.         8.7.         9.0.            8.8
Mr.&Mrs. Castle(8).       7.9.         8.5.         8.0.            8.2
SHOW.                         IMDB. MyRating. Tvfanatic. Fanbase.
Tone Death. (9).             8.0.         8.2.         7.8.            7.8
Witness For The

Prosecution.(10).           8.5.         8.5.         8.8.           8.8
Dead Red.(11).               8.5.         8.6.         8.8.           9.0
The Blame Game.(12).   8.8.         8.9.        9.0.            9.4
And Justice For All.(13).7.9.         8.3.        8.8.            8.8
G.D.S. (14).                     8.2.         8.2.         8.4.           7.8


I figured with a week off, it would be a good time to revisit the season to date.  This is an accompanying piece to the First Triad.  Here I chose to add the ratings of TVFanatic and their User ratings to give a wider statistical viewpoint.

We all seem to agree that the Blame Game was the best episode of the season.   The main reason? We got Caskett working together again, it was simply magic.

We also agree that Cool Boys was the worst.  There are too many reasons for this, it was way too silly and convoluted, but mostly we got no Beckett!  Now episode 14 also deprived us of our Kate, the plot was better executed and we got some advancement in Loksat.

It also is very apparent from everyone’s point of view that the middle of the season was much better than the first.  TVFanatic and their Users deemed four episodes as EXCELLENT (8.5 or above).  IMDB and I have three with the big E. I also had each of the six as VERY GOOD or better, the others having one slip below 8.0.

One other note, I firmly state that these installments play even better the second time watched as they have many nuisances tucked inside that are fun to see when viewing the second (or third) time around.  They will play well on TNT in the future.

On the downside, no Stana Katic again in the segment of installments.  Even parent company ABC announces the show as CASTLE and BECKETT when leading into the show.  To me that means, give us Beckett!  The teaser even had her in it.  Couldn’t they just shoot a couple short scenes and plug them in when Stana gets a well deserved week off?  Maybe filmed during weeks she is not heavily featured?

I am confident that we are in for eight excellent shows to end the season.  And since it was recently upgraded in their renewed/cancelled status, maybe we can look forward to another season.