CASTLE: Series Finale – THE RANT




The amount of time elapsed between Beckett charging out of the bedroom guns ablazing taking out the dastardly Caleb Brown but not before being hit in the right abdomen, crumpling to the floor.  Seeing Castle, shot and fading fast, Kate squirms her way over to clasp his hand before succumbing to unconsciousness herself.  Fade to empty loft, then flash of the graphic saying SEVEN YEARS LATER and Kate chasing two precocious twin boys while Castle attends to their older sister.  All in…



The amount of time to sum up eight years of an epic love story that developed systematically with many mis-steps along the way.  To be dismissed all in 



The amount of time the Winter-Hawley tandem and TPTB (The Powers That Be) felt was just reward for all the Caskett followers who had an unparalleled devotion to a truly unique dramedy.


Yet we were thankful for even that much considering all the rumors spread after the firing of Stana Katic.   Why, because being romantics at heart, we needed a fairy tale ending.



I know the common excuse for such a rushed and after thought of a series ending is that TPTB were dragging their feet on the cancellation.  Horse-Hockey!  They knew about episode 12 that the show was on the endangered species list.  Hawley had been quoted several times about shooting an “alternate ending” and this is what they came up with?

Season 7, Showrunner David Amann had to deal with the same scenario where season 8 was not a lock.  Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miler created a great episode that could have been a very acceptable series ender.  Plus it ran two and a half minutes longer that the average Castle episode.


So why could that not happen again?  No, we got the lame LokSat conclusion which would have to be so much better just to reach the level of anti-climatic.  But that would need to be a rant all of its own.  With the amount of time the show runners had, a two part conclusion could really done the show and all the characters justice and let all the show’s fans to feel great about it. Oh, by the way, we got shorted an episode as this season was only 22 not the usual 23 or 24.


All I asked for was the same respect shown other classic shows, of which Castle certainly belongs with. For the record:

MASH.                       Normally 25 mins Finale 120 minutes

Seinfeld.                    Normally 23 mins. Finale. 56

Mad Men.                  Normally 53. Finale 56

Cheers.                      Normally. 25. Finale 96

Sopranos.                  Normally 49. Finale 59

ER.                              Normally  44. Finale 120

Downton Abbey.        Normally 53 mins. Finale 120

Two and a Half Men. Normally  23. Finale 38


West Wing among others had a two part conclusion.


Was that too much to ask for?  Apparently so!


Please continue to come back to and I plan to continue to write about Castle in my unique, alternative way.  Next week I will begin reviewing all the episodes from season 1 to season 7 that I never did previously.  Also, I plan on writing an alternate season 8, details to follow.


and THANK YOU for stopping by!






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