Who can forget the great ending to ” A Rose  For Everafter”.  The one that got away?  We come to find out who Rick’s first true love was and how she got away and how he still sometimes pines for her.  As much as he thought Meredith and Gina were his soul Mate, neither held a Rose to Kyra!


Not long after Kate and Rick reunite after her convalescence over the summer after her shooting a mysterious stranger comes to help/hinder a murder at an art gallery in which the “Fist of Capitalsm” had also been stolen.  Kinda wonder why we did not get someone from Robbery , maybe Tom Demming to assist?


In any even, the Episide “Eye if the Beholder” former art burgler turned insurance investigator/recovered come to the aid of Kate and Rick as she tried to secure the “Fist” for her client, knowing also she would become chief suspect!  One thing leads to another and Castle gets volunterred to keep Serena occupied whole Espo and Beckett search her hotel suite. In true Castle form, he emplots the “kiss of distraction” to allow Beckett and Espo to escape the room before being caught.  But the green eyes of jealousy capture Beckett who shows her displeasure to Ms. Kaye!








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  1. Peg says:

    I loved the epiaode with Kyra, but loved the fist episode even more. Kristin Lehman, who played Serena, went on to play a Canadian detective in the tv show Motive. Great show!!

  2. Peg says:

    Interesting how everyone knew Castle and Beckett belonged together except for Castle and Beckett.

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