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Esposito top 10

These are my entries of the ten most bad ass moments in the career (that we have seen) of Javier Esposito.  Just my opinion, your opinion matters too. Drop me a comment!

Just missed… Tone Death…Season 8 episode 9

imageA Capella throw down.  Great scene where Esposito put his pipes to the test in order to interrogate a suspect.

Honorable mention. That 70’s Show…Season 6. Episode 20image

How about that 70’s getup.  Espo and Ryan recreate the old dynamic duo Snookie Watts and Ray Price.  My favorite scene was when Espo tried to do the patented slide across the hood and failed miserably.

Number 10 Season 4 Episode 21 Headhunter / Season 8 episode 6 Cool Boys

imageStared down the big bad Slaughter. In the first episode Espo trails  Slaughter to the Mexican gang where Castle was in danger.  Totally put the smackdown on the renegade.  This  season, being a badass by arresting Slaughter who is tied into a murder

Number 9 … Under The Influence. Season 5 Episode 11


Espo bonds with a young thief and goes toe to toe with the thug who controls him. Espo also shows a different side as he take a real interest in the kid and shows his paternal instincts.

Number 8… Live and Die in LA..To Live And Die In LA

imageSeverely interrogates suspect for Beckett.  Espo tracks down Don Mannis and shoots him.  As luck would have it, Beckett calls the number  that happens to be Mannis which Espo answers.  Espo to Mannis:

It’s over, Mannis. You give us the meet location and I’ll tell the DA in LA that you cooperated. The Esposito  sticks his gun into the wound in MANNIS’ shoulder and he cries out in pain. ESPOSITO turns the phone in MANNIS’ direction.  Also historical that Ryan could not remember 9-1-1. If I find the interrogation photo I will insert here but this one will do until then

Number 7…Kill Switch..Season 7 episode 8


Espo and transit cop save subway full of passengers.  When Esposito tries to talk to Jared on a subway car, he pulls the emergency stop on the car, takes a gun off of a transit police officer and then reveals that he has a bomb strapped to his chest. He holds the subway car and all of its passengers hostage.  Espo saves the day!

Number 6… Always..Season 4 episode 23 / After The Storm,, Season 5,episode 1..

image Follows Kate into hell, no matter what.  But I marked out for his question “done what 4 years ago?”

Number 5…Knockdown..Season 3 episode 13


Hal Lockwood got the drop on he and Ryan and were being water tortured. Never broke. Never in doubt

Number 4…A Deadly Game..Season 2 episode 24

image Stood up to Beckett unlike any other man has dared.   The Quote:
“You sure about that? Why do you think he’s been following you around all this time? What, research? The guy’s done enough research to write 50 books. Look, whatever the reason is, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include watching you be with another guy.”

Number 3…Reckoning. Season  7 Episode 15

image Once again, Espo’s sharpshooting skills are evident as he takes out 3XK

Castle is beside himself over Kate missing until Capt. Gates gets his mind right.  While Rick is getting in 3XK’s head, Espo take the shot to finally eliminate Jerry Tyson

Number 2A …  HEARTBREAKER … Season 8 Episode 16

image image

In maybe the best Esposito themed episode of the series, an old flame who happens to be a convict comes back to assist with an investigation.  Javi swears up and down he is over her, yes huright!  Anyway he gets played and the bad guys get the drop on him, but in the end, Javi’s special forces training and sweet talking save him and get the bad guys!

Number 2… XY ..Season 8 Episode 2

image Here the one assassin tries to escape from the precinct and Espo sliding Die Hard style guns her down.  It was her watershed moment leaving Espo no choice.

Number 1…Kill Shot. Season 4 Episode 9

image So many great things in this one. Having the balls to stand up to Beckett talking her thru her PTSD and then shooting the suspect who had her dead to right.





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