CASTLE: Throwback Thursday; PRELUDE TO CASKETT part I


Not sure why but I was thinking about season three when Kate was dating Josh but it seemed to me she spent far more quality time with Castle, especially outside of work.  So here are my moments where they seem to be more than friends.

Ep 1. Beckett decided to let Castle win the bet so he can stay on

In in the season premier, Beckett and the boys are passed that Castle did not call after his summer recess.  In his defense, he thought Kate chose Demming instead of him and he lost. When he shows up at not 1 but two murder scenes, Kate finally lets him work one last case.  Castle

fashions a bet where if he solves first he us back as her partner, if not bye bye forever.  Of course Kate throws the bet, she does want him around.


Ep 2.  Beckett is told by a pyschic’s daughter about a manimage

So Castle and Beckett chase the murderer of  psychic/medium and we both know which side of the fence each is on.  The daughter of the victim tells Kate that a man named Alexander will become very important to her, maybe even save her life. In the end, Castle points out the one loose end that Beckett cannot account for.  He then asks about Alexander, and she tells him, to which he admits his middle name is Alexander.  Beckett counters with, “I thought it was Edgar” to which he tells her his given name was Richard Alexander.  He leaves and she stares at him, her face a mixture or amazement and contemplation


Ep 5. Beckett says she would break him out

imageThis one is VERY interesting to me.  Castle is trying to deal with the shock of Kate with another man in Ep 4.  Then she drops the bombshell that not only is he a doctor but they are sleeping together.  Oh yea, he did. Quad bypass to save a life.  Castle made waffles!  The episode is actually about a great love story, and of course Martha has the line of the night (see pic above).  Now Kate says she would break Castle out.  Very interesting.

Ep 6. Beckett’s with a coffee and hand hold

imageHardest case of the year and Castle comes up short and Jerry Tyson 3XK escapes.  Dejected, Castle mulls over his actions and where he failed.  Kate consoles him with a coffee and hand hold.  First time Kate gets him coffee?

Oh Castle, you were so cute back then!


So Beckett decides they will go undercover at the Old Haunt.  She puts on some lipstick and fluffs out her hair and reveals a good amount of cleavage.  This did what she expected, it rattled Castle. Inside, Rick points out his photo to which Kate gasps, “you were so cute back then” in quite a girly manor, much more than she wanted to let on.  Later at the bar, Beckett teases/taunts Castle more!  Dang she is so good looking!



What what I find most interesting is that she is tucked into bed with Josh but not only answers a call from Castle while in bed with another man, but leaves her lover for a wild Castle theory.  If I am Josh, I am pissed! Then after the case wraps, instead of going home to her boyfriend, she chooses to share Castle’s prize scotch at the Old Haunt.

Ep 11. So why didn’t you sleep with me.. No me me..her me


Ok, not that long ago, Castle would have been all over Natalie despite being technically with Gina.  The only reason he doesn’t is Beckett.  He knows he cannot be the bad boy playboy, especially after his slip with Ellie Monroe (S2E20).  For some reason Beckett is both offended and confused that he didn’t sleep with the fictional Kate.

Ep 12. Pulling flowers out to cheer up Castle..


How much fun are these two having with magic at the center?  Who knew they both were fans of the medium?   We got a classic Beckett tease early on, but as it develops, the subplot is Rick and Gina.  Beckett respects his privacy (may I say much more than Rick usually does) and when they finally break up, Beckett seems somewhat happy about it.  Nevertheless, she decides to cheer up Castle with a magic trick, no not with ice cubes, but pulling out a bouquet!   Then a trip to the food truck!

And in the elevator they seem very happy with each other…..


Ok ok tomorrow on Flashback Friday, I will look at the first half of season 3 for Kate and Josh interactions as a comparison!  See ya mañana!