CASTLE : Tone Death Season 8 episode 9


When a corpse is discovered in the theater of Martha’s latest show, Castle and Beckett’s investigation reveals suprising details about the world of competitive a capella.



– Kate and Rick giving a new meaning to a matinee

– This plays into Kate’s wild side that is often mentioned

– Nice to see the corpse after the murder for a change instead of a gruesome killing

– Castle challenging Beckett’s meeting  with Gates

– Kate calling him 007, a nudge nudge wink wink at two previous episodes where there were Bond references

– Kate prancing in a towel never gets old

– Kate wearing a great short black skirt , guess Captains wear them

– Beckett calling to warn Castle that was was about to catch holy hell

– Going from wanting to kiss him to slapping Castle.

– Asking who tipped off Castle, only to find out it was her

– Svenlana and the scenes revolving the name.

– Castle saying Svenlana was hot and Beckett saying damn right

– Beckett asking if that was the best name he could come up with, only to conjour up Dr. Livingstone for her phantom man

– Espo and Ryan getting physical twice with Castle

– Espo and Ryan knowing where Agnes was hiding and letting Casle make a fool out of himself

– Castle sneaking out evidence like the old days.

– Physical threats against Castle, i.e., push him down the stairs, “maybe we’ll get lucky and Castle will get shot”

– The  pipes on Espo

– Ryan saying he was crushed hearing Castle was cheating

– Beckett’s clothesline, best this side of the WWE

– The boys assure Beckett she gets them in the breakup

– You know how many hits I got on Twitter?

– Both have “Hot Dates”

– Espo and Ryan still like Martha

– Beckett coming to the loft as Svenlana

– Espo saying that what is going on is all sorts of wrong



– Martha making Castle promise to handle the case even though he is not a cop (or a real PI)

– A REAL SHORT cameo by Lanie

– Ok, so 50K is enough for a retired cop to retire in Manhattan?

– Alexis speaks emoji?

– And Castle’s smart board is able to interpret a phone pic like that?

– Alexis the computer hacker.

– Taking Alexis to an abandoned mall in Spanish Harlem?

– Isn’t Gates a Deputy Chief of Detectives, not Captain?

CASTLE - "Tone Death" - When a body is found in the theater of Martha's latest show, Castle and Beckett's investigation leads them into the unexpectedly dangerous world of competitive a capella. "High School Musical"'s Corbin Bleu guest stars. "Tone Death" will air on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) STANA KATIC


– Beckett can get away for extended “lunches”?

– Martha so invested in someone she met the day before

– Castle stumbling out of the office

– Espo and Ryan sure put aside their disdain of Castle quickly when they needed a favor.

– Martha going on stage with the Aca-Cons

– “Svenlana” was not worried about being seen when kissing Dr. Livingstone at the loft with the front door open

– In fact, does she really think that Loksat hasn’t kept tabs on her, meaning Castle is in danger constantly.



– I love the choice of Martha’s song “The Things We Do For Love” that segued into Castle and Beckett’s lunchtime.

– How freakin fast does Beckett change? I don’t even think I have time to put on socks by the time she is all done.

– At the beginning of the episode, as Beckett gets dressed to return to work, she and Castle discuss LokSat, and she calls him “007”, an obvious reference to James Bond. The first Bond novel, “Casino Royale”, is what inspired him to pursue writing as a career, and in Castle: When the Bough Breaks (2009), he was approached with the opportunity to write a new novel in the series.

– I really liked that Beckett was “bad” at acting that they were still broken up.  It fits her persona which she crafted over the previous seasons.  She is intense and not subtle in the least.  She was not before so why would she be now?

– Why is Beckett so open about her personal life when she was overly protective of the before this?

– Beckett tells an emotionally invested Ryan about the doctor she’s supposedly seeing. Josh’s buddy, maybe? That would be a good one! Did she lie so they would give Castle a little bit of slack, or did she lie so they wouldn’t be sad her that Castle moved on while she hasn’t? I can’t be certain, but I think it’s probably the latter, she loves seeing Castle get tortured by her boys as much as we do.

– Espo and Ryan taking on the role of big brother of Beckett, getting physical twice, offering bodily harm and disowning him.  They did the same before, episode 1 of season 3 when he failed to come back after summer vacation then again when Castle ran with Slaughter the first time.

– Are they trying to replace Beckett with Alexis?  I mean that scene in the  abandoned mall should have been classic Beckett-Castle

– Castle is coerced into saying he is dating a Russian model.  Kate portrayed Russian women twice before, season 2 premier saving Castle at the Card game and the in season 6 “Belly of the Beast”

– And who else marked out to the name Svetlana?  Same as the Russian girl in love with Charlie Reynolds, Ryan’s favorite Actor from season 6 episode 3? And since I love pics, who is the better looking “Svetlana”?

image image

– To keep up the façade that she and Castle have broken up, Beckett tells Ryan and Esposito that she’s dating a new man who works as a doctor. Josh Davidson, the boyfriend she dated before Castle, was a doctor.



Richard Castle: [in bed with Beckett] So, Captain Beckett, have you successfully completed your agenda for your lunch meeting?
Kate Beckett: Indeed I did. Three times.
Richard Castle: Three? Best meeting ever.

Kate Beckett: Who would have thought that secret dating would be so productive?
Richard Castle: I know. Our public fights have made our private time so much more…
Kate Beckett: Intense.
Richard Castle: Right?
Kate Beckett: Yes.

Richard Castle: I don’t suppose the captain has time for one more agenda?
Kate Beckett: Oh, I’m sorry. I wish I could. But I have to make this meeting with Captain Gates at 1PP.
Richard Castle: And is “Gates” code for “Vikram” and “1PP” your secret strip club hideout?
Kate Beckett: No. The meeting with Gates is very real. Look, Rick, I’m done playing lone wolf, and I promise you when the time is right, I will loop you in on everything LokSat.
Kate Beckett: Trust me, 007, when it’s time, you and I will take down LokSat together. Meanwhile, I will be sneaking in and out of the building next door to get here.
Richard Castle: While I do what?
Kate Beckett: Provide comfort and support. Lots and lots of comfort.
[she kisses him] Beckett:  So, I heard about Martha. Why didn’t you pull me out of the meeting?
Richard Castle: Uh, you know what? I thought about it. But this whole new… secret relationship… I wasn’t quite sure what the rules were.


Richard Castle:She made me promise to help track down Robyn’s killer.
Kate Beckett: Of course, but you know that publicly, I can’t agree to that.
Richard Castle: What do you mean?
Kate Beckett: Well, it means that I love you, but right now I’m gonna have to yell at you.
Kate Beckett: I had a really great time earlier.
Richard Castle: Me too.
Kate Beckett: Is it wrong that I want to kiss you right now?
Richard Castle: So wrong it’s right.



Publicly, the couple remains estranged. Behind closed doors, they’re having “productive” naked lunch meetings and dutifully making up for lost time. Lost naked time. As she heads out for a sit-down with Gates, Beckett promises Castle that she’ll tell him everything she knows about her target when the timing is right. (“Trust me, 007. When it’s time, you and I will take down Lockset together.”) What’s the hold up? Is Beckett waiting for some concrete sign that it’s time to bring her partner into her vigilante side project? Or is this delay script-manufactured to set up some future catastrophe? Time will tell.

I liked the opening bedroom scene and they bantering about their naughtiness.  As I have said, it plays a bit on Kate’s wild side as does her role play later in the episode.  Keeping with the Kate and Rick dynamic, I did get a kick out of their web of deceit, especially watching how it is driving Espo and Ryan crazy.  The Beckett-Castle interplay reminded me of the early seasons that established this show’s greatness.  I also liked the nod to previous episodes, reminding us of Castle’s 007 fascination and Beckett as a Russian hottie.

Not much was said and done related to the Locksat.  Even though the episode did not focus on LockSat, Beckett and Castle still talked about it. It’s an important part of their story, of their relationship, and it makes all the sense in the world that they would still be talking about it. It seems they are now even able to reference it, possibly with Castle still being slightly hurt, by how Kate once used a meeting from 1PP as a cover-up, way back when Vikram was in trouble.

As we could see, while Castle and Beckett are back together, while Beckett’s been forgiven, the pair isn’t completely on the same page about LockSat yet. Castle is still mostly in the dark about Beckett’s covert operation with Vikram, and you can see with Castle’s facial expressions that he’s not 100% okay with that. Kate tells him that when the time is right, they will take down Locksat together, but should she be trusted? Does Castle truly believe her when she says that? That’s a different story. She’s lied to him plenty before, and forgiven does not necessarily she be try equal trusted. What do you think? Does Castle believe her? Should he believe her? Do you believe her?

The music was fantastic, loved the 80’s throwback.  Loved Espo here.  Nice change of pace storyline even if the murder was run of the mill.  Plus we got some Martha, although, it was a stretch to believe her role in  her scenes.  Same for Alexis.  She should be finishing her degree at Columbia not running around as as an intern PI.  Plus why even bother with the 5 seconds Lanie was shown. I initially had a problem with the lack of tension between our love birds, but with the long hiatus, it is likely this episode is many weeks after the confrontation of episode 8 and they have made strides in mending their emotional issues.

This  song pretty well represented what constantly happens between Castle and Beckett, why he had been able to so quickly forgive his wife. Like the song was used as another hint as to why he’d forgiven her. Because of what he does for love.  Always!  He never gave up hope!

The Castle and Beckett relationship drama portion of the episode wasn’t sappy or dramatic, in the real sense of the term, and I’m thankful for that. I need something light between these two. It was getting very old and tedious to watch. “Tone Dead” was exactly what it needed to be, light. They’re still good together, and this episode proved it that the leads still have that chemistry even when everything isn’t falling apart around them, that they don’t need the drama every step of the way.

It’s suspicious that Castle and Beckett are finally so vocal about their personal affairs, but it makes for great comedy. The comeback episode gave the boys good exposure, and included them homogeneously into the Castle and Beckett relationship storyline. Esposito and Ryan are incredibly protective of Beckett, as if we already weren’t aware, but this episode shines more light on their big brotherly love and protectiveness. I loved it, I don’t think I could ever get enough of the guys taking Beckett’s side over Castle’s and edging him out. Both the scenes in the hallway and the scene in the apartment were Castle comedy gold.

For me it was a nice kickoff to the 2016 part of season 8.