Sitting here in the wake of the Blizzard of 2017, I started to think about how many times there was a snow scene in the 171 episodes of Castle.  To my best recollection, there were only two, both Christmas episodes, both excellent shows with two different endings eliciting two very unique feelings.


So in honor of Mother Nature and the great showwe all love, let us reminisce when the white stuff was the main feature!




This was fun from the start as the Vic is the Jolly Old Elf himself.  How many great lines did Castle drop on us in this one?


BECKETT:  I hate to break it to you Castle, but there is no Santa.

CASTLE:  Well not any more.


BECKETT:  That doesn’t make any sense. He had to have fallen from somewhere.

CASTLE:  I’m sorry, are we overlooking the obvious here? He hit some turbulence and slipped out of his sleigh and fell to his doom.


RYAN:  Santa, lying there dead. You gotta ask yourself, what kind of world do we live in?







This episode took us on an emotional roller coaster for sure.  Christmas is coming and Beckett needs her family poem.  Then we get the murder:

BECKETT:  This was a drive by? I mean, it looks like he was shot close range.

ESPOSITO: Yeah, and the shooter capped him in the head to finish him off.

BECKETT:  So this wasn’t random. Did anyone get a good look at the assailant?

ESPOSITO:  Yeah, when he drove by like a bat out of hell. Fuzzy red hat, big white beard?

CASTLE’S jaw drops and he looks to the sky.

BECKETT: Seriously? Our killer is Santa Claus?

ESPOSITO:  Three witnesses all told the same story.

CASTLE:  Guys. Squeezing down countless chimneys, delivering millions of presents in one night? It’s bound to happen. Santa finally cracked.




So we get it all here, a mob hit, bad cop, lovers from rival families, Castle enhances his mob ties, Beckett nails the Christmas poem.  But the two biggest are Lanie and Espo pretending to be engaged to appease her parents and Castle getting tossed out of the 12th because of his Mafia connection.  A bad move since it introduced us to Castle P.I. Nuff said,



So while I wait for the snow to stop and my driveway to be plowed, season 3 DVD’s are beckoning!