When Castle takes the stand as the key witness to a murder new information suddenly arises forcing Beckett to race to prevent a miscarriage of justice.



– This episode was great from start to end.  It reminded me of Castle episodes from season 1 thru 4

– Kate telling Rick to tone it down when testifying

– In fact, that they were together in the loft in the morning was a nice start to the show

– Discussing the defense attorney.  And once Kate made fun of him you knew it would be a more challenging PD but did not expect Caleb.

– The nose signal and Beckett not catching on the first couple times Castle signaled her.  Classic!

– Nice touch having Javi,Ryan and Lanie testify, especially Lanie who lent quite a bit to the storyline

– Nice visuals during Castle’s testimony

– Especially reminding that first and foremost he is a writer

– Outstanding cross by Caleb Brown incorporating past Castle moments to prove his argument.  Also nice tying in the book.

– Caleb Brown, great choice here as Public defender

– Kate being devastated for Castle as he was “nuked”.  It was the most pure love and emotion she has shown for her estranged husband this season. She was pleading with Marcus to do something

– The gang of 4 needing to solve the mystery against the clock.  Must be time for some Chinese food.  I wonder if it was from Demmings place?

– Beckett sending Castle home with the promise to sneak in later, nice touch to remind us that they are only together secretly

– Kate having Castle’s back about the basketball setup being important even though the prosecutor did not want to consider it.

– Marcus wanting the win more than the truth

– Castle and Beckett reminding us (and themselves) that it is better to release a guilty person than jail an innocent one

– Castle once again finding the little details to solve the murder

– Castle being Castle by insulting the judge to get tossed into jail

– And the judge acknowledging Castle’s connection to the mayor.

– Harkening back to earlier seasons, Castle using his resources to get information or evidence, this time promising to name the villain in his next book after the hostess.

– In what I thought was an homage to “My Cousin Vinny” Beckett getting Caleb to recall Castle and basically ask “what you got?”

– Beckett and Castle mind meld to solve the murder in the courtroom of all places

– No Haley, no place for her so why force her into the episode

– Very little Vikram, but still schwarmmy to me.

– Beckett telling him she wants this over and her life back.  Possible hint that he is holding back information?

– Man did they ever make me stand up and take notice of Caleb Brown.  If he is the bad guy associated with Loksat I will be intrigued

– No public fighting

– Beckett acknowledging a couple times she’s separated from Castle but in a very business like manner.  As it should be

– And no mention of Svetlana or Dr.Livingstone

– Kate may have detected Caleb’s weakness, should prove interesting to see if she is right

– Castle asked about Loksat and Kate giving him a crumb

– Castle with his appreciation to Kate for basically saving his bacon

CASTLE - "Witness for the Prosecution" - Castle finally gets his day in court when he takes the stand as the key witness to a murder from five months ago. But when new information suddenly arises, he and Beckett must race against the clock to prevent a miscarriage of justice, on "Castle," SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Scott Everett White) CLARE GRANT, KRISTOFFER POLAHA, STANA KATIC


– Vikram naming his computer.  And why are the screens facing the door?

– Marcus selling out Lanie instead of being a gentleman.  No reason to say she was pursuing him.

– And since when does Kate gossip?

– I did not like Marcus, only out for himself

– Also did not like Kate appearing to back down to Caleb when he challenged her about Castle being thrown in jail.

– Javi and Ryan giving props to Caleb after the trial?



– When we saw the Vic being stabbed, we knew that wasn’t the killer

– Kate wasn’t part of the arrest but Javi and Ryan were? That had to be a first

– Putting Castle across the cell aisle from the defendant?



– That Kate had to remind Castle about how important the testimony was and how he should not be cavalier about it

– Beckett finally showing that she is also tired of the Loksat storyline.

– I liked that they came up with a plausible reason for Caskett to work together

– I really got a kick out of Beckett not catching onto the “I Love you” gesture that Rick devised.  Then she smiled thereafter, maybe she was playing him?

– I felt we got two extremely passionate scenes in this one. Kate absolutely dying inside for Castle as he imploded from the lambasting he took.  It showed a genuine love for the first time.  A real caring,

– The other was the outstanding cross examination done on Castle.

– We also had the comedy bits, loved the ploy to get tossed in jail by Castle,  The line of needing all the Hudson alumni was great.

– Again, old fashioned find the obscure clues to solve the case and when needed, use the vast array of Castle resources.

– The superb pure writing to harken back to Castle past to use against Rick in the cross.  We got a 3XK mention along with the 8 week boondoggle and his poor eye witness sighting back in season 7

– I wonder if being taken to the woodshed like that and being reminded harshly on how he used to seek the truth will drive a storyline that will have Castle truly resolve his missing time and amnesia.

– That Kate called Caleb a monster but may have found his kryptonite.  Vikram is less convinced but then again, I think he is the bad guy anyway.  At least he did not spoil any Caskett time!

– That even though it was not dwelled on, we did get an advancing of the Loksat thread as Beckett finally shows some displeasure on how the operation is being handled, realizing she wants a return to normalcy and by telling Castle she thinks they are close.

– And I would be remiss if I did not include the ending dialogue which shows how much they really love each other