Just one whine from Castle asking to drive lead me to this rumination, one to highlight when Castle actually got to drive Beckett on screen.  To be honest, it actually was more often that I suspected.   SEASON 3. EPISODE 22. –  TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. Beckett Read More


    So I stumbled across the eight novel’s based on Kate Beckett (while composing the 12 Days of Castle Christmas ) and was amazed there were only two book launches done.  I think one featuring both Beckett and Castle as the real life Heat and Rook could have been Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: CASTLE – The Villians – Vulcan Simmons

  I saw episode 13 of season 3 and thought about all the great villians  that have graced the show.  I plan to feature each one then sort out the best.  First is the larger than life Vulcan Simmons who appeared in three episodes.   SEASON THREE EPISODE 13 – KNOCKOUT Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Random Thoughts

    Over the weekend while wrapping up some loose ends, my mind wandered to Castle.  I started to think of the quirks and fun bits that turned me onto the show.  Most importantly, the small details are what I truly appreciated.  So onto some Randomness!   Beckett’s Love Interests Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Why LokSat Failed Miserably

  Entering season eight, the storyline would need a new direction as the finale of the previous offering tied everything up in a nice little bow.  Kate had a bright future as either a precinct captain or a politician. Castle finally got the recognition that had previously eluded him and Read More


This week’s musings revolve around the fall section of the season and how stupid the writers and TPTB made Rick.  We all took umbrage over how badly Kate Beckett was treated but a case can be made that Castle    was treated as a true baffoon.  So let’s have at Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Episodes Ruined

This installment of Monday Musings I will delve into several season eight episodes that contained a scene or two that hurt the overall greatness of that installment. These were among the best of the season but the show runners and thus the writers included one (or more) interaction that just Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Could it have worked?

  I had written the bulk of this before the news of cancellation broke.  Then to fulfill a religious obligation, I embarked on a five day silent retreat just getting back today.  Sadly, I thought there would be internet service but I was wrong!     While pondering a possible Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Down to the Wire

As I sit here awaiting the pre- ultimate episode of the season/series, I find myself less than enthused for the show. To me Castle has become a shell if itself, a caricature but totally not funny. I would have expected the story arc to develop towards wrapping up the LokSat Read More

Monday Musings: Stana’s next role

  Another Monday and we are down to 4 remaining Beckett episodes. Since we know how talented Stana is I decided to look at what she should do next.   I decided a comedy from Ms. Katic is needed. One she stars in. From her lightning quick retorts at Castle Read More

MONDAY MUSINGS: Can Beckett Return?

I don’t know why but I do not think May 16 will be the absolute end of Castle as we know it. I have no reason for optimism as I read all of the same articles and saw the same tweets. But deep down, I believe that Castle will have Read More