T.W.I.C.H. JAN 28 – FEB 3

Sorry for the delay as we had internet and web hosting issues this week. This should have been posted Sunday. 312

T.W.I.C.H. JAN 21-27

The gang is back at it again doing that thing they do and by doing so I record it for you. So here ya go THIS WEEK IN CASKETT HISTORY. 614


It’s time again to compile the historical data relevant to the best show in TV history.  Let us see what happened on the dates of the past calendar week in regards to Rick and Kate err Nathan and Stana. 153

T.W.I.C.H OCTOBER 15-21 (This Week In Caskett History)

This week we once again explore this week in CASKETT history, tracing the portfolios of Rick, Kate, Lanie, Espo and Ryan.  So here is the week that was October 15 through October 21. click on arrow to expand section 114

T.W.I.C.H OCT 8-14 (This Week In CASKETT History)

Here is the week in review for October 8 through October 14 with that same small caviat, it must be CASKETT related!  Hope you all had a great weekend and all the best for the upcoming week. 154

This Week In Castle History (T.W.I.C.H) Oct 1-7

Let us take. Look at the past week in history through the filter of the stars of CASTLE.  This week we feature the efforts of Stana and Nathan then added Jon, Shamus and Tamala.  Enjoy! Click on arrow to expand 147


Been mulling this idea around for awhile and decided that it would make for a nice Sunday evening entry.  Each week I will post happenings from and around the Castle empire.  If it is not a date an episode of Castle was released, then another pertinent detail from Nathan,Stana,Tamala, Jon Read More