The other day on Facebook I saw a post of Jon Huertas from his early career so I thought it would be a great post for a Wayback Wednesday   Let’s start with the ruggedly handsome author     Here just chillin’ in the show Two Guys, Two Girls and Read More

WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: Lanie Parish M.E season 1

  Taking  Mr.Peabody’s wayback machine, we landed in spring of 2009 where we first met lovely Medical Examiner Lanie Parrish.  Here are some of my favorite Lanie scenes.   The murder victim is covered in flowers which reminds Detective Kate Beckett of another murder but she could not immediately place it. Read More

WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: When we first met them

For. WAYBACK Wednesday, I thought I’d post pics of the cast from episode 1   Our first murder scene! Playboy Rick Castle     Gina Cowell, the blood sucking editor, and ex wife   Book launching party     Martha Rodgers, Diva Extrodinaire      Detective Kate Beckett     Read More

WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: Fillion & Delaney the first time!

Well well, he has always been a ladies man!  Taking the wayback train to 2007 for Nathan’s 11 episode run on Desparate Housewives.  A true bevy of beauties for sure and, Nathan of course is married to one of my fav’s  Dana Delaney, must have been really good! In case you Read More

WAYBACK WEDNESDAY: Kovert Kriminal Kate

    A decade ago, a must see show without fail was 24.  I would not miss a Monday night and my buddies and I would chat about it the next day at work.  Keifer Sutherland was outstanding as Jack Bauer and except for several scenes that I could not Read More