COOL BOYS. Castle season 8 episode 6

imageWhile Beckett is out of town, Castle becomes involved with Detective Slaughter in a case where a hi-tech chip has been stolen and one of Slaughter’s informants is murdered


Maybe it is just me, but shouldn’t this have been the anniversary episodes?  They were married in season 7 episode 6 aired on 11/10/14 and this aired 11/09/15. Just a thought ??


– Slaughter!!

– Lanie makes an extended appearance

– El-ves and Lucky Charms

– Too many great Slaughter lines, gotta put them in the Quotes section (Inspector Gadget. ROFL)

– All evidence points to Slaughter meaning he needs Castle since he is the only one who may believe him.

– Hayley going verbally toe to toe with Slaughter

– Castle and Slaughter continually one step ahead of Espo and Ryan

– Castle should buy cell phones in bulk

– Castle stealing Espo/Ryan’s car

– Slaughter decor more like Guns and Ammo

– Slaughter telling Castle to man up when it comes to Beckett


– No Kate? Really?  Not even a couple spliced in shots?

– And only one mention by Espo and Ryan?

– But Slaughter keeps her alive thru innuendo

– Jazz hands? For a fight scene?

– No singing please?


– Again, no sign of Kate and just one mention?  For a co-star?

– Kate in promo and seemingly happy with Castle?  Guess we know why it was cut.


– With Stana Katic’s absence, Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas, and Seamus Dever are the only actors who have appeared in every episode.

– Maybe they can edit her in for the DVD release?

– Had to Uber? What happened to Hytched?


Kevin Ryan: What just happened?
Javier Esposito: Castle just stole our murder suspect. And our car.
[the suspect they have cuffed snickers] Kevin Ryan, Javier Esposito: What are you laughing at

Det. Ethan Slaughter: Hey, Sherlock. Long time, no see.
Richard Castle: [awkwardly laughing off the scare] Hey, Slaughter. Buddy. How you been?
Det. Ethan Slaughter: Not enough shootouts, but otherwise, stellar.

Det. Ethan Slaughter: Isn’t this fun? You and me, together again. Like Butch and Sundance.
Richard Castle: You know they die at the end of the movie, right?
Det. Ethan Slaughter: Yeah. But what a way to go.

Det. Ethan Slaughter: Uh-oh. You got that dumb look on your face again.
Richard Castle: I… I don’t know. I’m just confused about Beckett.
Det. Ethan Slaughter: That makes two of us. I mean, how does a hot lady like that fall in love with a guy like you, especially when there’s a real man like me running around?

Martha Rodgers: Didn’t I tell you? I’m writing a book. “Unsolicited Advice” by Martha Rodgers.
Richard Castle: That’s… that’s actually a great idea.
Martha Rodgers: I know, isn’t it? Oh, and your agent loved it, too.
Richard Castle: My agent?
Martha Rodgers: Never you mind that. Just listen: have faith. Things between you and Katherine have a tendency to just work themselves out. I think it’s probably good that she’s out of town for a couple of days, because a little time apart is just what you need.

Richard Castle: You know, Slaughter? For all your bluster and bravado, you are actually a wise and, dare I say, sensitive…
Det. Ethan Slaughter: Whoa! Hey! Stop right there. Only you could take two guys talking about a chick and make it weird.
Richard Castle: Sorry.
Det. Ethan Slaughter: Yeah. Me, too. Every time.


This was a really good episode. I did miss that Beckett wasn’t in it however. Although I am confused why they showed Beckett in the promo if they knew she wasn’t going to be in the episode.  However the episode was still good, Slaughter was hilarious, something that sure made up for Beckett missing. Seemed to me more like the first 4 seasons where there was a lot of whitty banter.
It had a great plot and the story played out well. Still what really made it so awesome was Detective Slaughter. The way that he and Castle interacted was terrific. There was a great deal of comedy in this episode and the comedy did not in any way take away from the actual story, but in my opinion, made it even better.  It also reinforced that Kate is still crazy about Castle.